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Sunday, May 13, 2018


Justin Stout a self acknowledged racist and bigot is continuing his campaign online by attacking white people, who are total strangers to him on Facebook mesenger. Why does he do this? He hates all white people. It should be noted that most of these folks have no idea who Justin is or of the hate speech he spouts. In this day and time how anyone can willfully and proudly admit their hatred for another race to the point of wanting the entire race irradicated is simply disturbing, twisted and disgusting.
Stout appears to post "friend requests" to friends of the ones that he is angered at trying to terrorize unsuspecting people. These people who he tries to friend are left wondering who he is and why are they the victims of his verbal racist onslaught on facebook messenger. One such person was the wife of a Bujinkan member who didn't know Justin or has nothing to do with Justin or the Bujinkan. It appears that Justin gets off on pretending to be a man by terrorizing and insulting women. What would cause such an unprovoked attack? Stout is a cowardly troll in the most extreme sense of the word, there is no doubt about that. Trolling and attacking the wives of certain martial artists online is proof of what a cowardly low life scumbag this guy really is.  Justin is just a miserable excuse of a human being and racist ass hole who vehemently hates white people.

 Justin's hate filled rants often include the Jewish community as well. Justin said that the biggest problem with Hitler was that he didn't finish his extermination of the jews. Justin however has no problem labeling others as racists who simply don't agree with his hate fueled agenda.
Justin Stout also has a fake facebook account sporting a profile pic of a white male under the name, "John Smith" in which he uses pictures and memes calling for the mass killing of ALL white people. Stout is obviously a sick person who has severe issues with not only the white and the Jewish community but with women as well. Stout is a hate filled racist tool who blames all of his problems on everyone and everything else. He lacks intellect, intelligence and experience, which keeps him trapped in a self limiting, self imposed paradigm.
Justin's Facebook page is filled with photo shopped images of himself as movie and comic book characters.  It's glaringly obvious that Justin is mentally challenged and lives in a fantasy world where he sees himself as some heroic and noble character. In his real life and in society, he falls very short of encompassing any of the traits of a jedi or the Black Panther as his pictures indicate that he sees himself as. Justin is an utter failure in life, who doesn't and can't measure up to the the heroes he imagines himself to be. He lacks will, character and decency and wallows pridefully in being a cowardly online terrorist troll and racist thug.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Justin Stout: Just a Ron Collins Wannabe

You can always tell the cowards by all the noise they make online. Talking about how bad they gonna whip someones ass, making death threats, talking about how tough they are. Generally this is done from behind the safety of a keyboard. Basically in the end these types turn out to be pussies. Millennial fucktards who were born and bred sissies trying to come off like they're hard. ....  I have dealt with these sissy ass bitches before, Ron Collins for example. He threatened me for years, he was going to kill me in front of all my judo students, he claimed to have beat down several cops, threatened to shut me up for good but after all his tough talk of online badassery when face to face with me he turned into a whimpering little bitch afraid to look me in the eye shaking uncontrollablly with fear. Now some no ball ass wipe pussy by the name of Justin Stout has popped up on my radar pulling the same kind of shit as Ron Collins. They fail to realize their online rants reveal the heart of a coward....the tougher they talk the more pussy they really are. I don't know Stout personally but I have dealt with the type on many occassions and he isn't an exception....just another idiot racist and a pussy, a carbon copy of Ron Collins and there are many like them.

 It seems Justin Stout has a boner for Don Roley, a notorious fraud buster and a guy who trained for years in Japan with the Bujinkan. Stout trained at a US based Bujinkan dojo but was abruptly asked to leave due to less than acceptable behavior after which he threatened to shoot the place up...does any of this shit sound familiar? Justin apparently butthurt has amped up his threats zeroing in on Roley instead of accepting responsibility for his poor behavior. He refuses to believe that his poor attitude was the reason he was no longer welcome in the bujinkan dojo. As a judo instructor, I whole heartedly understand about not letting people train at my school if they are going to effect the training atmosphere negatively or exhibit poor behavior. I find it extremely idiotic for Stout to threaten to beat Roley’s ass when he can't even afford to go do it in the first place. It's nothing but an irrelevant person's  pathetic cry for attention.

Recently online Stout referred to Collins as a pussy....thats the proverbial pot calling the kettle black......Stout didn't want to be bothered training the way everyone else trained he considered that beneath him, when it came to conditioning and doing calisthenics such as push ups....Justin wasn't down for that.....too soft, too weak, and just fucking lazy in all aspects of his pathetic life. Stout a online ranting racist doesnt seem to be a pleasant person to be around. Generally when a person acts like Stout it's usually an attempt to hide the fact he is really a pussy. Stout looks like he is nothing more than one of those little fantasy fan bitchboys who has no intention of doing anything other than to play like he is tough. His hatred of white people his racist aggressive behavior, the racist ranting diatribes just expose the fact that he really DOES NOT have the balls to step to a mother fucker.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Icy Mike Pesesko: Reality Check.

In a recent podcast Pesesko boasts like he is the greatest fighter in the world after beating a mentally ill person named Ron Collins. Ron needed his ass beat there is no doubt about that, but beating Ron wasn't a great feat. Pesesko was so impressed with himself that he went so far as to give names to his fighting moves. He called he punch that took down his untrained, overweight, unconditioned, mentally disturbed opponent  "The Ice Pick."....what a fucking idiot. Pesesko seems to delight in fighting Ron despite Ron's mental state. As I understand the podcasts and Mikes many online posts his message it is that  "Ron has mental problems." "Ron is a victim of cyberbullying."and  "I beat the shit out of Ron. Yay Go me!" ....this mother fucker needs a reality check..

Ron really needed to be locked up either in jail or a mental institution (which, fortunately, is what came to pass). Ron was also an untrained fraud and Mike knew it. Icy Mike exploited Ron's mental illness for his own personal gain. He basically injected himself into a situation that didn't concern him, and then beat up a mentally ill man he'd never met on YouTube, for Facebook likes and to promote his business RMF. Icy Mike is an opportunist, a bully and may be as much a sociopath as Ron. Ron didn't know how to fight and Mike knew it.

Now I realize I am old school. Back in the day, you didn't get any type of street cred unless you fought the toughest sum bitch in the neighborhood and beat his ass. If you got your ass beat you were called a pussy. It was pretty much black and white. So much that if you beat someone who couldn't fight you were still a pussy. You didn't get accolades for beating up guys who didn't or couldn't fight. Bottom line from an OG, Ron was a pussy who let his mouth over load his ass. Ron needed hid ass beat, but only a pussy would brag about beating a guy like Ron Collins. The dude couldn't fight...it was obvious Ron has never even fucking sparred..

More than a few psychiatrists, a state prosecutor, and most recently a federal judge, have dubbed Ron Collins a danger to others, a threat to the community, a maniac who has the mental makings of a serial killer. Ron also has a thing for trying to have sex with pre teen girls. Ron tried to rape two 13 year old girls long before he got on anyone's radar.

The fact that Icy Mike apparently refuses to look at court documentation, and facts that might contradict his position on Ron, and the fight and "what it all means," says a lot. Icy Mike showed support for and aligned himself with a failed wannabe serial killer with a penchant for trying to rape pre teen girls. Seems like a strange thing to do for a guy who says he teaches children. Maybe Mike should explain to WV State Police Officer Duckworth, who originally arrested Ron for attempting to rape two 13 year old girls, on how he should've handled Ron's arrests differently.

Looking at Icy Mikes logic, apparently officer Duckworth provoked Ron by arresting him, and caused Ron to threaten the officer and his family and stalk the officer years later. Mike Pesesko seems to be pointing fingers, but his finger pointing is off the mark, and appears to suggest Ron is the victim of some eloborate" set up". Ron isn't responsible for anything he does its all someone else's fault. I honestly have to question anyone who would defend a person of Ron's ilk.

I was responsible for Ron's last stint in jail and this last one as well. I explained that, and my background to the ATF. Recently, Mike wrote, “I bet the PD where he lives gets constant calls about Ron from over emotional, quivering voice nerds.” It doesn’t sound like Mike Pesesko likes people calling the police to get a lunatic with a gun off the streets.

Let me tell you something about Ron. After Mike humiliated him in a video and destroyed his fantasy of being a super ninja warrior, Ron started getting even worse. Ron's whole image was rooted in his projecting a face to the world that he was a bad ass. When Mike pushed him into getting into the ring and making him last only 40 seconds, Ron’s world was destroyed.

Ron having nothing left the image of himself totally destroyed  finally went ahead with the lawsuit he kept talking about, and that became his new obsession. Ron invested everything in terms of what he was and what he had into that case, in the belief that it would set him up for life with $25 million dollars and restore his reputation. Of course even he had to know on some level that it was a doomed effort. I had watched Ron as his blogs and videos got more and more insane. He made a big show of buying a gun and bragging about it. He filmed himself walking around at night armed ranting about police plots to kill him. He has a criminal record of attacking people from behind with a weapon. It was clear that when Ron lost his case, he was likely  going to ambush those he thought had wronged him. So the ATF was called.

Most would think it was the right thing to do, but it seems to have kind of stolen some of the thunder from Icy Mike, and I think he resents it . He also seems to resent those that he feels are responsible for Ron's arrest. In online threads that Mike was part of, Ron openly “joked” about how he could burn down Don Roley’s house while his family slept inside. Mike never took him to task about that. He ignored such things or made excuses. I think the worst thing I think I have ever seen Mike write about Ron is that he, “has issues.”

I do think Mike resents people who honestly take monsters off the street. Mainly it might be because he would like to paint himself as the fraud buster by getting in the ring with untrained idiots, and showing that he can do better than them. That benefits him. It gains him fame and serves as advertising for his business. Simply getting child molesters and other monsters off the streets doesn’t help his cash flow, so he has never tried to help those that do.

The folks at BSMA (Bulls**t Martial Arts), that he seems to have some sort of grudge with, put a pedophile away a few months ago by the name of Vernon VanZille, a Category 3 level sex offender, the most dangerous kind. Despite having a few convictions for sex crimes involving children, he was not only teaching MMA out of his house, but his advertising seemed specifically oriented to attract pre-teen girls. Yeah, anyone would be proud that they got a pervert who sodomized a child back behind bars. It took weeks to gather the evidence and get it in the hands of the right people. We had lawyers, private detectives, and a lot of eager people willing to work hard to get Vern away from kids before he could harm another one. All the while, Mike did nothing except brag on the internet about his skills.

Icy Mike is total bullshit...he doesn't fight trained people or trained Martial artists or MMA guys. You dont get brownie points for fighting fuckers who cant fight...you damn sure as hell can't  call yourself a fighter or a kickboxer if you only fight people who aren't even fucking trained.  It looks like Mike chose Ron to fight because no one was able to confirm that Ron had any real training. Mike fought at least one other person who didn't seem to have any training as well. Both guys, were untrained, out of shape, unconditioned, not anything worthy of celebrating....so give me a fucking break. Mike seems to think that punching a a fat untrained fraud is a remarkable feat of some sort. He cherry picked guys he knew he could beat. He's since stopped taking on people to fight him, probably because he knows someone with actual skill might step up.

I guess I know why Mike isn’t challenging anyone who actually is trained. Since Mike's "fight" with Ninjer Ron, he has been trying to claim that Ron is as skilled as any trained martial artist. By declaring that Ron really is a proficient fighter, he gets to tear down all those who are legitimate and do have skill in martial arts, while making himself look good.

The fact is, Ron couldn't handle USMC basic training, he washed out, then later washed out of the Army, and never had real MA training from a real MA teacher. Gloating about being able to beat an untrained fraud, as Mike has been doing, is like bragging about being able to beat Stephen Hawking in a foot race.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Ninjer Ron Collins, Dux, The BDFS, and Icy Mike: Strange Bedfellows

Its only fair to write one last article that chronicles the end of the Ron Collins saga. It would not be a fitting last article if I didnt bring up the fact that Ron had help from several accomplices, some rather strange bedfellows in more than a few instances. In all honesty, there might be something not right about Ron Collins, but he is not crazy. He isn't so far gone mentally that he needs an asylum. He knows right from wrong, he is aware of what he is doing, he tries very hard to manipulate people regardless if they're friend or foe. He desperately wants to be considered a very dangerous person, a person to be feared. I have read over 200 pages of court transcripts and recorded conversations between a jailhouse informant and Ron Collins. Three quarters of these pages consist of Ron boasting about how highly trained and deadly he is and how he wants to set up and kill his detractors. Then there are his very disturbing statements about raping 3 year old girls. He sees his few friends and supporters as nothing more than stupid pawns. These "friends", members of the martial art group known as the Black Dragon Fighting Society, and lastly, a guy who calls himself Icy Mike, have supported and emboldened Ron in his depraved endeavors.

As public as Ron was with his threats, and considering his very public online posts of being a BDFS member who collaborated frequently with Frank Dux, the BDFS were aware of them to some degree. It is entirely possible that Frank Dux and other members of the BDFS had their heads so far up their own narcissistic asses that they thought nothing of Ron, other than a little joke of a guy.....someone who ran his mouth to over compensate for his small stature. I've personally witnessed people I know, and others I don't really know, being maligned at the hands of Ron Collins, with The BDFS collaborating with Ron as he made threats and accusastions.

Ron Collins has repeatedly threatened different people, their friends, their families, and even the public at large. These recent revelations of court documents bear out just how dangerous Ron could potentially be and how Ron wants to be seen. Once labeled as only a "community nuisance" in a 2013 court document, Ron seemed to take this label as a personal affront, and went into a very lengthy and disturbing court room diatribe on how dangerous a man he really is. Most recently, a federal judge refused to release Collins or grant bond, due to the fact that there is now very clear and convincing evidence that Ron is a danger to others and a real threat to the community.

  I have read a court document dating back to 2013, a transcript of the discussion surrounding Ron's request that his bond be reduced for his terroristic threats case, which was denied at the time. I had to pay very special attention to page 14 of this document, in which WV State prosecuter Keller is quoting from various psych evals that were administered by different psychiatrists. They had some very telling things, particularly about how Ron, if he were to try and kill someone, would make a "production" out of it to get attention. That jives precisely with how Ron has tried to get the world to notice him.  Ron had garnered no real attention until he began threatening to kill people. Like the WV State Trooper Duckworth, Don Roley and myself. In all 3 cases, Ron made a production out of it, playing out his death threats and murder fantasies online via social media, youtube, Facebook etc. In all three cases, Ron expressed that he could kill us whenever he wanted. On the court transcripts, when asked by the judge why he should grant Ron his request to reduce bail, rather than answer the question, Ron went on a rant about how highly trained he was, that he was a killer trained by Military, Special Forces etc. He even mentioned being trained by Frank Dux, and that Dux was CIA. Needless to say, the judge denied his request after telling Ron his statements about being so dangerous concerned him.

It's interesting that Collins brought up Dux. Frank Dux, Ashida Kim, Don Miskel, and every other member of the 'Black Dragon Fighting Society' has known about Collins and his criminal and arrest record for years and have supported him non the less. All of these BDFS guys have either knowingly or unknowingly acted as accomplices to help Ron attempt to make his murder fantasies a reality. There are 90 pages of Ron boasting to an informant of his plot to kill certain people. Ron lanquishes in jail now, awaiting federal court, because he attempted to carry out his murder fantasies.

Guys like Dux, Ashida Kim, Donald Miskel have had a hand in Rons murder fantasies whether they knew the extent of Ron Collins' plans or not. Ron has been friends with members of the BDFS, so much so, that several of them showed up in Lexington Kentucky with Ron to attack Don Roley. Ron had repeatedly threatened to kill Don on various social media accounts, his blog and, youtube.....in other words Ron was making a production out of it. Ron was attempting to live out one of his murder fantasies, but lost his nerve....and Frank Dux and other members of the BDFS were supporting Rons behavior, the very behavior that various psychiatrists had warned the state prosecutor about in court in 2013.

Ron has threatened people's lives on his blog more times than I can count. He wants those who he deems his enemies dead and he has made this clear in no uncertain terms....but Ron doesn't carry these fantasies out for lack of desire....but rather because of an abundance of cowardice.

Ron made yet another attempt to carry out his murder fantasy, this time aided by another BDFS member, Ashida Kim. As in the other cases before, Ron was bragging on social media about ending me, shutting me up for good. This was on the heels of earlier threats that he could kill me.....again making a big production out of it all. However, when Ron arrived and saw me in person, he lost his nerve. Ron had been accompanied by Ashida Kim who abruptly left before I arrived, either out of fear, or wanting to hide his involvement in Ron's affairs. Ron's hateful intentions quickly faded to fear, so much so, that he lost his composure and started visibly shaking in a desperate panic. Ironically, Ron's cowardice probably saved his life.

I had suspected that Ron may very well indeed have been armed at the time. He was carrying a back pack slung over his shoulder. Im sure a weapon was in it, though it was a stupid place to keep it....but Ron obviously isnt the brightest bulb in the box.  

Upon finding out Ashida Kim had indeed brought Ron to the scene, it was apparent to me that the BDFS was trying to help him. Perhaps they were trying to help him build up the nerve to carry out his threats. While the BDFS may have been using Ron as a proxy to physically confront their detractors, I'm not sure if they were knowing accomplices or accessories in attempted murder. It's not overtly clear that BDFS members were aware of Ron's plans to commit murder, but they were supporting and empowering the very behavior that several psychiatrists warned a state prosecutor about.

It would be a stretch of the imagination to think that Ashida Kim, Frank Dux, Donald Miskel and other BDFS members did not know or weren't privy to some extent what Ron's plans were. Ashida did say that even he didn't realize how far Ron was willing to go. Indeed the depth of Ron's plan surprised me. Ron was attempting to build up the nerve to make his murder fantasies a reality. Ron had tried twice and on those occasions the BDFS was indeed trying to see to it that a violent confrontation of some sort would come about.

 "Premeditated self defense"

 Ron's world would get smaller quickly. Ron very publicly expressed online that he and Frank Dux and the BDFS had a falling out. It's more than likely that the BDFS had become fed up with Ron and his cowardice. However, Ron having been emboldened by the the group, set out to Colorado, seemingly solo this time. Publically embarrassed and humiliated by Don Roley and then myself, Ron ramped up his threats once again against Don. People have overlooked this incident repeatedly. Ron drove to Colorado for no other reason than to directly menace Don's family... in hopes of provoking a direct confrontation.

Quite disturbingly enough, in the 90 page transcript of a recorded conversation Ron had with "a wired" informant while incarcerated in 2013, which is currently being used as evidence against him in his upcoming federal charges, Ron stated that he could provoke a physical and life threatening situation with someone, and if that person attempted to defend themselves, that would justify Ron being able to legally kill them in self defense. He coined this as "premeditated self defense". In all actuality, its the legal definition of premeditated murder. This premeditated self defense scenario was something Ron was obviously trying to set up when he very directly and publicly posted online that he would directly confront Don at his home, and force Don to protect his family. Ron was obviously wanting something very violent to take place. To make matters worse, Don's children and his terminally ill wife weren't spared from Ron's threats, slurs, and vile insults. Ron's hateful intentions included threats of burning Don's house down with his wife and children in it. Ron's talk of confronting Don at his house was short circuited by someone with a gym stepping forward and offering its use. Despite Don being willing to face Ron at the gym that was offered Ron was insistent and threatening, in public, that he needed to go to Don's house to force Don to defend his family because Ron claimed that Don would never meet him in the ring. His intentions never came to fruition because his car broke down before reaching his destination. He became stranded and had to get help returning home.

Once again, Ron had posted videos intermittently during his trip to Colorado, recording yet another humiliating failure. The one-two punch of confronting Don and being debased, then confronting me in Florida, and being brow-beaten and sent home with his tail between his legs, really got to Ron. He had lost the support of the BDFS, ventured out alone to Colorado to carry out one of his crazy murder fantasies....had to return home after yet another feckless attempt to make his deranged violent fantasy a reality. Ron tried desperately to cover up all his antics...blog after blog, post after post, video after video, was posted in an attempt to explain away his cowardly failed attempts. He was writing and saying anything in a vain effort to save face.

In a frenzied attempt to prove his worth, he agreed to fight someone he didn't even know, and whom was much smaller, at a backyard event called 'Street Beefs'. What followed was a the total demoralization of Ron Collins. Icy Make threw a couple of so so punches that had nothing on them and Ron just quit after less than a minute. The Ninja Ron vs. Icy Mike fight, if you can call it that, which can be found on youtube is laughable and pathetic.  To call it anything other than embarrassing by both parties would be a stretch of the imagination. Ron Collins had been thoroughly exposed as a coward and a total untrained martial art fraud. It was glaringly apparent he had never trained a day in his life nor had even rudimentary skills to defend himself  and abruptly turned his back and gave up after 40 seconds.

In January, Ron lied on Fedral documents so he could purchase a gun. Strangely, he claimed to have been attacked on the court house steps and began to video record himself walking the streets at night while armed. A total of five videos were posted online of Ron proudly boasting how he was now a proud firearm owner. Ron had been exposed as a total fraud and not what he had built himself up to be for over a decade online. Humilitiated very publically Ron wanted and needed something to make him feel big and important. He was in a frenzy to get people to notice and once for all fear him, and to ultimately carry out his murder fantasies against those he saw as his enemies and a gun was his answer. Thanks to his loud and splashy declarations,  and a phone call or two to the ATF, it wasn't long before Ron's gun was confiscated, and he was arrested on a federal warrant by US Marshalls.

Since his arrest, through various court documents and transcripts, the depth of Ron's morally reprehensible decisions have come to light as part of some sick twisted vengeful plan. A plan laid out to a wired informant 5 years ago. Ron did use the BDFS, Frank Dux and Ashida Kim, when it suited him, and they used him. However, Ron expressed how he really felt in a 90 page transcript; that his friends and supporters were only important because they were the only ones stupid enough to actually believe him. Indeed, if ron had not have had the encouragement of the BDFS, Ron probably wouldn't have come as close as he did in carrying out his long term "Master Plan".

 As strange as it is, Frank Dux, Donald Miskell and the rest of the BDFS, promote some sort of anti bullying program.... I can only assume it will be a tad embarrassing to explain why they supported such a reprehensible human being like Ron. Someone who has spent more than a decade victimizing, or attempting to victimize and threaten children, adults, and even state officials....I guess the BDFS doesn't see Ron's death threats, murder plots, and rape attempts as bullying. As for Ashida Kim, he seems to want to let bygones be bygones, and claims he didnt realize how far gone Ron really is.

After reading over 200 pages of transcripta of court documents of Ron boasting of killing his enemies, Police officers a judge and a state prosecutor and raping a 3 year old on the steps of a courthouse. I have to admit that the strangest thing, though, in the aftermath of all this, has been Icy Mike. Mike Pesesko a 5 foot tall former police officer/personal trainer/self defense instructor or claims to be, has recently been endeavoring to use his fight with Ron to make a name for himself online. Before and even after the 'Street beefs' Ninja Ron vs. Icy Mike fight, Mike had showed support for Ron, even defending Ron's character online. This seems odd for a former cop and self defense instructors who says he teaches children. The truth about Ron has totally hampered Icy Mike's credibility. Mike needed Ron to be some noble highly skilled martial artist, and not an untrained fraud with a fetish for raping pre teen girls.

Fittingly enough, the foul stench of Ron Collins will linger with this Icy Mike guy and the rest of these individuals. For the rest of us, Ron Collins' sick twisted, long thought out, violent "plots" are at an end. Ron through his very own actions, did manage to convince a federal judge that he is a threat to others and a real danger to the community. Thats a definite win/win.To see Ron a convicted felon, and locked away in a fedral prison, looking at 5 to 10 years, is.....priceless.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018


Ron Collins was arrested on the 14th of this month by US Marshalls on a federal warrant. The following has been derived from a 90 page transcript of a conversation with an informant while Ron was behind bars in 2013. This transcript was used as evidence and is why Ron is currently being held without bond. I can honestly say there is alot that needs to be known about Ron and how his mind really works.

 Informant: What about your friends?

 Ron:  "My friends are the only ones stupid enough to believe that I didn't do the things that I have been arrested for and accused of."

 So his friends are the only ones stupid enough to actually believe him..... In my mind this solidifies my earlier opinion; If Ron is not behind bars he is up to all kinds of evil shit. He has been trying to exact a plan to live out his murder fantasies since 2013.

 After reading these 90 pages Ron is consistent with his thoughts....There appears to be only two thoughts that resonate thru his mind, figuring out ways to murder those he deems his enemies and child rape. Ronnie's sole purpose as he laid it out to the informant is to victimize others and that it's all legal and within his rights to do so.

 "I could rape a 3 year old girl on the steps of the court and they cant touch me." - Ron Collins 2013

 So Ninja Ron feels that he can even rape a 3 year old girl in front of a courthouse and no one should stop him or dare try. His rationale is that it would be illegal to stop him from committing such a heinous act.

Ron doesn't stop there he goes on and claims that anyone who tried to stop him arrest him or even serve a warrant that he would be justified in using lethal force to protect himself.

 "If the police come after me to serve a warrant I can kill them and it would be self defense because trying to serve an illegal arrest warrant is kidnapping. Any arrest warrant issued by a judge from the State Prosecutor would be illegal."

 Ron also claims that he can instigate a violent encounter, attack someone just to get his potential victim to protect themselves and then Ron would be allowed to kill them in self defense. Ron called this "premeditated self defense". Basically Ron was saying if he doesn't like you he is legally within his rights to set you up and kill you. This is by definition premeditated murder.

At the end of the transcript was also a conversation that the informant had with the officer later when they were removing the wire, apparently they were still recording;

 Informant: "That guy is pure evil"

Besides the recording,  Ronnie has posted mountains of incriminating evidence against himself online on his social media, blog and youtube accounts. At Ronnie's detention hearing the federal  judge actually watched some of Rons videos. It was apparent Ronnie was attempting to carry out his plots and did manage to accomplish some things to help make his sick fantasies a reality.

There is a whole lot of other stuff that is equally as bad and incriminating in the 90 or so pages and it is what convinced a federal judge to decide that Ron is a threat to the community and so will be held without bond.

Ron is looking at possibly 5 to 10 years in prison. Ronnie's legal council could make a plea to having Ron committed for several years but Ronnie more than likely wont cop to that. Either way he will be locked away unable to live out his murder fantasies and child rape scenarios for quite some time.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Ron Collins Arrested on Federal Warrant

If there is one thing about the diminutive and absent minded Ron Collins it is that he is unequivocally dumber than a box of rocks. Collins committed a felony, in what only can be described, as a desperate attempt to prove that I have lied and slandered him, Collins has landed himself in jail once again....works for me.

 In the past Collins has been arrested and served time for plying two 13 year old, underage girls with drugs & alcohol in an attempt to have sex with them, plus hitting his cousin in the back of the head with a hammer, attempted rape, and stalking, amoung other crimes. 

Many of Ronnie's arrests have been for his online antics from blog-stalking and threatening a WV State Trooper to the threats that got his kiddie porn-laden computer seized and to making terrorististic threats against state govt officials in his community.
Ronnie has spent years attempting to live out his murder and child rape fantasies.

Full disclosure here; I may or may not have been responsible for Collins last arrest for making terroristic threats and now this most recent one.
There are no boundaries for stupidity when it comes to Ron Collins or his inability to just leave well enough alone.

A few months ago Ron bragged on social media that he was a legal gun owner and about how he bought the firearm and passed the NICS check and that this action alone proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that his detractors have lied about him and that he isn't a felon nor has been adjudicated as having  psychological problems despite his convictions. He also didn't neglect to take yet another opportunity to mention and tag me in his blog for like the millionth time.

Collins is a lying weasel and a lowlife shit bag and i figured from the time he made the above post that he had lied on the federal paperwork  and that was how he was able to purchase his firearm. Collins thinking he is smarter than everyone else basically committed a felony by falsifying the paperwork and in doing this gets his ass arrested by US Marshalls. This is the epitome of being a total fucking idiot.

 All his internet false bragadocio completely obliterated and non existent due to his own narcissistic stupidity. Ron was dumb enough to post every piece of incriminating evidence online. He posted videos of himself after the purchase showing off his gun and posted pics of reciepts trying to convince folks I lied about him and that he is the victim of some vast conspiracy against him. When reality comes crashing down on Ron Collins it is poetically just.....his latest arrest was prompted with a phone call made to the ATF and the witless ninja pedo was back in jail being held with no bond and is looking at 5 to 10 years in a federal prison.

Ron videod himself wandering the streets of his community late at night and for a short time this mental midget was armed while doing so. Collins does not belong out on the streets at night prowling around. It's simple, if he isn't behind bars Collins is up to no good. Collins' entire adult existence has been laden with attempts to victimize others any way he can. From trying to pass himself off to others as a MA instructor and knowledgeable combatives expert to selling extremely poorly written and very bad books to make money, to making countless death threats to people over social media for simply not agreeing with him or not buying into his bullshit.

Ron Collins is not a child. He is not someone who deserves pity. He is a sexual deviant minded slug, child stalker who desperately wants to victimize pre teen girls. Collins has spent his entire adult life in and out of jail, blaming others for the morally reprehensible decisions that he alone has made in his life. Collins lives a revolving door existence of ushering himself in and out of jail to mental rehab facilities and back to jail again. His proverbial collage of mugshots is glaring proof of that.

Collins is to stay locked up until he goes to federal court to face his charges, the wheels of the federal justice system turn slow. It could take a couple of years before Collins even goes to court. To add insult to injury I may very well be attending that trial. I am sure lil Ronnie won't be anal retentive for very long in lock up. He is probably wishing that he  never uttered my name or tagged it in his blog and social media posts....Do you think Ron Collins' butt is hurting right about now.....juuusst sayin'

Monday, January 1, 2018


Well what would Ninjer Killer be if I didnt start the year, 2018, off right by busting some body's  balls about their online BS. I am talking about the true "master" of bullshittery, the king of the frauds himself, Frank Dux.

Frauds, like Dux, are only out for themselves, they lie about their back grounds, promote themselves as masters when they have had literally little or no training at all. How can a fraud help anyone defend themselves when their backgrounds are total BS? Frauds are just as dangerous to you if not more than the "bad guy" who will assault, rob and or kill you. Learning from a fraud is like putting a gun to your own head.

Now I have ignored Frankie for the most part but this is a guy who bothers me on many levels other than previously mentioned. Dux has made bogus martial art claims, military claims but taking credit for movies that I know Dux actually didn't work on kinda gets under my skin. Dux is like a leach in that respect.

Frankie and I know some of the same people in the movie and TV industry. The Stunt Coordinator for "Only the Strong", would end up being the Stunt Coordinator, who I met on set thru a mutual friend, for a couple TV series that I actually worked on.

Now before i get into my story i want my readers to understand that frauds, like Dux, all claim that those who have exposed them are just lying,  jealous haters. The facts are there is nothing to lie about because their isn't anything to be jealous of.

Now realistically and logically, having to be called out for being a fake and a fraud, like Frank Dux is constantly and will be for the rest of his life, is not my idea of success nor accomplishment.

Who the wants to spend the rest of their life telling people that stuff written about them on the internet is not true??? That this was a lie or that was a lie.

Seeing Dux attempt to salvage what is left of his BS is like watching a three legged puppy have an epileptic fit. Dux will literally go to his grave being denounced as a total fraud. This is his future..and it's definitely not anything to be jealous or envious of.

Dux recently posted on his FB page: "Respect and being mindful of others is one of the major tenets that defines the traditional Asian Martial Artist from a pretentious goon in a MA uniform who may have skills but his hubris gets in the way of enlightenment."

This statement coming from a man who has been completely exposed as a liar and a fraud is abosolutely hilarious....he obviously doesn't apply it to himself.........and that blue "Power Ranger" uniform that he designed and wears???

Dux needs to take a hard look at who really looks like a pretentious goon in a MA uniform......I mean really......with the goofy shoulder pads to make his shoulders look broader and mask how fat he is....Honestly, if Dux claimed to be a world champion pie or hot dog eating contest winner right now, no one would  doubt it....and I say that in the nicest damn way I possibly can.

 The rant on Dux's FB page as of late seems to be "Misinformation. However, Frank Dux is THE misinformation generator and he works overtime at it. Frank Dux has orchestrated misinformation for years by way of phony news articles, articles and posts made by his own hand and distributed by those who he associates with. In the end there is no viable proof, his claims lead back to the center of an engineered misinformation infrastructure....Frank Dux.

Frank Dux, phony "Ninja/War Hero" has constructed his entire back story around lies, misinformation and  "disinformation".  Anybody who casts doubt on his back stories, of which there are many, will be accused of spreading "misinformation." And of course his acolytes continue gulping down his Kool-Ade and bowing to every word he says to them.

Frank Dux has been lying since.......well when has he never lied....your guess is as good as mine. Even a Black belt magazine editor had to back track on Dux's BS and say they couldnt verify ANY of Dux's claims and just simply took his word for it. Frank has intentionally lied to the public and continues to do so by way of HIS recent FB "misinformation" platform.

Dux has no problems with taking other people's credit for himself and has his very own "misinformation" machine to try and accomplish that,  like in the movie industry, for example.

Dux's name was suspiciously "added" by someone, either himself or one of his acolytes, to the credits of movies on the IMDB website (Internet Movie Data Base), as the Fight Choreographer on the Movie "Double Impact" and as the Stunt Coordinator on the movie "Only The Strong" there was also a "Special Thanks" to Frank Dux mysteriously "added" to the credits of Only The Strong on the site.

Bits and pieces of information were also "added" about Dux's involvement in these movies in the trivia sections of the internet site. Now how does this information get added? Basically ANY ONE with a regular IMDB account, which is free, can add info to the trivia sections.  Anyone with an IMDB.COM Pro Account, which is only 100 dollars per year can "add" information to its listings, movie credits, etc

Even though Dux was some how "added" to the credits of Double Impact on IMDB.COM, Frank Dux WAS NOT the Fight Choreographer on "Double Impact". In fact. Dux WAS NOT even hired to work on that particular movie at all.

NOR was Dux the Stunt Coordinator on "Only The Strong". The Stunt Coordinator was actually Artie Malaci. Dux was indeed hired as the Fight Choreographer on "Only The Strong" but was TERMINATED because he couldn't fulfill his obligations on the set. Dux dropped the ball. Luis Esteban had to step in and help with the fight scenes cause Dux was constantly AWOL.

Others, like Luis, Artie Malaci the Stunt Coordinator, Mark Dacascas the star of the movie, Paco Prieto who played the bad guy in the movie and Amein Santos a caporiera mastre were doing the job that Dux was supposed to be doing. Dux couldn't deliver on choreographing fight scenes so he was abruptly terminated.

In the end everyone realized how incapable Dux really was and didn't want to work with him. This is a far sight more logical and easier to believe than Dux's explanations of vast conspiracies against him.

Well the truth wins out in the end and what can I say....they dont call me the Ninjer Killer for nothing.... You don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to figure out what is going on here. Either Dux himself  or some of his cronies are adding his name to the credits of movies for stuff he didnt even do. However,  all the bogus information that was "added" to the IMDB website has since been removed thanks to those who did their due diligence.


Speaking of those who due their due diligence.....In the United States since the early 2000s, the term Stolen Valor has become popular slang used for military imposters. Other terms include fake warriors, Military posers, Medal cheats and military phonies.

A website called Militaryphony.com has exposed Frank Dux in an attempt to protect the Valor of those who have defended our freedom. No stranger to making numerous military claims Dus was subsequently investigated by the group thoroughly.