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Monday, July 16, 2018


Watching Christa Jacobson's video is 12 minutes of the absolute absurd. It is truly beyond stupidity and fucking total ignorance. Any knife defense technique that rests on the assumption of a single straight thrust or what I like to call the "one step, slow motion, full-stop zombie attack" or a wide sweeping slash like Jacobson demos in the video has very little chance to work. There is not one portion of Jacobsons knife defense videos that offer anything remotely good or sound. The reality of a knife attack is that:
 1. Your fine motor skills will be gone.
 2. You won't able to access the knife bearing arm easily
 3. Any technique that is based on smooth arm deflection and or manipulation has very little chance of working....unless you're disarming a zombie.
Her first piece of advice is to run. This is simply one of those vague generic "blanket" answers.  Blanket answers arent "real"solutions and not even mostly correct. They are generally always 50/50 unless you are really far away from an incident about to occur. The reality is you very likely won't be able to run away and avoid the attack.  Knife attacks are more often ambush type attacks. In other words you will more than likely be taken by surprise not mentioning the fact that you will be overwhelmed by fear and aggression. Say if you do chose to run, there is the chance that your attacker could be faster than you. By turning your back and running you are giving the bad guy more options and limiting yours. There is a whole article on why running may very well not be a good option here: https://ninjerkiller.blogspot.com/2018/06/why-running-isnt-best-self-defense.html

 Next major problem.....Jacobson has the bad guy in the video standing with knife hand forward and easily seen. The reality of a knife attack is that you won't see the blade before the attack is launched. When you look at knife attacks that have been caught on camera you will see that 80 plus percent of the time the free hand is out front to grab, punch, pull and distract then FOLLOWED by stabs or slashes from the knife hand. The free hand in front makes getting control of the knife hand extremely more difficult.

 Next problem Jacobsons bad guy is stationary, not moving. In every surveillance video I have watched of a knife attack the bad guy was moving forward....ALWAYS.......You will be likely moving backwards, your balance will be compromised, and you'll probably fall to the ground. Jacobson spends a good part of the video talking about getting to the inside off the knife or closing the gap. The problem here is that the bad guy initiates the attack he is moving in toward you. He has a knife you are unarmed he is reaching out to grab you to stab you in a sewing machine type attack. He is already within arms length...He has closed that gap for you whether you want him too or not. The reality of a knife attack is that you will have very little time and space or distance to react and deploy a counter-attack or strategy. Its more than likely that you probably won't be able to stop the first stab(s).You probably won't have time to draw your own weapon (gun, knife, pepper spray, etc); at least not before being stabbed a couple of times.

Nothing in Jacobson's Reality knife defense videos is even relatable to or realistic even if the bad guy is using a knife as just intimidation......he hasn't stabbed you but just wants to rob you. Bad guys generally want one of three things;
1. your property (money, jewelry, etc)
2. your body, (hurt or rape you.)
3. your life, (they want to kill you.)
 Even in these scenarios the knife isn't seen until it's too late. So the same principles that a knife attacker uses still applies even when he is only threatening with it. The robber leads with the free hand to hit, grab, pull distract or punch. In other words they don't hold the knife out from 5 feet away and go "give me your money". The knife is hidden until the moment of the attack. They normally grab you and have the knife at your throat. There is nothing in any of Jacobson's knife defense vids that resemble an actual violent encounter with a knife.

 Jacobson is obviously impressed with her techniques. Too bad that none of the shit in this vid would work. This short vid not only has the same problems as mentioned before but using this vid as another example lets address why the stuff in this vid wont work.
Jacobson neglects to address or even take into consideration major problems that present themselves in a violent confrontation:

 The assumption that you're a super martial artist/superhero/badass/ninja and that everything you do is going to work perfectly is and will be your downfall.

 1. Time - We never have enough time. Fights are generally over by the time you realize what's even happened. We never have the time we think we have to react or do something like what Jacobson demos in her vid. In a dojo we always have time to get ready, we have time to get in a ready position or defensive or offensive state, take a stance etc. Also in the dojo things are slowed down to make the technique work. In reality the luxury of having "time" is something one doesnt have in the street. The attack comes quickly, so whatever response you decide to do has to be able to operate within a very small time frame.

 2. Space - There is no real space in a fight we normally don't have the room to operate or to pull off techniques. The Space to be able to do your techniques is very seldom afforded to us in a attack. Having someone at arms length or the proper range is a luxury at best. The reactionary gap closes in the blink of an eye. Our attacker will not be stationary or cooperative. The bad guy initiates the attack he will be going like fuck at you. There IS a constant aggressive pressure from the "bad guy" he isn't try trying to establish a "sparring range".or looking to take it to the next round.

 3. Effectiveness - Our "shots" may not be as effective as we want them to be.  People think well if I just hit them a certain place or a certain way with enough force it will be over. This, like the first two, is just a stupid assumption. Most everyone who was stabbed in a street fight didn't realize they had been stabbed until after the fight was over. In other words they continued to fight despite being stabbed several times. There have been people who have been shot several times and continued to fight. So unless you been able to render the bad guy unconcious right off the bat there is still a chance you will get hurt. Like it or not people, even the bad guys continue to fight regardless of being hurt or injured.

 Things to consider for a second, you don't see martial arts moves being pulled off effectively or even at all in violent encounters in the street. The few times we do see martial arts in the street is usually in a street fight and its consentual. But that even begs to differ. How is it that a person with no training can get the best of a martial artist, who has trained for years, in the street? Jacobson's knife defense videos are prime examples of exactly what not to do and serve as a testimonial for her lack of any knowledge of the reality of violence in today's society.

Jacobson's knife stuff and other vids like it should be taken down its not only irresponsible, it's negligent. Her self devised tactics won't work, been proven not to and will get someone killed....it's criminal. If one of her student ends up getting killed trying to defend themselves using those tactics then Jacobson should be tried and held accountable for their murder much as the guy with the knife.

Sunday, July 8, 2018


In the Martial Arts / Self-Defence industry, unfortunately, we too often hear from the self - appointed authority" where the instructor just expects you to believe him/her based uniquely on their often unverifiable pedigree. In other words, "Trust me, I'm the expert here". In actuality they have no clue as to what they're talking about. Nowhere is this more true than in the bullshit that is made up by super fraud Christa Jacobson and the fantasy MA organization she peddles as Budo Ryu. It's scary to think she is able to convince folks that the shit she teaches works.  Her latest video on realistic knife defense and closing gap should be renamed "How To Get Yourself Killed For Dummies" Jacobson demonstrates a real lack of knowledge in her vid and a brain the size of a nematode when it comes to even rudimentary self defense skills.
 What is sorely lacking here is real factual knowledge of violent encounters..... comprehensive, analytical and thoroughly researched studies. In short, Facts and Statistics. But Jacobson at the expense of her students lives doesnt deal in fact, statistics or reality for that matter. For example in Jacobson knife defense videos the bad guy has the knife out front  and it's easily seen. The problems arise when one looks at CCTV and security cam footages of real knife attacks. The vids reveal that knife attacks are generally ambush type attacks meaning you don't see them coming. The reality of the attacks are, the bad guy's free hand is indeed in front in the majority of the attacks, not the knife hand. The free hand usually strikes, grabs used as a distraction or shields the knife hand.

 2nd example in Jacobson's youtube vid the knife hand is in front and then the back hand or free is used to strike with. This is completely opposite from what actually happens. Realistically, the free hand not the knife hand is normally in front and is used to strike you, 80 percent of the time the bad guy just grabs you with his free hand and pushes and or pulls on you while stabbing you rapidly and repeatedly. Often times the free hand is used as a distraction from the knife strike. Attackers often lead with their free hand (usually the left one), victims end up being stabbed repeatedly in the torso, in the neck or to the chest on their left side (where the heart is located!).

 In actually looking at CCTV and surveillance footages of knife attacks we find invaluable information...
 1. In a knife attack, the attacker often leads with their free hand, while keeping the knife close to their side and or hidden.
 2. The attacker will strike and or grab with their free hand. Most of the time they will grab on to the victim.
 3. Most knife attacks are ambushes. The knife is kept hidden until the very last moment. That is until the attack is launched.
 4. The majority of knife attacks are launched within 3 feet or at arms length or less of the victim, so most of knife attacks start at conversation range. Such a small 'reactionary gap' means that it's almost impossible to stop the first stab if you're not expecting it.
 5. The time frame of a knife attack is usually very short - it is often over in a matter of seconds.
 6. Knife attacks are more often performed with quick, short, repetitive stabs (Also known as the "sewing machine") at different angles, switching from low, upward, stabs to the chest, to high, downward, stabs to the neck.
 7. These short rapid stabs are very difficult to stop because there is not much time and not much space to 'deflect-and-redirect' the attack or 'block-and-strike'.

 In order to be able to defend yourself realistically from a knife attack its imperative that we need to understand how an attacker is most likely going to use the knife against their intended victims. Understanding how an attack will actually unfold is the key to adopting realistic methods of defense against a knife.  The problem is that Jacobsons little knife demo videos just don't even remotely resemble what actually happens when attacked by someone with a knife. Hey Don't take my word for it look up knife attacks on youtube. The violence of knife attacks is what you SEE not what you THINK it to be. That is the difference between fantasy and reality

So  What have we learned?

Knife attacks are most commonly ambushes, launched at short range (within 3 feet of the victim). They are extremely violent; carriedout with speed and determination within a very short span of time, literally seconds. Attackers will lead with their free hand, effectively shielding and or hiding the knife, and will stab the victim repetitively with quick short thrusts at different angles. Attackers frequently grab and push the victim who quite often will fall to the ground. Do we see any of these things in Jacobson's Reality knife defense tactics vid? The answer is no. Jacobson is pushing techniques that have been proven thru imperical research and observation not to work. Jacobson would know this if she actually had any knowledge of the subject. Jacobsons knife videos arent remotely realistic when compared to actual knife attacks that have been caught on camera. 

Sunday, June 24, 2018


I expose bad guys and villians in the Martial Arts I take it seriously its a very needed public service. Why? BECAUSE DOC SAVAGE MOTHER FUCKER! (cue super hero theme music)  I feel so strongly about it that I will take a stand when it's time to, I will throw down if need be. Why am I willing to do that? Years ago when I was a kid the karate instructor whose dojo I was going to ended up raping one of his female students. He was arrested on that and drug charges, however he had some knowledge about a local murder, he struck a deal, in exchange for the info for the murder, the guy was released his other charges dropped. Didn't get shit for what he had done to the girl....a gross miscarriage of justice.

 Most of the folks involved in martial arts are good people but fact of the matter is there is no real vetting process when it comes to folks getting involved with the martial arts. Some unsavory types do pop up. It's utterly disgusting at the types of lowlifes, liars, fakes and creeps that the Martial arts seem to draw. From instructors that prey upon their students to coaches who sexually abuse underage boys and girls to the creeps who threaten to kill or beat and molest women to the fakes and stolen valor frauds. What's even more disturbing is how all these types once exposed will stand up for one another. One douche bag Justin Holloway for example defends a child creeper like Ron Collins who sits awaiting trial right now on federal charges. Recently it came to my attention that Gottfried Roser is buddy buddy now with Holloway. These guys will indeed gravitate toward each other to support and encourage one another. 

Apparently it doesnt bother Roser  to be FB buddies with a guy who was arrested for Felony Aggravated assault with a deadly weapon who in turn defends a guy who has tried more than once to molest a minor and sits locked away without bond facing federal charges. Collins is right where he belongs and I am sure a soft little white boy like him isn't lonely.
What's next are they going to track down guys like Ralph Hall or Vern Vanzile who are both listed sex offenders and Form a Legion of Doom....a boy band... a girl band...form a circle jerk....oh wait....maybe call themselves some ominous sounding name like.....Black Dragon Fighting Society....oh wait there is already a circle jerk going on somewhere out there that call themselves that. I am not afraid to expose or write about these shit tards or their merry little band they try to form. No telling what they do to each other to make themselves feel good. Take Roser for example, he threatened to come to my dojo, bring a attorney.....he threatened to sue all this in the third person useing an alias. Why? Because....CHUCK NORRIS. Yep that was his answer.
Any who, so much for fake threats of litigation and fake challenges. Pretty much every single one of these ass wipes have been exposed on my blog as well as some other blogs. The threats have come fast and furious, insults hurled with exclamations of "I'm coming to get you mother fucker!!!"  None have done anything. All these grand master internet tough guys and none have carried out their threats. A couple have tried but when I got ALL DOC SAVAGE (cue superhero music) on their ass they ran, folded like lawn chairs, shook uncontrollably with fear. Knowing in their cowardly hearts I would beat the fuck out of them. All of them know this Collins, Dux, Holloway, Roser etc  They are all inherent cowards and phonies.

If  they actually had 1 ounce of the abilities that they bragged about online they would try and make good on their threats. But they can't because unlike me they don't have any of the ability that they claim to.
Having enemies like these is a good thing it means I and others are doing things right. Speaking the truth, standing up for it and possessing and making actual accomplishments in our particular areas of expertise. "Going DOC SAVAGE  (cue superhero music) on a mother fucker" is actually having the abilities you say you have and being WILLING and ABLE to use them effectively and standing up for those who cant, unaware or are being victimized.

Collins, Kim, Dux and others know I will take it to the wall and come out on top. All the ones that have been mentioned on my blog know this. Not one has carried out a single threat....think about that. They have shown time and time again the type of chicken shit ass wipes they are. To go up against someone that you know can and will fight takes balls, moxy, fortitude and character....but despite their threats, Frank Dux, Ron Collins, Roser, Holloway not one, not a single one has done it. Pretty much all have said to me ; "Who do you think you are and what gives you the right to expose me? Answer: BECAUSE DOC SAVAGE MOTHER FUCKER!!!! (cue superhero  music while end credits roll)
P.S. My biography is  available in paper back from Bantam Books (Pictured above). For your very own signed copy come by my office which is located on the 86th floor of the Empire State Building.
PLEASE TAKE THE STAIRS! Nobody and I mean nobody uses my private high speed elevator. Why?
Cost of the book is $473.85 plus tax.

Note: A shout out to Jerod over at Bronze Pastiches FB group for the Doc Savage photoshop work.

Saturday, June 23, 2018


I call this blog ninjerkiller for reason. A "Ninjer" is simply a guy who claims to know ninjutsu but doest. The term ninjer has come to describe those who have questionable martial arts backgrounds if any at all.  Sometimes i come across individuals and they are simply covered in red flags, the stench of their Bullshit hits you like a ton of bricks. Just recently I came across a fb page "Judo Extreme" interested because I am a judoka I began to read the posts very quickly I found out that the person running the page had several negative remarks concerning judo. (Pictured below).
I took it upon myself to look into who does the page it went back to a guy named Bruce Bethers a Tae Kwon Do guy.....The page permeated with a very strong anti judo sentiment...well more like a stench than anything else. This jack hole even bitches about the color of the blue gi worn in competition? (See pictures)
Maybe BB should run back to doing Tae Kwon Do. IF he actually does TKD and isn't faking that too. Bruce Bethers wants folks to believe he is "the enlightened judoka" while EVERYONE else doesnt know shit. Modern practicing judoka are the heathern, the scurge of the earth. Oh, and heaven help you if you wear a blue judo gi.
Bethers' shit laden online rhetoric has been on my radar for sometime. I support judo as a whole  USJA, USA Judo, USJF and Freestyle Judo, grass roots judo clubs and whether it's members teach or participate in sport or not, combat judo etc. If it's really got something to do with judo as a MA, a sport or self defense I am down with it. But as far as Bethers nothing about him or his USA-Traditonal Kodokan Judo is appealing. I found both the organization and the man to be very misleading. Well I will go ahead and say it....as far as I am concern its total bullshittery. Bethers leads you to believe he is totally represented by the kodokan, it's even implied in the name of the organization but upon further inspection he isn't neither is the organization.

I had a conversation with Bethers awhile back (pictured above) and I asked a very simple YES or NO question was his USA-TKJ a governing body of or affiliated with the kodokan. The question of course was danced around and not answered. So why didn't Bethers just answer a simple question? Because it blows his used car sales pitch out of the water. The PJU and the WJF he mentions to back up his credibility are rather "obscure" to say the least nothing remotely viable or noteworthy by any stretch of the imagination.... a song and dance of the suspiciously promoted.   He is trying to sell you lemon by dressing it up to make it look better than what it really is. Despite Bethers little tap dance the USATKJ is not affiliated nor is it one of the National Governing Bodys of judo, which all teach "traditional" Kodokan Judo. In short, if it isn't sanctioned or supported by the USJA, USJF, USA JUDO or AAU Judo (the original governing body for Judo in the US), it's a big fucking no bueno.

It looks like  Bethers may be a Tae Kwon Do guy. He  doesnt seem to hold any kind of rank  that is actually recognised by the Kodokan or Judo NGB.  Bethers also seems to be in charge of this group http://www.maifhq.org or at least they seem to use the same mailing address. The following statement from membership section of their website is a red flag: "This on-line registration is for all Martial Artists who wish to become members of the USA Traditional Kodokan Judo (USA-TKJ), regardless of rank, system, gender, ethnicity or age.
Another red flag is Bruce Bethers judo background. It appears he got rank from Phil Porter. That in itself is enough for concern (Pictured above).....For the non-judoka, Phil Porter was a judo guy who had a position in the USJA, one of the National Governing bodies of judo, but decided to make money on the side by selling USJA judo yudansha (black belt) rank to non-judoka.....a total DICK move. Porter tinkered with the promotion system promoted a bunch of people and himself to very high rank, then kept it up in his own org. What I see here is a guy, really a NON Judoka who bought his rank..... who really can't measure up to actual judoka, (which is why he bad mouths modern practicing judoka as well as sport judoka) dodging the fact one must show practical knowledge of the art on the mat, through shiai or randori to get rank.

Bruce R. Bethers spends his time bad mouthing judo on his facebook pages while trolling legit judo groups to recruit new members for his organization to put money in HIS pockets. Besides ranting that wearing a blue gi is a cardinal sin, the implicit message of Bethers and his USA-TKJ organization is that everyone else is sports crazed and that the USA-TKJ is spreading and teaching judo as a martial art like Kano intended......(APPARENTLY no one else but Bethers does this.)  The problem is that there isnt a direct, and not even an indirect relationship that the USA-TKJ or Bethers has with the KODOKAN. The Kodokan is tied in with the International Judo Federation (IJF) only.  Most countries only have a single judo org or NGB. The US has 3 recognised NGBs for Judo with a formal relationship with the Kodokan all three of which as well as AAU Judo teach and promote "Traditional Kodokan Judo".

Friday, June 22, 2018


So Justin Holloway decided to leave a few comments on my blog. So, I will expound more on his bullshit and what more Justin has revealed about his character online. I think I should start with Domestic violence and what it is. Domestic Violence is when a partner physically, verbally, emotionally and sexually abuses their intimate partner by exerting power and control over them. Most abusers/batterers are seen as “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" types because of the stark contrast between their public and private selves. Some of these types are unapologetic, narcissistic and sociopathic. If one wants to be precise with what Justin Holloway did, here it is in his own words.....Felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon - against the mother of his child. It's also important to note that after his release, Justin was arrested again the following week violating a restraining that had been placed against him for his aggravated assault.
This aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, a sword actually, goes way beyond a domestic violence charge. This wasn't a case of just being verbally abusive. Think about this he used a sword to threaten the mother of his child. A knife is terrifying enough but a sword is extremely intimidating and horrifying. I am sure Holloways victim was afraid for her very life....I am also sure Justin knew this and was well aware of what he was doing. Often there is a longstanding pattern of manipulation and control inflicted by the abuser. Their tactics are not fleeting nor isolated; this was more than likely not the first or only incident of abuse or assault committed by Holloway on his baby momma. In all honesty, he more than likely has a history of this its just the first time he actually got caught or even reported. People like Holloway attempt to  "groom" and master their victims quite skillfully thru intimidation or fear to dominate and emotionally cripple their victims so they lose their independence and will-power to leave or even get help. Holloway has made no bones about blaming his baby momma for his abuse. In other words, if she had "acted right" he wouldn't have done what he did, she deserved what she got.

 Furthermore, It is quite probable that Holloway may indeed harbor severe resentment towards the gender he attacks. Justin sees abuse and dominance of women as power. Makes him feel like a big man. He obviously has no problem with threatening his baby momma or being publically verbally abusive online with a woman he doesn't know. His online behavior does seem to display a resentment of women.....especially strong ones. Holloway, himself however is a coward....more than likely he is always unsure of himself, he wants to always be in  control of situations but cant, when faced with a difficult circumstance he lacks confidence, never really sure of himself, even when he tries and stack the deck heavily in his favor.
Holloway's comments on my blog are pretty much par for the course. Screaming about how people in other states are cowards for not dropping everything and coming to fight him. He has no real intention of fighting anyone. He has already lied about making a threatening remark against Betsy who is only a short drive away. Holloway claimed he didn't call Betsy out but he clearly tagged Betsy in his challenge to ensure she knew his comment was directed at her. (See picture) Holloway derives his self worth by being abusive so he can manipulate and impose his will on women. A woman like Betsy, a law enforcement officer that has as many use of force incidents under her belt is a good indicator that she can handle herself. People who can handle themselves, scare the crap out of abusers like Justin.



Thursday, June 21, 2018


I really dont respond to online threats. I know the ones who deliver them are pussy. They have zero intention of carrying them out. Speaking from experience everyone of these fucks that I've confronted face to face, have ALL folded like lawn chairs. Everyone wants to be bad ass until they are confronted face to face with one. Not everyone in MA is a bad ass or can even handle themselves really. I have to say Gottfried Roser wasn't man enough to carry his multiple threats made weeks ago on this blog..... Not a single one.....a grand master of mouth boxing obviously.

For those that don't know, his background was called into question....when asked to provide proof of his claims and bragadocio he decided to threaten everyone. His tirade was funny really....when the guy started making threats in third person I knew it was all Mouth-Fu....the gist of this mother fuckers run off at the mouth bullshit kinda went like this.....

 "Forwarded your blog to the lawyers... (*rambling text*) you'll be hearing from the lawyers...  (*more rambling text*) now you have a choice to remove the post or else hear from the lawyers and taken to civil court... (*yet more rambling*) so we strongly suggest you remove the post because we've already forwarded it to our lawyers. AND did we mention we also sent this to a private investigator? Yeah, never mind the fact that he can investigate you himself? Soooo, anyhoooo, now that we think about it, he's going to be running your backgrounds for good measure too. (You scared, bro? You should be.) In case you haven't figured this out, he's not bound by state and federal laws on what kind of information he can look up due to his super badass credentials.....Because Chuck Norris. So there."
Yep that's about how ridiculously stupid the phony fucker sounded. The third party game was fucking laughable. He could’ve posted provable credentials. Rather than doing that simple thing he posted a comment that he was going to show up with his atty at my school , but then deleted after posting it and attempted to blame the deletion on me. I purposely left his chicken shit comments up. What was this bitch gonna do? Tell me if his attorney wasn't there he would kick my ass. The attorney is threat to me how again? And of course grand master mouth boxer removed his threat to be paying me a visit at my school. Of course all this is supposed to scare me make me quake in my boots, get me to cave....well you can see how that worked out for Goatmilk Rosepetal master of mouth fu.

So how much more was bullshit in his comments on this blog?  According to TALI, the Texas Association of Licensed Investigators, Jeffrey Allen/Gottfried Roser is NOT a licensed investigator in the state of Texas. http://www.tali.org/members One Of Rosers supporters claimed Roser was a CEO of a Security firm. I suppose that could be possible, but after some research, it is possible for anyone to purchase a simple business license and call their company anything they want. But the business license itself doesn't mean shit without any proper credentials. Furthermore Roser doesn't appear to be listed on the site anywhere despite the claim. The website itself is vague, especially for a private security company. And NO phone number. How much you bet this company is really just in some shitard's basement.

Another claim one of Roser's supporters made is that Roser is the only 10 degree master in Hapkido in the U.S. A quick check on the interweb and we find that Roser IS NOT the only 10th Dan in Hapkido in the US. Is the insinuation here that ALL the others are fake? Well, he was so mad in his ranting he did spell it Hopkido and not Hapkido. Maybe he is a master of Skipkido, Jumpkido.....maybe he should just call it mouth-fu maybe. Is Hapkido even fucking effective? Referring to himself in the 3rd person Roser left this comment on my article: "You see all the proof you need with all the certificates of Grandmaster Roser's on the wall." Already there's a problem with this statement. Roser can display his certificates on his wall in his school but wont show them online to prove he's legit? All I can say is I have been waiting for this douche to actually show up like he said he would.

Saturday, June 16, 2018


Domestic violence aint pretty it comes with both physical and psychological abuse that leaves its mark on the victim for years. I might sound like an old fuddy-duddy, hell call me old fashioned but I can’t help but dislike men who mistreat women. Yes, I know women can stand up for themselves, but as someone who considers himself a southern gentleman I bristle when I hear of men like Justin Holloway committing felonies against women, especially since it was the mother of his child he got his criminal record for. In all honesty there is no justification for it. Justin used to be a moderator of a group called Bullshit Martial Arts. He got tossed soon after it was found out that he was a felon. Of course, when you encounter criminal types they rarely take responsibility for their actions. In both the case of what he did to his baby momma and getting thrown out of BSMA, he blames others. He reminds me a lot of Ron Collins in that respect, and also in his hatred of anything the police do no matter the circumstances. Like Collins Holloway is claiming to be planning to go to Colorado to stalk Don Roley.

Just like Ronnie, Justin is talking big and spending hours and hours obsessively ranting about Don on the internet and of course Justin brags about what a bad mother fucker he is. I guess this pussy figures threatening his baby momma with a sword classifies  him as a genuine tough guy. So a friend of mine by the name of Betsy stepped up and dealt with his rants. Now Betsy is a law enforcement officer on the south Texas border as well as trains in the Bujinkan system. She credits Bujinkan with helping her deal with more violent encounters than she can count as part of her job. She praises Don as being one of the best, most dangerous, teachers out there. It was very amusing to see her make Justin her bitch. Justin, true to form for someone like him, at first tried to intimidate her. That sort of thing must make him feel like a big man. But Betsy actually lives in Texas, not far from him, and I would venture to geuss she could wipe the floor with his ass. As Don put it, Justin is very proud of his fight record in the ring. Betsy has experience with criminal violence and a lot more of it.

 In an effort to intimidate Betsy, Justin wrote, “So how about it Betsy Lomax, I like appetizers before the main dish…. Mind being pressure tested?”

Betsy’s response was, “I’ve already been many times. If you want to come looking, I can’t stop you.”

Obviously, her lack of fear brought Justin up short, because his next comment was, “I do have waivers for you and my choice of woman to be your opponent.”

Yes, you read that right. When it was clear Betsy wasn’t scared of him, he pulled a switch and tried to say she should fight another woman. Who that woman is will become clear.

Betsy’s response was, after laughing, “If you want to come looking for me, be my guest. But don’t be a little bitch. Do the dirty work yourself.”

Justin, “Betsy, how about this so its not so scary. My gf is a beginner. She can be your opponent. She’s literally 5’2”.

Honestly, not even Ron Collins tried to hide behind his girlfriend. Of course, maybe that is because he never had one. I’ve seen some cowardly things, but this still surprises me. Of course, Betsy doesn’t want to fight the poor girl, who probably doesn’t even know her boyfriend offered her up to someone like Betsy. Justin is now trying to portray this as Betsy ducking out on him. This is par for the course with little men like him. He fears facing Betsy, and with good reason. For a man who hates and does violence against women, being beaten to a pulp by one is his greatest humiliation. But Betsy summed it up best at the end of the exchange when she called Justin a pussy..... I love that woman.

At the end of the day, no matter how you cut it Justin appears to be a cowardly fuck who gets his jollies threatening and trying to intimidate women, victimizing them makes him feel like he is a tough guy. There were people in BSMA that took Justin’s side when he left, because he told only his side of the story. By sharing screen shots of his recent unhinged rants, that is no longer the case. Everyone now agrees that getting rid of him was the only logical thing to do. And his attempts to put a woman in her place in his mind blew up in his face. I do enjoy seeing men who like to push around woman and beat them meet karma in the form of a FEMALE law enforcement officer that he is back pedaling from now.

Justin was convicted of threatening his baby momma's life while holding a deadly weapon...a sword. Domestic violence shouldn't be taken lightly more often than not women put up with verbal and physical abuse for years and years before something is even done, before help even comes. Usually by the time the police get a call the abuse has been going on for years. The abuser blames the victim for "making him" do what he had to do. If she hadnt have talked back she wouldnt have gotten smacked or if she wouldnt have done this she wouldn't have gotten threatened. Abusers want control and will verbally and physically assault their victims to make them comply.  It's a serious problem.  Holloway would later break the restraining order that was placed against him after the initial incident and get himself arrested again.
People make mistakes the ones who truly want to change or feel remorse for what they did express that. They take the responsibility they don't try to justify their actions or blame others. Justin is unapologetic and expresses no remorse and blames his victim and the cops for his actions. Justin's baby momma bruised his fragile little ego he lost his temper and he  threatened her with a sword...but when the cops showed up Justin got as meek as a lamb Mr. Justin the bad ass all of a sudden disappeared. I doubt seriously either Betsy or Don have anything to worry about from this lump of shit.