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Saturday, January 6, 2018


The claims of frauds never stop. They All just out right lie, and they get caught at it. My problems with frauds is that quite frankly they put people in danger. It doesnt get more dangerous than a con artist like Alexander Maurer making bogus claims in an attempt to pass himself off as an expert offering personal protection protection services.

 Lee Alexander Maurer AKA Koga Sakkaku Yang AKA Lee Malice AKA Koga Yang AKA Cobra Maurer -claims to be a "trained" body guard, or to have had body guard training. This is at the very least, enteretaining. At the most very dangerous for someone duped into taking him as a serious trained professional in the field. Maurer's claims are the puerile fantasy of a sociopathic dweeb. This is a guy who has to over compensate for his actual lack of physical stature, being only 5'6 and weighing 150 lbs.

Maurer claims that he was awarded an Honorary 6th degree black belt certicate. Now, some folks are awarded Honorary titles, but they remain just that, only honorary. For example, some celebrities get Honorary doctorates from Universities. That doesn't mean they are real Phds. It doesn't mean that they actually met the requirements of becoming a doctor in a specific field. An honorary certification doesn't automatically grant one all the years and experience it takes to legitinately earn those titles.

 Koga lists on his "Honorary" 6th degree black belt certicate that he has also has a 6th Dan in 'Bodyguard training' and 'Bounty Hunting'. This appears to be an obvious attempt to impress upon others that he is so deadly, that he can protect anyone. He uses this to help exaggerate his knowledge and "pad" his online martial arts resume.

 Maurer even goes so far as to try and sell his body guarding services on his Facebook pages. There's one little problem with Alexander Maurer claiming to actually be a qualified bodyguard, or offering such type of service. The truth is, he can't actually be a bodyguard or a Bounty Hunter in ANY state. He can't even be a security guard working for any security firm or business.

 Most states require that personal bodyguards obtain a license. Being licensed has different requirements that vary depending on the state. In every state, you are required to under go a criminal back ground check and have no history of a felony conviction; which includes having no misdemeanor convictions within the past five years. In addition, a bodyguard may need to secure authorization to carry a concealed weapon.

 Any applicant for a private security guard agency license (this includes body guards) MUST meet the following requirements:
- Be not less than 21 years old.
 -Have a high school diploma or its equivalent.
- Have not been convicted of a felony.

 In the last five years, have not had a misdemeanor conviction of any of the following:
-Dishonesty or fraud.
- Unauthorized divulging or selling of information or evidence.
- Impersonation of a law enforcement officer or employee of the US, (and in this case, Michigan, or political subdivision of Michigan).
- Illegally using, carrying, or possessing a dangerous weapon. 
-Two or more alcohol related offenses.
- Controlled substances under the public health code 1978 PA 368.

 The problem now becomes evidently clear. Our friend, Lee Alexander Maurer, is a convicted felon, and he attempts to hide this fact using his several above mentioned aliases. Maurer can't be hired, licensed, insured, or bonded. Lee Alexander 'Koga Yang' Maurer sure as hell isn't legally doing any bodyguarding work or bounty hunting.

The more Lee brags about his alleged skills, the more he actually delegitimizes himself. Unfortunately, he does the same to those associated with him. If his Sifu John Titus was indeed a licensed bodyguard instructor, and was reopening a security/protection business, as Maurer posted on his Facebook, bringing on board and training a convicted felon would be a liability for his company. Titus would lose his licenses, his insurance and bonding.

Lee Malice Maurer has some issues with reality his bogus body guarding claims are pure made up comic book fantasy.

Friday, January 5, 2018


In the world of martial arts almost anyone can reproduce/ manufacture/simply make up their own bogus rank certificate showing supposed knowledge in any martial art out there. Numerous examples of frauds displaying these these manufactured black belt rank certificates can be found  online all over their social media pages and on school walls.

 Frauds all play by the same rule book. They run it page by page. First, they claim the ultimate in badassery. They either claim to be the baddest mofos out there, or they train with ultimate badasses, which makes them twice as deadly. Next, they sport a ton of certificates that purports to back up these claims. The problem comes when the organizations that supposedly issue these certificates are so obscure one cannot locate them anywhere. The frauds always post more pictures of certificates on social media, than they have pictures or video of themselves actually training. The irony, is that they present certifications as proof of their mastery from places that no one has any way to verify their authenticity.

A perfect example is Alexander Maurer, who has several online aliases and social media accounts on facebook and youtube. Some of them are: Lee Malice/Koga Yang/Koga Sakkaku Yang/Cobra. Maurer professes to be a 6th degree black in several different styles, refers to himself as Master Koga Yang, yet he is only 30 years old. According to his account, his training started when he was a wee lad of about 4 years old.

Now, when I say frauds are easy to spot and profile, the NINJER KILLER ain't just whistling dixie. Lil "Koga black snake groan" was NOT hard to profile at all. So, it didn't surprise me that this guy is a felon. You see, frauds use aliases to help hide a criminal record. Using an alias makes it tougher to check them out. It's unbelievable how they all just run the same line of bullshittery. There are no original thoughts that pass through the minds of these idiots.

 Here's a run down of his criminal record that we know of:

 ALEXANDER MAURER Race: Asian Gender: Male Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown Height: 5′ 6″ (1.68 m) Weight: 150 lb (68 kg) DOB: 2/09/1987 MDOC Number: 614549 SID Number: 2684078W Status: Parolee Earliest Release Date: 7/29/2014 Assigned Location: Oakland/Pontiac/Parole Discharge Date: 10/29/2015 Security Level: N/A Parole Date: 7/29/2014 Names / Aliases: COBRA MAURER ALEXANDER LEE Scars / Marks / Tattoos: Body Piercing- Center Left Eye Scar- Upper Right Arm Charges: Status Sentence # Offense MCL# Court File# County Conviction Type Minimum Sentence Maximum Sentence Date of Offense Date of Sentence Discharge Date Discharge Reason Active 1 Controlled Substance-Delivery/Manufacture Marijuana 333.74012D3 / 769.11 11235923-FH Oakland Plea 0 years 9 months 0 days 8 years 0 months 01/27/2011 10/31/2011 Active 2 Weapons - Firearms - Possession by Felon 750.224F / 769.11 11235923-FH Oakland Plea 0 years 9 months 0 days 10 years 0 months 01/27/2011 10/31/2011 Active 3 Weapons - Felony Firearms 750.227BA 11235923-FH Oakland Plea 2 years 0 months 0 days 2 years 0 months 01/27/2011 10/31/2011 Active 4 Weapons - Felony Firearms

 When 'Koga the Nestlé Quick Ninjer' was presented a link on his own FB page to his Felony arrest and convictions record, he abruptly deleted the post.

Maurer  claimed that his ranks were recognized by different organizations...but upon doing a search for the organizations that awarded these ranks and titles, nothing could be found.Take for an example the certificate in the photo above, I couldn't find any mention of the 'world chuan fa shaolin kempo bushido confederation' any where. Nor could I find ANY of it's "Grandmasters" that signed the certificate.

 Suspiciously, he got all of these "certificates" he so proudly posted on his FB pages around the same time; NOV/DEC 2017. Lee has all of these posted certificates, but what's missing are pictures of him training in the past, or anything prior to his multiple 6th degree black belts. This has the smell of being manufactured, and it looks like he may have bought a couple of memberships from some obscure MA organizations. It's also possible, like many other frauds before him, that he printed his own certificates off a computer. BOOM - This is how an Instant Nestle Quick Ninjer is born.

The certificate above you get by simply purchasing either a membership or even a booklet that an automatic membership comes with. Purchase the book and you are a member type thing. The certificate itself is just the inside cover page of the booklet. However one thing is for sure The Black Dragon Fighting Society obviously doesn't care about just giving rank to someone or even if  their members are felons.

Lee actually had the temerity to rant about how training in most dojo's was bull shit, and how most black belts can't fight. The irony is that this deligitimizes his own certifications. This is another typical ploy used by frauds. He wants you to believe he knows stuff others MA instructors dont. I've often seen this tactic used by frauds to hide the fact they've never trained and simply couldn't hack it when it comes to actual training.

Koga Lee professes to train in secret, yet shows off these "certificates" from different organizations to "prove" he has indeed secretly trained. So he buys certificates from organizations that don't know him or have seen him train or simply manufactures them himself to PROVE beyond a shadow of a doubt that he trains in secret.....is this all oxymoronic or is he just a moron.

Ninjer Killer is in all honesty about separating fantasy from reality and fact from fiction. NINJER KILLER is about keeping it real. These sociopathic dweebs thrive off fantasy and esoteric bullshit and Koga Sakkaku Yang Instant Ninjer felon is no different. I have dealt with alot of frauds personally, some even face to face. A couple tried to face me down but one fat turd shook uncontrollably with fear upon me showing up while the other a well known fake ninja left before I even got there. Another cockeyed sunglass wearing mofo shit his pants at the thought of me showing up somewhere. They ALL talked real tough online and even on the phone but folded when the prospect of me getting in their face became a grim reality for them.  


Monday, January 1, 2018


Well what would Ninjer Killer be if I didnt start the year, 2018, off right by busting some body's  balls about their online BS. I am talking about the true "master" of bullshittery, the king of the frauds himself, Frank Dux.

Frauds, like Dux, are only out for themselves, they lie about their back grounds, promote themselves as masters when they have had literally little or no training at all. How can a fraud help anyone defend themselves when their backgrounds are total BS? Frauds are just as dangerous to you if not more than the "bad guy" who will assault, rob and or kill you. Learning from a fraud is like putting a gun to your own head.

Now I have ignored Frankie for the most part but this is a guy who bothers me on many levels other than previously mentioned. Dux has made bogus martial art claims, military claims but taking credit for movies that I know Dux actually didn't work on kinda gets under my skin. Dux is like a leach in that respect.

Frankie and I know some of the same people in the movie and TV industry. The Stunt Coordinator for "Only the Strong", would end up being the Stunt Coordinator, who I met on set thru a mutual friend, for a couple TV series that I actually worked on.

Now before i get into my story i want my readers to understand that frauds, like Dux, all claim that those who have exposed them are just lying,  jealous haters. The facts are there is nothing to lie about because their isn't anything to be jealous of.

Now realistically and logically, having to be called out for being a fake and a fraud, like Frank Dux is constantly and will be for the rest of his life, is not my idea of success nor accomplishment.

Who the wants to spend the rest of their life telling people that stuff written about them on the internet is not true??? That this was a lie or that was a lie.

Seeing Dux attempt to salvage what is left of his BS is like watching a three legged puppy have an epileptic fit. Dux will literally go to his grave being denounced as a total fraud. This is his future..and it's definitely not anything to be jealous or envious of.

Dux recently posted on his FB page: "Respect and being mindful of others is one of the major tenets that defines the traditional Asian Martial Artist from a pretentious goon in a MA uniform who may have skills but his hubris gets in the way of enlightenment."

This statement coming from a man who has been completely exposed as a liar and a fraud is abosolutely hilarious....he obviously doesn't apply it to himself.........and that blue "Power Ranger" uniform that he designed and wears???

Dux needs to take a hard look at who really looks like a pretentious goon in a MA uniform......I mean really......with the goofy shoulder pads to make his shoulders look broader and mask how fat he is....Honestly, if Dux claimed to be a world champion pie or hot dog eating contest winner right now, no one would  doubt it....and I say that in the nicest damn way I possibly can.

 The rant on Dux's FB page as of late seems to be "Misinformation. However, Frank Dux is THE misinformation generator and he works overtime at it. Frank Dux has orchestrated misinformation for years by way of phony news articles, articles and posts made by his own hand and distributed by those who he associates with. In the end there is no viable proof, his claims lead back to the center of an engineered misinformation infrastructure....Frank Dux.

Frank Dux, phony "Ninja/War Hero" has constructed his entire back story around lies, misinformation and  "disinformation".  Anybody who casts doubt on his back stories, of which there are many, will be accused of spreading "misinformation." And of course his acolytes continue gulping down his Kool-Ade and bowing to every word he says to them.

Frank Dux has been lying since.......well when has he never lied....your guess is as good as mine. Even a Black belt magazine editor had to back track on Dux's BS and say they couldnt verify ANY of Dux's claims and just simply took his word for it. Frank has intentionally lied to the public and continues to do so by way of HIS recent FB "misinformation" platform.

Dux has no problems with taking other people's credit for himself and has his very own "misinformation" machine to try and accomplish that,  like in the movie industry, for example.

Dux's name was suspiciously "added" by someone, either himself or one of his acolytes, to the credits of movies on the IMDB website (Internet Movie Data Base), as the Fight Choreographer on the Movie "Double Impact" and as the Stunt Coordinator on the movie "Only The Strong" there was also a "Special Thanks" to Frank Dux mysteriously "added" to the credits of Only The Strong on the site.

Bits and pieces of information were also "added" about Dux's involvement in these movies in the trivia sections of the internet site. Now how does this information get added? Basically ANY ONE with a regular IMDB account, which is free, can add info to the trivia sections.  Anyone with an IMDB.COM Pro Account, which is only 100 dollars per year can "add" information to its listings, movie credits, etc

Even though Dux was some how "added" to the credits of Double Impact on IMDB.COM, Frank Dux WAS NOT the Fight Choreographer on "Double Impact". In fact. Dux WAS NOT even hired to work on that particular movie at all.

NOR was Dux the Stunt Coordinator on "Only The Strong". The Stunt Coordinator was actually Artie Malaci. Dux was indeed hired as the Fight Choreographer on "Only The Strong" but was TERMINATED because he couldn't fulfill his obligations on the set. Dux dropped the ball. Luis Esteban had to step in and help with the fight scenes cause Dux was constantly AWOL.

Others, like Luis, Artie Malaci the Stunt Coordinator, Mark Dacascas the star of the movie, Paco Prieto who played the bad guy in the movie and Amein Santos a caporiera mastre were doing the job that Dux was supposed to be doing. Dux couldn't deliver on choreographing fight scenes so he was abruptly terminated.

In the end everyone realized how incapable Dux really was and didn't want to work with him. This is a far sight more logical and easier to believe than Dux's explanations of vast conspiracies against him.

Well the truth wins out in the end and what can I say....they dont call me the Ninjer Killer for nothing.... You don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to figure out what is going on here. Either Dux himself  or some of his cronies are adding his name to the credits of movies for stuff he didnt even do. However,  all the bogus information that was "added" to the IMDB website has since been removed thanks to those who did their due diligence.


Speaking of those who due their due diligence.....In the United States since the early 2000s, the term Stolen Valor has become popular slang used for military imposters. Other terms include fake warriors, Military posers, Medal cheats and military phonies.

A website called Militaryphony.com has exposed Frank Dux in an attempt to protect the Valor of those who have defended our freedom. No stranger to making numerous military claims Dus was subsequently investigated by the group thoroughly.


Friday, December 22, 2017


All con artists and frauds play an angle and play people for fools or try to. Jacobson is no exception to this. It's really something to watch a phony ass, ninjer headmistress, anshu or whatever Christa is calling herself these days, try and spin someone calling her on her fakery as being filled with hate. It's a nice song and dance but it doesn't fly, not in the eyes of a competent martial artist.

 I honestly have to question anyone who would choose to keep training under this fraud. Her Koka ryu kempo is just regurgitated American Kenpo. She was exposed in my last article as copying knife fighting moves out of a movie called "The Hunted" and trying to pass them off a ninja knife fighting techniques. It is amusing to a point that she has to copy movies to add to her curriculum. At this point anyone who seriously is buying into her bullshit needs to run far, far away.

 This week another fraud, a lowlife level 3 sex offender Vern Vanzile was thrown back in jail for teaching children martial arts. This guy was a true predator of children. Jacobson is a predator as well, preying upon those who unknowingly buy into her scam. She has only had a very limited  amount of training and it shows. Some of her vids are sped up using camera tricks to make her appear faster than she really is.

 No....this has nothing to do with hate, Jacobson uses hate as a deflection of criticism and to deflect from the truth. This is the tactic of all those who have been exposed as frauds. She is a con artist, a liar and a fake, a wanna be who couldn't cut the training.  I simply call them like I see them. There is no hate or jealousy. There is hate but it's from Jacobson who hates being exposed and hates those who expose her

I personally don't care that Jacobson is transgender. I don't care what Jacobson does in her personal life. She can do what she wants with her body... One might ask if it isn't hate or jealousy, then why do I do call her out as being a fraud. The answer is simple she endangers lives and this in itself is no different than a terrorist, an active shooter or a pedophile endangering lives.

Jacobson has demonstrated over and over again that what she teaches will not work she isn't skilled nor knowledgeable. Jacobson needs to tell people she teaches a fantasy martial art. My problem is she convinces people that they can defend themselves. More than likely she will get some seriously injured or even killed.

 As for jealousy, there isn't anything to be jealous of. She has no success that I can see. Constantly being called out as fraud isn't something to aspire to. It certainly isn't any indication of success. It's quite the opposite.....where there is smoke there is fire. I mean what's authentic about copying shit from a movie? Dont take my word for it, see for yourself click on the post link and follow links to the videos. http://ninjerkiller.blogspot.com/2017/12/anshu-christa-jacobson-worlds-biggest.html

Thursday, December 7, 2017


Well all I can say is that it's official Jacobson has indeed become the biggest fraud in the martial arts today. She sells books and videos on a subject she has completely manufactured, a martial art that doesnt exist, a mysterious Japanese instructor, and posts vids on youtube claiming to be of a traditional japanese system.  All this to cover up the fact that she is a poorly trained fake and fraud. Most importantly hiding the fact that she is ripping her students and customers off.

 Recently, I came across one of Jacobsons videos entitled Tantojutsu: Ninja knife fighting. As a kali practitioner I can tell you ninjas didn't use a Filipino knife fighting style. Nor did they steal knife fighting techniques from movies. But what can one expect from a fraud, an obvious phoney with little or no knowledge at all.  Christa Jacobson uses techniques she has seen in movies. The Ninja knife fighting Tantojutsu youtube video can be found at the following link:


This is kind of scary as techniques designed to be used or changed for a scripted action scene in a movie would not have a real tactical or combative application in the real world.

 At approximately 10 seconds in the vid Jacobson executes the vital Template form from the movie "The Hunted" starring Tommy Lee Jones. This particular form was designed specifically for the movie by two kali instructors hired to do the knife choreography. Check out the training scene of The Hunted Jacobson copied from at approx 1:14 or  so.

 The kali instructors had the foresight to change the vital template for the movie so they would be able to tell if someone just picked up kali techniques from the movie rather than actually took kali or trained in it and tried to pass the movie stuff off as authentic.

Since when is movie knife fight choreography put together by two Kali instructors ninja knife fighting techniques???  Jacobson has put alot of effort into her forgery of a system and in misrepresenting herself. Its obvious Jacobson copied the Vital template form, from the movie and tweaked it a little in an attempt to disguise the fact its from a movie. Anyone buying any materials from Budo ryu ninjutsu is not getting authentic anything. Copying techniques from fight scenes in movies isn't authentic ninja fighting techniques.

 Her short Tantojutsu video is just flashy shit seen in movies it looks good on camera but has no real practical value or use in an actual violent encounter. Jacobson herself would not survive such an encounter as tactically and combatively she is a mess. She has no skill and only a broad unrealistic  assumption of what real violence is and how to deal with it.

Christa Jacobson is teaching stuff she obviously sees in movies. Problem is, it is shit that will get people killed. So instead of buying a dvd or learning anything from Christa Jacobson and her Budo ryu school, cut out the middle man and Just go rent a movie. You gonna get better movie knife fighting instruction from actor Tommy Lee Jones in the movie. Jacobson has made it glaringly obvious that is where she got her information from.

Sunday, December 3, 2017


Ok guys,,, i am not going to mince words about this guy Vernon Vanzile THIS GUY CLAIMS TO BE A JUDOKA AND MMA TRAINER!!!! He caters his business toward women and children just take a look at one of his many twitter accounts @Kay_o_mma, he has another twitter account @MyOwnFitness1 how ever Vernon Isaac Vanzile of Corning NY is a LEVEL 3 REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER.

 Some may ask what is a level 3 sex offender? To put
it bluntly it means he is the worst kind, he is a sexual predator. It means he is a high risk danger to those  in his community. Some states classify  sexual offenders in "categories" some in "levels" and the federal government ranks them in "tiers". The numeral designation of 3 is always the highest level of threat.

 Level 3 sex offenders pose a high level threat to the community at large. There is a high risk danger that they will re offend. They are predatory. They have been convicted of sexual crimes in the past. They are repeat sexual offenders. They have used violence in their crimes. The scariest thing is that they have either refused or failed to complete approved, mandatory sexual offender treatment programs. Basically, Vernon Vanzile is the type you don't release from prison.

Even though it is illegal for Vanzile to be around children there are vids of him on social media youtube etc...rolling around on the mat with a little girl...a minor! Under the moniker of MMA Girl. As well as pictures of him on the mat wrestling young women. This is some scary shit!!!
Vernon Vanzile has several Social media accounts facebook, twitter, youtube, daily motion alot of which Vanzile doesn't use his real name.  (Most recently he used the alias Kiru Tajikara.) He calls his "business" KAY O PRO MMA out of Corning NY.

Even on his current various social media sites he doesnt offer his name. An obvious attempt to hide his real identity and criminal record if anyone tried to look him up. Vanzile seems to advertise exclusively toward women and girls.  He has at least two young girls training with him now and a young woman.

 Vanzile more than likely got all his certifications  through online training courses once he got out of prison. None of these courses that certified him did a background check on him obviously.... just took his money and asked no questions.

Vanzile was able to "set up shop" online through aliases and through a few fake reviews from social media accounts that he made....he used these online aliases made up good reviews and now has an instant “good reputation” and access to future victims.

 Would you want this guy on the mat on top of your daughter? Would you want a level 3 sexual offender a sexual predator around any child or woman?


Vern Vanzille arrested and it made the local news broadcast. http://13wham.com/news/local/deputies-level-3-sex-offender-advertised-to-teach-martial-arts-in-home

Monday, September 18, 2017


People who live lives of self-aggrandizing delusion like Ron Collins become very uncomfortable when shown the reality of their lack of abilities. Collins shores up his walls of delusion with elaborate rationalizations.

Collins for all intents and purposes actually believes the lies he tells himself, always plotting revenge against the many imagined enemies responsible for Ronnie's cognitive clash between his ninja warrior fantasies and reality.

Collins videos as of late depict a very lonely and pathetic existence. He vids himself walking the streets aimlessly and in public restrooms implying that he is quite literally hiding from something....has no place to go.....or maybe just ashamed.....he should be at least.

Reality check......It wasnt enough for Ninjer Ron to humiliate himself by proving he doesn't possess any martial skills at all...the ninjer got his fat ass owned... and not by his detractors.

Regardless of how much Collins attempts to spin things, there are two fight promoters that Ron has actually contacted and spoken with at length. Edson Berto with Real Fighting Championships and Scarface over at Street Beefs who have bent over backwards to accommodate Ron, but  both Edson and Scarface have, on seperate instances, said the same thing...
1. Collins is a coward
2. He just wants to talk shit online
3. He can't fight
4. He doesn't want to fight......