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Saturday, June 16, 2018


Domestic violence aint pretty it comes with both physical and psychological abuse that leaves its mark on the victim for years. I might sound like an old fuddy-duddy, hell call me old fashioned but I can’t help but dislike men who mistreat women. Yes, I know women can stand up for themselves, but as someone who considers himself a southern gentleman I bristle when I hear of men like Justin Holloway committing felonies against women, especially since it was the mother of his child he got his criminal record for. In all honesty there is no justification for it. Justin used to be a moderator of a group called Bullshit Martial Arts. He got tossed soon after it was found out that he was a felon. Of course, when you encounter criminal types they rarely take responsibility for their actions. In both the case of what he did to his baby momma and getting thrown out of BSMA, he blames others. He reminds me a lot of Ron Collins in that respect, and also in his hatred of anything the police do no matter the circumstances. Like Collins Holloway is claiming to be planning to go to Colorado to stalk Don Roley.

Just like Ronnie, Justin is talking big and spending hours and hours obsessively ranting about Don on the internet and of course Justin brags about what a bad mother fucker he is. I guess this pussy figures threatening his baby momma with a sword classifies  him as a genuine tough guy. So a friend of mine by the name of Betsy stepped up and dealt with his rants. Now Betsy is a law enforcement officer on the south Texas border as well as trains in the Bujinkan system. She credits Bujinkan with helping her deal with more violent encounters than she can count as part of her job. She praises Don as being one of the best, most dangerous, teachers out there. It was very amusing to see her make Justin her bitch. Justin, true to form for someone like him, at first tried to intimidate her. That sort of thing must make him feel like a big man. But Betsy actually lives in Texas, not far from him, and I would venture to geuss she could wipe the floor with his ass. As Don put it, Justin is very proud of his fight record in the ring. Betsy has experience with criminal violence and a lot more of it.

 In an effort to intimidate Betsy, Justin wrote, “So how about it Betsy Lomax, I like appetizers before the main dish…. Mind being pressure tested?”

Betsy’s response was, “I’ve already been many times. If you want to come looking, I can’t stop you.”

Obviously, her lack of fear brought Justin up short, because his next comment was, “I do have waivers for you and my choice of woman to be your opponent.”

Yes, you read that right. When it was clear Betsy wasn’t scared of him, he pulled a switch and tried to say she should fight another woman. Who that woman is will become clear.

Betsy’s response was, after laughing, “If you want to come looking for me, be my guest. But don’t be a little bitch. Do the dirty work yourself.”

Justin, “Betsy, how about this so its not so scary. My gf is a beginner. She can be your opponent. She’s literally 5’2”.

Honestly, not even Ron Collins tried to hide behind his girlfriend. Of course, maybe that is because he never had one. I’ve seen some cowardly things, but this still surprises me. Of course, Betsy doesn’t want to fight the poor girl, who probably doesn’t even know her boyfriend offered her up to someone like Betsy. Justin is now trying to portray this as Betsy ducking out on him. This is par for the course with little men like him. He fears facing Betsy, and with good reason. For a man who hates and does violence against women, being beaten to a pulp by one is his greatest humiliation. But Betsy summed it up best at the end of the exchange when she called Justin a pussy..... I love that woman.

At the end of the day, no matter how you cut it Justin appears to be a cowardly fuck who gets his jollies threatening and trying to intimidate women, victimizing them makes him feel like he is a tough guy. There were people in BSMA that took Justin’s side when he left, because he told only his side of the story. By sharing screen shots of his recent unhinged rants, that is no longer the case. Everyone now agrees that getting rid of him was the only logical thing to do. And his attempts to put a woman in her place in his mind blew up in his face. I do enjoy seeing men who like to push around woman and beat them meet karma in the form of a FEMALE law enforcement officer that he is back pedaling from now.

Justin was convicted of threatening his baby momma's life while holding a deadly weapon...a sword. Domestic violence shouldn't be taken lightly more often than not women put up with verbal and physical abuse for years and years before something is even done, before help even comes. Usually by the time the police get a call the abuse has been going on for years. The abuser blames the victim for "making him" do what he had to do. If she hadnt have talked back she wouldnt have gotten smacked or if she wouldnt have done this she wouldn't have gotten threatened. Abusers want control and will verbally and physically assault their victims to make them comply.  It's a serious problem.  Holloway would later break the restraining order that was placed against him after the initial incident and get himself arrested again.
People make mistakes the ones who truly want to change or feel remorse for what they did express that. They take the responsibility they don't try to justify their actions or blame others. Justin is unapologetic and expresses no remorse and blames his victim and the cops for his actions. Justin's baby momma bruised his fragile little ego he lost his temper and he  threatened her with a sword...but when the cops showed up Justin got as meek as a lamb Mr. Justin the bad ass all of a sudden disappeared. I doubt seriously either Betsy or Don have anything to worry about from this lump of shit.

Thursday, June 14, 2018


Dude you never go full retard but the antics of Frank Dux have gotten way past that. Dux has reached a whole new plateau of full retard and a new level of a lying waste stolen valor fraud. In his latest online diatribe he purposely attempts to tarnish our men in uniform. Why? Because real life vets many of them and several groups run by vets have exposed Frank Duxs many lies and fake military claims. Franks claims has expanded way beyond the martial arts world, and there's a lot of military vets out there, real ones who have exposed him as a liar and fraud.  Dux fails to realize that unlike martial arts records, military records are kept by the government, and can be easily checked and verified.  You can't just "buy" a graduation certificate from Ranger School or BUDS like you can buy a Black Belt certificate online. Dux has kicked the hornets nest by taking on the Stolen Valor hunters, the people who are real life vets, heros, special forces. Dux has taken to calling these men who have served our country  "vultures".

Frank Dux has been telling the world he participated in a "secret" underground "kumite," and gotten away with that lie for years because there's no verifiable way to check the facts.  Now Dux is trying to say that his career as a "Secret Man" can't be verified either, because the government is keeping that information locked away.  Bullshit!  As some of these vets have pointed out,  there have been secret missions, but there are no "Secret Men."  If Dux did even a fraction of the heroic shit he's been claiming all these years, there are ways to verify it.  And that's exactly what these Valor Hunters have done.  They've verified the fact that Dux never did a damn thing other than spending a few months stringing commo wire for a Reserve unit in California until he fell off a truck. Yep the fucking clod literally fell of the turnip truck.  And that's about as far as his combat experience goes.

 Frank Dux would have you belief that the several veteran run groups that have exposed him as a fraud are all lying vultures.

The following is from a  web forum called "Professional Soldiers," which is run by Green Berets and other Special Forces soldiers, real ones:

 "I really enjoyed reading this moron’s article (below) blasting the Stolen Valor hunters and attempting to defend himself and the real bottom-feeders, the military frauds. https://artvoice.com/2018/06/03/stolen-valor-vultures-murder-veterans-not-just-reputations-part-2/#.WyM9JZ4pDqD

 Frankie, you don’t have any idea what records were destroyed in the St. Louis fire do you? Or what dates of service were affected, or even the branch of the military that was burned to bits (seventy-five percent). Frankie has already been exposed as a “bottom-feeding” fraud and some of his “friends” have too, hence his retort. Then again you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a military-martial arts fraud these days. I’m not going to make this easy and write about what records were destroyed in the St Louis fire but let’s just say Special Forces was not affected.

And Frankie, you cite operations that were previously conducted in classified areas, by Green Berets. Let me tell you a secret, missions are routinely classified, men are not. But unlike you Frankie, we can find out who were on those missions by just asking. So, the “bottom-feeding” frauds you’re attempting to defend have no recourse when we call them “a liar and a fraud”. And the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is where we start, but sometimes we know before we request a FOIA on an individual that he is in fact a “bottom-feeding” fraud.

You see Frankie, Special Forces aka the Green Beret’s is still a very small unit, so are the SEALS. It takes us very little time to ask around and find out who in fact served on a certain A-Team during a given time frame. Frankie, you were born in 1956, and you’ve been cited in more than one article as having served in Vietnam. In 1975 the Vietnam war ended, and you were 19 years old (and the records of those that served in 1974/75 were NOT burned in the St. Louis fire) ……. You’re more than a fraud, you’re also an idiot. Enjoy your new-found fame you bottom-feeding idiot boy."

I have to admit no one goes full retard quite like Frank Dux it's obvious the clumsy mother fucker hit his head when he fell off the truck in the few short months in the reserves and has been fucked up ever since.

More on Dux's fake military claims here: http://thisainthell.us/blog/?p=79806

Sunday, June 10, 2018


When it comes to a self defense situation, how many times have you heard someone say, "just run"? Or, "the best thing to do is run". Is running a good option? It is an option, but is it the best answer? Running might be a good option if you're Usain Bolt, but what if you're an older person? Yeah, everyone CAN run, but how fast or high far will depend on the individual. People do run for exercise, but again, a lot dont. So, running is something that some may do alot of, or very little of, or not at all. If a person is young, they would have an easier time running, but if you're older, trying to out run a couple of young thugs may not work in your favor. Also, there's a good possibly that those attacking you could simply run faster than you can..so running definitely wouldn't be a good option. Running seems to be this cookie cutter answer that some martial arts/self defense experts say and mindlessly repeat. If a person can run, then it comes into question how far does one have to run to get away? 100 yards, several blocks, or miles? Can they even do that? If they run till they can't run anymore and still haven't gotten away, now they don't have the energy or the strength to fight.


 Another obstacle that comes up in running from an assailant, is you might have to jump or climb over fences, gates, walls etc..you literally have to have some skills to negotiate different obstacles. Have you ever seen those guys and gals do parkour? It's a training discipline using movement that was developed from military obstacle course training. Now as a man in my 50s, my skill to jump or vault over an obstacle, scale a fence, or climb a wall, may not be the greatest, and I'm sure it wouldn't be done as nimbly or quickly as someone much younger. Everything depends on the scenario. The best option would be to talk your way out, and if necessary face the threat if you have to. But, simply saying just run isn't THE answer to self defense situations and no one can out run a bullet, though hitting a moving target might be prove to be more difficult to do. Unless we're getting behind something quickly for cover.... well....we ain't the Flash, or Neo in the matrix, dodging bullets. As a tactical/self defense instructor, when I hear other instructors say "just run" used as a blanket answer, I cringe. The scenario will always dictate your tactics. Is there or will there be a time to run? More than likely, but is it feasible or workable to run? It's easy to blurt out a simple answer. In reality, the answer isn't a simple one. In the end, DETECTION is key, followed by attempting to DIFFUSE the situation. If that fails, face the threat and DEFEND.

 "Well coach, what if you dont know self defense and cant fight, and running is all you can do?" If you see a person running around waving a knife from a bit of a distance, running could be a good option and the safest. But, what if that same person was right there in front of you, say within 10 feet? Simply running from them may not be as successful as you would think. When you run away, there exists factors that are out of your control, such as how fast they are, and their level of fitness. You're hoping and praying that you are able to run faster than they can and that you are in better condition. Consider this. Even if you are super fit, the bad guy could still be faster than you...How effective does running sound now? What's the best thing to do? Training in a close quarter combatives system gives you OPTIONS. So, when the time comes, and a bad guy pops up out of nowhere, you have the verbal, mental and physical "tools" in your Close Quarter Combatives arsenal to deal with them. If you don’t train... well that means your choices are down to running. If you aren't fortunate enough to get away, the only alternative is to take a beating or worse. Running is a viable defensive tactic in certain situations, like when you encounter someone with a weapon that you see from a distance away. This is why learning self defense is essential; it gives you options when you have none. So to Run, or not to run, that is the question. The choice will always be yours of course, but first, you need to consider ‘can you run away’? Something to think about...

Monday, May 28, 2018


"The world's foremost talented, skilled, and highly educated Korean JuJutsu instructor. CQC/CQB" - Gottfried Roser

Whew!!!! there is something that smells like bullshit in Plano, Texas and I can smell it from here.....Anytime you make the sort of claim like Gottfried Roser above.....you might want to make sure people actually know who the fuck blazes you are, otherwise you're just a loud mouth idiot, a wannabe or just yet another fucking all around lying douche nozzle. Yep the martial arts unfortunately is home to the martial art instructor con and all its forms, from embellishments in rank to self promotion and advertising. Some like Gottfried Roser aka Jeff Allen run it by the numbers.

 "I am a combat experienced military veteran the majority of my adult life, worked law enforcement with Homeland Security and lived in Korea & Japan for 10 years where I was attacked almost everyday in the streets by knife wielding GangPae(Yakuza)." -Gottfried Roser

 Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof....Thats the nature of the martial arts business. Some pull off their bullshit for awhile bit sooner or later they get called out. The best and only response is to simply back up your claims with proof i.e credentials...not just boastful diatribe.  Gottfried Roser aka Jeff Allen seemingly can't provide proof of ANY of what he claims and offers no credentials. Roser/Allen was asked to provide some proof of what he boasts online, however, he choose to evade questions that normally anyone would ask about ANY Martial arts instructor. What is so difficult about showing your credentials? Answer: Nothing. Roser/Allens appear to be non existant, a fabrication, nothing more than smoke and mirrors....and using different aliases is an indication that they are hiding something.

 Under the name Gottfried Roser he claims to be the President of his own "World Renowned" federation. Though this might impress some who aren't familiar with the shady practices of some instructors. It's an area of concern for others who are familiar. Roser could very well promote himself, "inflate" and embellish his own rank under his other name Jeff Allen and most wouldn't be the wiser to it.
Another claim that Roser/Allen makes is that he trains military and law enforcement personel. Every other tactical and combatives instructor I know who does actually work with Military and LE groups has no problems proving that they do or showing their qaulifications for purposes of verification. They damn sure don't go around SAYING they do it in secret....BIG RED FLAG THERE! There isn't a single picture of him actually training any of these types.
Several of Roser/Allen's advertising practises are extremely shady, embellishing and misleading. A ploy to trick and fool the unsuspecting and unknowing potential student. When asked about his background and other practices dealing with his school Roser/Allen was purposely vague and avoidant and  blocked those inquiring about proof of his qaulifications. Rosier even complained later on his on facebook page about being bullied. All this drama in lieu of showing his credentials and qualifications.....something isn't right in Plano, Texas.
Bottom line here is that someone who boasts like this and then has literally no way to verify their expertise is a person to stay away from. Not being able to answer or verify certain things is common practice for a fraud its definitely sign of fraudelent advertising.  There is enough here in the case of Roser/Allen to indicate that something just isn't ringing true about him and his Roser Martial arts Academy.

 Using an alias is normally done to hide something about a person's background, a criminal record, maybe the guy owes money or just simply isn't the qualified instructor they claim to be. In any case the use of aliases makes it difficult to verify anything about the instructor. Lucy! You got sum explaining to do!

 There was an instructor here locally who bounced his location around alot. He would be in one location for several months then close down and pop up in another. The guy would use an alias, a diffrent name, rename his school each time. Come to find out the instructor would get himself evicted for not paying his rent, stiffing his lease holder for months and months of unpaid rent. This reflected badly on the other martial arts instructors in the area. There was even another who had a after school program for kids he used an alias to hide his arrest record which would have prevented him from having an after school program. So the use of an alias doesn't reflect well for those in the know. 

The pictures he posts to help advertise for his school on his fb pages all appear to be random pictures he found from other websites from instructors or organizations who actually train military and LE personel, misleadingly giving the impression that he works closely with them when in actuality he probably doesnt. He currently uses a picture from Blauer Tactical suspiciously Tony Blauers name was cropped out the ad( pictures below). One can plainly see Roser/Allen uses Tony Blauers intellectual property and trade marked system to advertise his own school. Most would not have caught this but I personally am a Spear system instructor with Blauer tactical.
Back in 2002 in an open public forum Roser/Allen was challenged and questioned about his statements regarding his lineage and technique and found to be utterly full of shit. He even backpedaled from his statements and promised to correct and make revisions to his claims. Roser/Allen has known full well from at least 2002 that his Authentic Hapkido  jibberish was utter nonsense - but despite that fact has obviously continued with it never the less.

 Allen claimed that his teacher a ninth dan trained with Choi in Hapkido starting in 1949. The fact of the matter is Alllen's instructor never trained under Choi, Yong Sul, never got a ninth dan, or even it appears an eighth dan and essentially was an Aikido instructor of some minimal standing. Allen has backhanded and downplayed many other Hapkido practitioners while knowing full well that he has been lying and deliberately misleading or trying to mislead anyone who reads or listens to his martial arts tripe..

 For those unfamiliar with Hapkido, it is a Korean art, but created by someone who lived in Japan and studied under the founder of aikido. So it is not strange that a lot of the throws of aikido can be found in Hapkido. But it is a new art and not just another form of aikido because some traditional strikes and kicks from Korean arts were added in. Hapkido is a well- rounded art of striking and throws.

Years ago in different martial arts forums such as e-Budo, Roser tried to say that there were no kicks in Hapkido until he was shown a video of the founder doing them. It is strange that a man who claims to have trained at the heart of Hapkido and achieved its highest levels of skill would be unaware of this basic fact. The videos of him on Youtube seem more like the flow drills of aikido, without the kicks or strikes that are indeed associated with Hapkido. Speaking of which, even the kanji in the background of his video says aikido. It may be the same as used in Korea, but it is a red flag to me. Add to this his use of a name other than Hapkido for what he did for years and you can understand the suspicion surrounding his claims.

 His video isn't bad, but it is a typical example of a compliant uke. No resistance and chreographed but not even remotely realistic. It would be good for demonstration of something, but not as a combat example....which is of course strange considering Gottfried/Roser's claims of being a CQB instructor teaching military personnel.

 Roser/Allen posted on his on fb that he has no problems with these embellishments....I think that his actions might go beyond misleading embellishments and more into the realm of plagiarism or copyright/trademark infringement for which he could be liable for damages for, but I'm no attorney.

For me it's abundantly clear Roser/Allen isn't what he claims....his claims are highly suspect...his advertising is shady, misleading and cholesterol full of embellishment...... more than.enough to prove to me that he certainly isn't what he claims to be nor is he a combatives guy who trains the military and LE personel. Its obvious that what he actually does is more of a strip mall dojo aikido and not like what you would see in Korea....its certainly not Hapkido.  I would love to see this guy walk in to an open mat with his "strip mall dojo aikido" and actually roll with someone, a judo guy, an actual combatives guy, he would get his ass handed to him very quickly.....NUFF SAID.

Sunday, May 13, 2018


Justin Stout a self acknowledged racist and bigot is continuing his campaign online by attacking white people, who are total strangers to him on Facebook mesenger. Why does he do this? He hates all white people. It should be noted that most of these folks have no idea who Justin is or of the hate speech he spouts. In this day and time how anyone can willfully and proudly admit their hatred for another race to the point of wanting the entire race irradicated is simply disturbing, twisted and disgusting.
Stout appears to post "friend requests" to friends of the ones that he is angered at trying to terrorize unsuspecting people. These people who he tries to friend are left wondering who he is and why are they the victims of his verbal racist onslaught on facebook messenger. One such person was the wife of a Bujinkan member who didn't know Justin or has nothing to do with Justin or the Bujinkan. It appears that Justin gets off on pretending to be a man by terrorizing and insulting women. What would cause such an unprovoked attack? Stout is a cowardly troll in the most extreme sense of the word, there is no doubt about that. Trolling and attacking the wives of certain martial artists online is proof of what a cowardly low life scumbag this guy really is.  Justin is just a miserable excuse of a human being and racist ass hole who vehemently hates white people.

 Justin's hate filled rants often include the Jewish community as well. Justin said that the biggest problem with Hitler was that he didn't finish his extermination of the jews. Justin however has no problem labeling others as racists who simply don't agree with his hate fueled agenda.
Justin Stout also has a fake facebook account sporting a profile pic of a white male under the name, "John Smith" in which he uses pictures and memes calling for the mass killing of ALL white people. Stout is obviously a sick person who has severe issues with not only the white and the Jewish community but with women as well. Stout is a hate filled racist tool who blames all of his problems on everyone and everything else. He lacks intellect, intelligence and experience, which keeps him trapped in a self limiting, self imposed paradigm.
Justin's Facebook page is filled with photo shopped images of himself as movie and comic book characters.  It's glaringly obvious that Justin is mentally challenged and lives in a fantasy world where he sees himself as some heroic and noble character. In his real life and in society, he falls very short of encompassing any of the traits of a jedi or the Black Panther as his pictures indicate that he sees himself as. Justin is an utter failure in life, who doesn't and can't measure up to the the heroes he imagines himself to be. He lacks will, character and decency and wallows pridefully in being a cowardly online terrorist troll and racist thug.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Justin Stout: Just a Ron Collins Wannabe

You can always tell the cowards by all the noise they make online. Talking about how bad they gonna whip someones ass, making death threats, talking about how tough they are. Generally this is done from behind the safety of a keyboard. Basically in the end these types turn out to be pussies. Millennial fucktards who were born and bred sissies trying to come off like they're hard. ....  I have dealt with these sissy ass bitches before, Ron Collins for example. He threatened me for years, he was going to kill me in front of all my judo students, he claimed to have beat down several cops, threatened to shut me up for good but after all his tough talk of online badassery when face to face with me he turned into a whimpering little bitch afraid to look me in the eye shaking uncontrollablly with fear. Now some no ball ass wipe pussy by the name of Justin Stout has popped up on my radar pulling the same kind of shit as Ron Collins. They fail to realize their online rants reveal the heart of a coward....the tougher they talk the more pussy they really are. I don't know Stout personally but I have dealt with the type on many occassions and he isn't an exception....just another idiot racist and a pussy, a carbon copy of Ron Collins and there are many like them.

 It seems Justin Stout has a boner for Don Roley, a notorious fraud buster and a guy who trained for years in Japan with the Bujinkan. Stout trained at a US based Bujinkan dojo but was abruptly asked to leave due to less than acceptable behavior after which he threatened to shoot the place up...does any of this shit sound familiar? Justin apparently butthurt has amped up his threats zeroing in on Roley instead of accepting responsibility for his poor behavior. He refuses to believe that his poor attitude was the reason he was no longer welcome in the bujinkan dojo. As a judo instructor, I whole heartedly understand about not letting people train at my school if they are going to effect the training atmosphere negatively or exhibit poor behavior. I find it extremely idiotic for Stout to threaten to beat Roley’s ass when he can't even afford to go do it in the first place. It's nothing but an irrelevant person's  pathetic cry for attention.

Recently online Stout referred to Collins as a pussy....thats the proverbial pot calling the kettle black......Stout didn't want to be bothered training the way everyone else trained he considered that beneath him, when it came to conditioning and doing calisthenics such as push ups....Justin wasn't down for that.....too soft, too weak, and just fucking lazy in all aspects of his pathetic life. Stout a online ranting racist doesnt seem to be a pleasant person to be around. Generally when a person acts like Stout it's usually an attempt to hide the fact he is really a pussy. Stout looks like he is nothing more than one of those little fantasy fan bitchboys who has no intention of doing anything other than to play like he is tough. His hatred of white people his racist aggressive behavior, the racist ranting diatribes just expose the fact that he really DOES NOT have the balls to step to a mother fucker.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Icy Mike Pesesko: Reality Check.

In a recent podcast Pesesko boasts like he is the greatest fighter in the world after beating a mentally ill person named Ron Collins. Ron needed his ass beat there is no doubt about that, but beating Ron wasn't a great feat. Pesesko was so impressed with himself that he went so far as to give names to his fighting moves. He called he punch that took down his untrained, overweight, unconditioned, mentally disturbed opponent  "The Ice Pick."....what a fucking idiot. Pesesko seems to delight in fighting Ron despite Ron's mental state. As I understand the podcasts and Mikes many online posts his message it is that  "Ron has mental problems." "Ron is a victim of cyberbullying."and  "I beat the shit out of Ron. Yay Go me!" ....this mother fucker needs a reality check..

Ron really needed to be locked up either in jail or a mental institution (which, fortunately, is what came to pass). Ron was also an untrained fraud and Mike knew it. Icy Mike exploited Ron's mental illness for his own personal gain. He basically injected himself into a situation that didn't concern him, and then beat up a mentally ill man he'd never met on YouTube, for Facebook likes and to promote his business RMF. Icy Mike is an opportunist, a bully and may be as much a sociopath as Ron. Ron didn't know how to fight and Mike knew it.

Now I realize I am old school. Back in the day, you didn't get any type of street cred unless you fought the toughest sum bitch in the neighborhood and beat his ass. If you got your ass beat you were called a pussy. It was pretty much black and white. So much that if you beat someone who couldn't fight you were still a pussy. You didn't get accolades for beating up guys who didn't or couldn't fight. Bottom line from an OG, Ron was a pussy who let his mouth over load his ass. Ron needed hid ass beat, but only a pussy would brag about beating a guy like Ron Collins. The dude couldn't fight...it was obvious Ron has never even fucking sparred..

More than a few psychiatrists, a state prosecutor, and most recently a federal judge, have dubbed Ron Collins a danger to others, a threat to the community, a maniac who has the mental makings of a serial killer. Ron also has a thing for trying to have sex with pre teen girls. Ron tried to rape two 13 year old girls long before he got on anyone's radar.

The fact that Icy Mike apparently refuses to look at court documentation, and facts that might contradict his position on Ron, and the fight and "what it all means," says a lot. Icy Mike showed support for and aligned himself with a failed wannabe serial killer with a penchant for trying to rape pre teen girls. Seems like a strange thing to do for a guy who says he teaches children. Maybe Mike should explain to WV State Police Officer Duckworth, who originally arrested Ron for attempting to rape two 13 year old girls, on how he should've handled Ron's arrests differently.

Looking at Icy Mikes logic, apparently officer Duckworth provoked Ron by arresting him, and caused Ron to threaten the officer and his family and stalk the officer years later. Mike Pesesko seems to be pointing fingers, but his finger pointing is off the mark, and appears to suggest Ron is the victim of some eloborate" set up". Ron isn't responsible for anything he does its all someone else's fault. I honestly have to question anyone who would defend a person of Ron's ilk.

I was responsible for Ron's last stint in jail and this last one as well. I explained that, and my background to the ATF. Recently, Mike wrote, “I bet the PD where he lives gets constant calls about Ron from over emotional, quivering voice nerds.” It doesn’t sound like Mike Pesesko likes people calling the police to get a lunatic with a gun off the streets.

Let me tell you something about Ron. After Mike humiliated him in a video and destroyed his fantasy of being a super ninja warrior, Ron started getting even worse. Ron's whole image was rooted in his projecting a face to the world that he was a bad ass. When Mike pushed him into getting into the ring and making him last only 40 seconds, Ron’s world was destroyed.

Ron having nothing left the image of himself totally destroyed  finally went ahead with the lawsuit he kept talking about, and that became his new obsession. Ron invested everything in terms of what he was and what he had into that case, in the belief that it would set him up for life with $25 million dollars and restore his reputation. Of course even he had to know on some level that it was a doomed effort. I had watched Ron as his blogs and videos got more and more insane. He made a big show of buying a gun and bragging about it. He filmed himself walking around at night armed ranting about police plots to kill him. He has a criminal record of attacking people from behind with a weapon. It was clear that when Ron lost his case, he was likely  going to ambush those he thought had wronged him. So the ATF was called.

Most would think it was the right thing to do, but it seems to have kind of stolen some of the thunder from Icy Mike, and I think he resents it . He also seems to resent those that he feels are responsible for Ron's arrest. In online threads that Mike was part of, Ron openly “joked” about how he could burn down Don Roley’s house while his family slept inside. Mike never took him to task about that. He ignored such things or made excuses. I think the worst thing I think I have ever seen Mike write about Ron is that he, “has issues.”

I do think Mike resents people who honestly take monsters off the street. Mainly it might be because he would like to paint himself as the fraud buster by getting in the ring with untrained idiots, and showing that he can do better than them. That benefits him. It gains him fame and serves as advertising for his business. Simply getting child molesters and other monsters off the streets doesn’t help his cash flow, so he has never tried to help those that do.

The folks at BSMA (Bulls**t Martial Arts), that he seems to have some sort of grudge with, put a pedophile away a few months ago by the name of Vernon VanZille, a Category 3 level sex offender, the most dangerous kind. Despite having a few convictions for sex crimes involving children, he was not only teaching MMA out of his house, but his advertising seemed specifically oriented to attract pre-teen girls. Yeah, anyone would be proud that they got a pervert who sodomized a child back behind bars. It took weeks to gather the evidence and get it in the hands of the right people. We had lawyers, private detectives, and a lot of eager people willing to work hard to get Vern away from kids before he could harm another one. All the while, Mike did nothing except brag on the internet about his skills.

Icy Mike is total bullshit...he doesn't fight trained people or trained Martial artists or MMA guys. You dont get brownie points for fighting fuckers who cant fight...you damn sure as hell can't  call yourself a fighter or a kickboxer if you only fight people who aren't even fucking trained.  It looks like Mike chose Ron to fight because no one was able to confirm that Ron had any real training. Mike fought at least one other person who didn't seem to have any training as well. Both guys, were untrained, out of shape, unconditioned, not anything worthy of celebrating....so give me a fucking break. Mike seems to think that punching a a fat untrained fraud is a remarkable feat of some sort. He cherry picked guys he knew he could beat. He's since stopped taking on people to fight him, probably because he knows someone with actual skill might step up.

I guess I know why Mike isn’t challenging anyone who actually is trained. Since Mike's "fight" with Ninjer Ron, he has been trying to claim that Ron is as skilled as any trained martial artist. By declaring that Ron really is a proficient fighter, he gets to tear down all those who are legitimate and do have skill in martial arts, while making himself look good.

The fact is, Ron couldn't handle USMC basic training, he washed out, then later washed out of the Army, and never had real MA training from a real MA teacher. Gloating about being able to beat an untrained fraud, as Mike has been doing, is like bragging about being able to beat Stephen Hawking in a foot race.