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Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Recently I wrote a review of one of the books Ron Collins offers for sale. I questioned his actual experience and claims of being a hand to hand combat instructor in the US Army. There is no validation of this claim or ANY other of Rons claims for that matter.  (I will get to his claims of proof  via a military DA Form 638 Recommendation for Award which he posted online later.)

The review was met almost immediately with a challenge from Ron Collins. He wanted me to set up a fight in Florida. Collins obviously angry about being exposed as a fraud. Well i did what he asked. I contacted someone and it seems Ron has spoken with the fight promoter.

I am quite frankly in training mode no more talk. However i cant help but wonder What excuse will Ron Collins use now? That is the question. After all he asked for it.

 You see, for a long time Ron has been barking from behind the safety of his computer screen. He talks a lot about wanting to face me and let us settle our differences with a beating on each other. But when he is given the chance, he finds excuses.

Next weekend, Don Roley will be giving a seminar in Lexington, Kentucky on the use of the knife in Japanese martial arts. This is only a short distance from Ron and there is even an event that he will be going to in the same city on the same weekend. I let the world know I would be there. Do you think Ron would show up? Heck no! He already has made numerous excuses as to why he would never show up to actually face me.

One of the excuses he uses the most is that he doesn’t want anything but a sanctioned MMA match.  So he keeps harping about me and how I supposably am a coward for not wanting to get in the ring with him.

Up until now, he has been pretty safe hiding behind this excuse to avoid getting the snot beat out of him by me. Yeah, until now.

November 19th is an amateur event that Ron and I can take part in. There is one the week before, but that is for people with at least five matches and Ron has none. So we have to wait until the 19th. The fight promoter Edson Berto also informed us of three more events in Dec. if Ron cant make Nov.

 Imagine the idea that the boy who has been screaming about wanting to fight me only in a sanctioned MMA event has not even once been in a sanctioned MMA event. I think it is because even as delusional as Ron is (he has been committed to an insane asylum,) part of him knows that he would be beaten badly.

His ego demands he be treated as  a authority on the subjects of which he writes about and having a defeat would destroy that image. And his image will be destroyed. It won’t be destroyed when he steps into the ring, because we know he will find some excuse to back out. Mark my words on this day,

 Ron has said he would be willing to get into the ring with me. I even canceled a trip to a seminar in Kentucky upon Rons request to contact a promoter to set up a fight. When it all comes down he will find some excuse to chicken out. What will the excuse be? I really don’t know. I suspect that he will try to say he can’t afford to come to Florida, even though he thought nothing of demanding I come out to see him. But I really think that he will probably try to say that it is some sort of conspiracy against him in some way.

As of today Ron has gone from wanting to fight me to back pedaling. Shortly after upon learning that the fight promoter was indeed legitimate  and serious about setting up our fight Collins then threatened litigation against me and began coming up with a gaggle of excuses. One even claiming he needed forty days to get a physical done. According to the the fight promoter physicals can be done in as little as 2 days.

In any case, I have gone to the trouble of setting up a match exactly as he said he would be willing to travel to and participate in. No matter what else happens, I know it will be Ron Collins that gives the excuse as to why he can’t follow through with his words of bravado. It will not be me, it will be him.

Collins claims to have beaten police officers up, but the records show that every last time he has been involved in violence he was beaten badly. The only exception is the time he attacked the girl he tried to rape after stalking her to her place of work and threatening not just her life, but that of her family.

Ron posted recently that he is not physically imposing and is being bullied. I find his hypocrisy heinous that he would try to insinuate that he is a victim of ANY kind. He would be an object of pity if he didn’t cause so much pain for and victimized a 13 year old girl and her family.

I will not let the world forget that he has made all sorts of statements about others being too scared to face him, but every time he has been given the chance he backed out. As I said at the start, it is not a matter of IF he will back out, just which excuse he will use.

The more Ron posts the more he exposes himself as a liar and fraud. In his rebuttal of my review he posted what he claims is proof of his hand to hand combat instructor claims.  He posted a copy of a DA Form 638 Recommendation for Award paperwork  however upon enlarging the document his proof appears to be a doctored or faked military form. Take a look at the the difference in the back ground of the form, its white, however the cut and pasted piece has a darker tint in the back ground. There is a distinct line visible indicating the paper was "DOCTORED".

Collins form upon inspection appears to be a cut and paste job. It isnt filled out properly nor does it have the look of a properly filled out military form. There is no bold font used in military forms only regular 12 font. Below I have a copy of Collins form on the left and on the right a example of how a properly filled out form should look like.

There is obviously no length that this person will not go to. Also look at the dates in Collins example  specifically box 11 the date is given in the wrong format. US Army doesnt not spell or abbreviate months. Day month year are always listed using  the corresponding numerals. The bold font however used in Rons doctored form was the first giveaway. As all can see the is no bold font used in the example on the right.

It appears Collins claims of being a hand to hand combat instructor in the US armed forces  are a total fabrication much like his military form appears to be.

Thursday, October 6, 2016


Ron Collins the master of the cheap frauds returns writing commentary on a classic work on combatives. Oh look, it's a "Shadow Warrior" edition to boot. Cool ninja implications must mean that it's a good read right?

There are lots of people who offer their own editions of these now public-domain combatives manuals. There are plenty of highly trained and certified people out there in regards to combatives that one can purchase learning materials from online. Ron Collins however is not even remotely qualified.

Anybody paying for anything offered by Ron Collins is making the mistake of buying a book from an individual with an arrest record as long as my arm and who has lied about his military background. Collins also has been  arrested for aggravated assault, stalking and rape charges, child pornography, making terroristic threats, the list goes on and on.

Collins was for a time Ashida Kims most vocal student. Ron did indeed become good friends with Radford "Ashida Kim" Davis and wrote a few books published thru Ashida Kim's Dojo Press website.  However, Ashida Kim purged all references to Ron Collins' work from his Dojo Press website when Ron was arrested for child pornography.

Ron Collins tries to sell us on the idea that he is a former hand to hand combat instructor and that he is knowledgeable on different fighting systems. As someone who has knowledge about WWII type combatives and the Fairbairn-Sykes type Combatives, I can honestly say there are better, more reliable and legitimate sources out there, Bill Wolfe, Clint Sporman, the late Carl Cestari for example.

This type of training is still available from legit instructors like Wolfe and Sporman. You can even purchase learning materials from these legitimate resources. So, dont waste your time or money with Collin's book.

Ron Collins is someone who has never entered into training in Combatives of this lineage, given his time in the US armed forces, he claims to have been a former hand to hand combat instructor (this claim is not substantiated in any way shape or form)

In actuality Ron Collins has had NO formal training as a H2H combat instructor in the US Army as he claims in his book. There are four levels training within the U S Army Combatives Program and level 3 and 4 are "train the trainer courses". To go thru these courses one has to have the rank of E-5 (Sargeant) or above.

 According to Ron Collins military records obtained
thru the Freedom of Information Act he has no such award or citation for being a instructor of ANY type and he never reached the rank of E-5 at the time of his separation from service. This means that Collins wasnt even high enough in rank to receive the necessary level 3 or 4 training to qualify him to be a hand to hand combat instructor.

Collins has made many claims of holding black belts in Shokan Karate, Goju Ryu Karate,  jujitsu and judo. However he has not produced his credentials or rank certificates in ANY of these disciplines.

The only people who can truly explain and offer insight into WWII combatives , Fairburn and Sykes methods are those who have trained in these methods. There is definitely training courses available in these types of combatives.

It is quite obvious that Collins has no real credentials, training, certifications, or experience to offer ANY intelligent or reliable insight on this subject. He doesnt even appear to have a desire to obtain any real credentials or certifications in this area.

Friday, February 12, 2016


The book "My  Method Of Self-Defense" written in 1957 and long out of print it is quite unlike other Judo books. This is a book that to this day there hasnt been another judo book quite like it. 

MIKONOSUKE KAWAISHI  was an  8th degree black belt in Kodokan judo. He developed and taught a terrific and extremely deadly form of judo — close combat/self- defense. This system of judo he described and outlined in this classic book.

Kawaishi knife fighting  techniques in his book “My Method of Self Defense”  seemed to reflect heavily from the knife fighting techniques that can be found in WWII U.S. military Hand to hand combat field training manuals. Kawaishi ‘s sole concern  insofar as self-defense  was involved  was practicality and realism.

MY METHOD OD SELF DEFENSE by Mikinosuke Kawaishi


In his Foreword the author emphasizes the point that he has elaborated his Method of Self-Defence with the constant view of maintaining close contact with judo. It is therefore contended that the student's progress in both these arts will be reciprocally stimulated by their concurrent practice.

Do not forget that quasi-mechanical repetition of self-defence methods should be accompanied by what is called taisabaki, or the art of managing the body for the purpose of eluding attack and defending yourself. This rotation must be made with the entire body ("tai") starting from the hips. The taisabaki enables you to preserve perfect balance and to counter with an atemi method with the maximum of decon-traction, speed, precision and efficacy. The potency of an atemi technique is the function of the "moment" when it is delivered. It should reach the adversary when he is relaxed and off balance. The blow ought to be dealt with all its strength and density only at the instant of impact. This is a condition essential to its success. And the difficult art of defence, once acquired, should be resorted to only in cases of extreme urgency.

For a better understanding of the following pages it should be noted that the various phases of the movements are explained separately by paragraphs. Tori executes the defence and Uke submits. Uke is the aggressor and Tori the demonstrator of every self-defence method. For the sake of clarity Tori is always depicted with black hair and wearing a black belt, whereas Uke is always depicted with light hair and wearing a white belt. Every phase of the defences forms the subject of a drawing and the whole reads normally from left to right and from top to bottom.

In all the figures the movements and contacts are indicated by arrows. In each series the parries follow as far as possible an analogous progression: attacks effected from a distance, then from short range, holds most customary or least dangerous at first and in case of need attacks from the front, side and back.

 Lastly, these numerous parries are complementary and interchangeable in the sense that they are valid against various attacks. It will then be appropriate to master at the outset the holds in the order indicated, but it will soon be realized that the range of parries is infinitely wider still, above all when combined with the atemi described in the second and last part of this work which for that reason must never be lost sight of, as in many cases they form an integral part or element of the given method of defence.


These defensive positions are not designed to constitute a definite guard as in boxing or fencing. They are rather a style of holding oneself, a series of ATTITUDES which naturally link up with one another and enable the defender with maximum facility to pivot, retreat and advance in order to foil the attack, to block it, then to counter it or even to forestall it. The essential principle of this Self-Defence may be summed up as follows:

  2. Parry and counter-attack.
The first atemi is a preliminary counter which affords an opening for successfully applying the counter, e.g. a lock, strangulation or throw. The second atemi permits the defender to finish off his opponent, if necessary.

The practice of the Defensive Positions trains you not to be taken off your guard in the face of an attack and instantaneously to place yourself in the best position for defence and counter.

Much as in judo the execution of the kata or pre-arranged forms displays the degree of your knowledge and assimilation of techniques, so here in self-defence the manner in which you adopt these positions reflects your comprehension and your mastery of the whole.


Sunday, January 31, 2016


My first experience with judo was in the combatives training I went thru in the Military. Later when I was 26 years old I pursued further training in judo which continues to this day. I am fortunate enough to have an excellent Japanese instructor who grew up doing judo since the age of six and who trained at the Kodokan, the headquarters of Judo.

Judo from its very beginning has been a self-defense and combat discipline. The original Judo from Jigoro Kano was and still is a full featured combat discipline which formed the basis for many Military and Police tactics around the world.

Judo served well as an official system of Japanese Imperial armed forces and Japanese police. In 1886 the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Academy hosted a tournament between the Kodokan (The Kodokan Institute, is the headquarters of the worldwide judo community in Japan.) and the prominent Jujutsu style, to determine which "style" the Academy would adopt into their training regimen. Out of the tournament's 15 matches the Kodokan won 12 and had 1 draw. The reason why the Kodokan was so successful at this historic meeting lies in one word: Randori. Randori or free sparring trained Kanos judokas in as close to real life and death combat as possible.

Judo was probably the first Japanese martial art introduced to the west, most notably through the U.S. military in the modern era. As American GIs were introduced to the Japanese culture from the early 1900’s onward it was inevitable that the martial art of Judo found its way into the American culture.

CPT. Allen Corstorphin Smith of the United States Army trained at the Kodokan in Japan. CPT.
Smith was awarded a  judo black belt from the Kodokan in Japan in 1916 and was the hand to hand combat instructor at the Infantry school at ft, Benning Georgia.


World War II combatives are close quarters combat techniques, including hand-to-hand (H2H),
advanced firearm point shooting methods, and weapons techniques (knife/bayonet/improvised weapons) that were taught to allied special forces in World War II. The most successful programs were offshoots from the British Commando training taught by William E Fairbairn. Farbairn, a second degree black belt in Judo, had trained the police force in Shanghai, China before the war. 

Fairbairn was likely the single greatest authority on hand-to- hand close combat and personal defense skills with and without hand-held weapons of the 20th century.  He was the most prestigious, sought-after, and influential close combat trainer throughout the Allied Forces of WWII. The Commandos, the secret agents of England’s wartime Special Operations Executive and of America’s Office of Strategic Services, and special agents of the FBI all learned Fairbairn’s special system.

Mikonosuke Kawaishi an 8th degree black belt in Kodokan judo developed and taught a terrific and extremely deadly form of  close combat/self- defense. Mr. Kawaishi's methods are probably the most ruthless form of Judo ever to be put before the public, and were designed for the keen Judoka, and the Police Forces and Military Establishments all over the world.

Finally there is “Pat” Dermot O’Neill the fabled hand-to-hand combat instructorr for the Canadian/American First Special Service Force (the “Devil’s Brigade”). O’Neill had been a detective with the Shanghai Municipal Police Department, and had learned Defendu directly under Fairbairn. O’Neill was the highest ranking Caucasian judo black belt in the world in the 1940’s.

Fairbairn, Oneill and Kawaishi were all Judo trained men. All three of these men were incomparable masters of practical, all-in fighting and close quarter combat.  EACH ONE taught a repertoire of vicious, direct skills to disable the enemy as quickly as possible at all costs.

Various aspects of Judo were taught to all U.S. military police as an effective way to deal with arresting and controlling drunken, brawling GIs without seriously harming them.  The great Judo legend Masahiko Kimura shared a story in his biography about being approached shortly after WWII in the summer of 1946 by a Capt. Shepherd of the U.S. Military Police to train Military Police personnel in Judo.
The United States Air Force has at times in its history been at the forefront of Combatives Training. Soon after the establishment of the Air Force as a separate service in September 1947, GEN Curtis Lemay was appointed as the Commanding General of the Strategic Air Command (SAC). GEN Lemay, who had masterminded the US air attacks on the Japanese mainland during World War II, knew that more US bomber groups in Europe had suffered more combat casualties than the US Marine Corps had in the pacific. Many of the lost Airmen ended up as German Prisoners of War. He was determined that all of his flying personnel would have a working knowledge of hand-to-hand combat to aid in escape and evasion.

In 1951 GEN Lemay appointed Emilio "Mel" Bruno, his Judo teacher and a former national American Athletic Union (AAU) Wrestling champion and fifth degree black belt in Judo, to direct a command wide Judo and combative measures program. He devised a program combining techniques from Aikido, Judo and Karate.

 In 1952 the Air Training Command took over the program. The Commanding General was General Thomas Power. Because of the deficiency in qualified instructors, Power sent two classes of twenty four Airmen to train at the Kodokan for several weeks.

Based upon the success of this trial and after an official delegation from the Kodokan toured SAC bases in the United States, Bruno set up an eight week training course at the Kodokan. Students trained eight hours a day, five days a week and upon return to the United States were assigned throughout SAC. The course was a Japanese designed mix of judo, aikido, karate and taihojutsu.

From 1959 to 1966 the Air Force Combative Measures (Judo) Instructors Course was taught at Stead Air Force Base in Reno Nevada. The 155 hour course consisted of: 36 hours fundamentals of judo, 12 hours aikido, 12 hours karate, 12 hours Air Police Techniques, 12 hours Aircrew self-defense, 18 hours judo tournament procedures, 5 hours code of conduct and 48 hours training methods. There were also a 20 hour Combative methods course and a 12 hour Combative survival course for Aircrew members.

Being recognized as so effective in combat, Judo became the basis for most of the hand-to-hand combat skills taught to soldiers in basic training throughout all branches of the U.S. military.

 "Strikes are an inefficient method of ending a fight. However, they are a significant part of most fights, and a solider must have an understanding of fighting at striking range. It is important to note that while at striking range, you are open to being struck. For this reason, it is often better to avoid striking range." - Combatives, US Army Field Manual FM3-25-150, Department of the Army, 18 January 2002, Washington D.C.

 "Marines should avoid being on the ground during a close combat situation because the battlefield may be covered with debris and there is an increased risk of injury. However, many close combat situations involve fighting on the ground. The priority in a ground fight is for Marines to get back on their feet as quickly as possible." - US Marine Corps Close Combat, MCRP 3-02, Department of the Navy, 12 February 1999, Washington D.C.

Judo is a sport but it is much more "combatives" oriented.  The judoka trains at a close quarter combat range developing avenues to quickly put an end to a hand to hand or close quarter combat situation. There is a reason that old school law enforcement and the United States military taught Judo...IT WORKED.