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Thursday, October 6, 2016


Ron Collins the master of the cheap frauds returns writing commentary on a classic work on combatives. Oh look, it's a "Shadow Warrior" edition to boot. Cool ninja implications must mean that it's a good read right?

There are lots of people who offer their own editions of these now public-domain combatives manuals. There are plenty of highly trained and certified people out there in regards to combatives that one can purchase learning materials from online. Ron Collins however is not even remotely qualified.

Anybody paying for anything offered by Ron Collins is making the mistake of buying a book from an individual with an arrest record as long as my arm and who has lied about his military background. Collins also has been  arrested for aggravated assault, stalking and rape charges, child pornography, making terroristic threats, the list goes on and on.

Collins was for a time Ashida Kims most vocal student. Ron did indeed become good friends with Radford "Ashida Kim" Davis and wrote a few books published thru Ashida Kim's Dojo Press website.  However, Ashida Kim purged all references to Ron Collins' work from his Dojo Press website when Ron was arrested for child pornography.

Ron Collins tries to sell us on the idea that he is a former hand to hand combat instructor and that he is knowledgeable on different fighting systems. As someone who has knowledge about WWII type combatives and the Fairbairn-Sykes type Combatives, I can honestly say there are better, more reliable and legitimate sources out there, Bill Wolfe, Clint Sporman, the late Carl Cestari for example.

This type of training is still available from legit instructors like Wolfe and Sporman. You can even purchase learning materials from these legitimate resources. So, dont waste your time or money with Collin's book.

Ron Collins is someone who has never entered into training in Combatives of this lineage, given his time in the US armed forces, he claims to have been a former hand to hand combat instructor (this claim is not substantiated in any way shape or form)

In actuality Ron Collins has had NO formal training as a H2H combat instructor in the US Army as he claims in his book. There are four levels training within the U S Army Combatives Program and level 3 and 4 are "train the trainer courses". To go thru these courses one has to have the rank of E-5 (Sargeant) or above.

 According to Ron Collins military records obtained
thru the Freedom of Information Act he has no such award or citation for being a instructor of ANY type and he never reached the rank of E-5 at the time of his separation from service. This means that Collins wasnt even high enough in rank to receive the necessary level 3 or 4 training to qualify him to be a hand to hand combat instructor.

Collins has made many claims of holding black belts in Shokan Karate, Goju Ryu Karate,  jujitsu and judo. However he has not produced his credentials or rank certificates in ANY of these disciplines.

The only people who can truly explain and offer insight into WWII combatives , Fairburn and Sykes methods are those who have trained in these methods. There is definitely training courses available in these types of combatives.

It is quite obvious that Collins has no real credentials, training, certifications, or experience to offer ANY intelligent or reliable insight on this subject. He doesnt even appear to have a desire to obtain any real credentials or certifications in this area.

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