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Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Recently I wrote a review of one of the books Ron Collins offers for sale. I questioned his actual experience and claims of being a hand to hand combat instructor in the US Army. There is no validation of this claim or ANY other of Rons claims for that matter.  (I will get to his claims of proof  via a military DA Form 638 Recommendation for Award which he posted online later.)

The review was met almost immediately with a challenge from Ron Collins. He wanted me to set up a fight in Florida. Collins obviously angry about being exposed as a fraud. Well i did what he asked. I contacted someone and it seems Ron has spoken with the fight promoter.

I am quite frankly in training mode no more talk. However i cant help but wonder What excuse will Ron Collins use now? That is the question. After all he asked for it.

 You see, for a long time Ron has been barking from behind the safety of his computer screen. He talks a lot about wanting to face me and let us settle our differences with a beating on each other. But when he is given the chance, he finds excuses.

Next weekend, Don Roley will be giving a seminar in Lexington, Kentucky on the use of the knife in Japanese martial arts. This is only a short distance from Ron and there is even an event that he will be going to in the same city on the same weekend. I let the world know I would be there. Do you think Ron would show up? Heck no! He already has made numerous excuses as to why he would never show up to actually face me.

One of the excuses he uses the most is that he doesn’t want anything but a sanctioned MMA match.  So he keeps harping about me and how I supposably am a coward for not wanting to get in the ring with him.

Up until now, he has been pretty safe hiding behind this excuse to avoid getting the snot beat out of him by me. Yeah, until now.

November 19th is an amateur event that Ron and I can take part in. There is one the week before, but that is for people with at least five matches and Ron has none. So we have to wait until the 19th. The fight promoter Edson Berto also informed us of three more events in Dec. if Ron cant make Nov.

 Imagine the idea that the boy who has been screaming about wanting to fight me only in a sanctioned MMA event has not even once been in a sanctioned MMA event. I think it is because even as delusional as Ron is (he has been committed to an insane asylum,) part of him knows that he would be beaten badly.

His ego demands he be treated as  a authority on the subjects of which he writes about and having a defeat would destroy that image. And his image will be destroyed. It won’t be destroyed when he steps into the ring, because we know he will find some excuse to back out. Mark my words on this day,

 Ron has said he would be willing to get into the ring with me. I even canceled a trip to a seminar in Kentucky upon Rons request to contact a promoter to set up a fight. When it all comes down he will find some excuse to chicken out. What will the excuse be? I really don’t know. I suspect that he will try to say he can’t afford to come to Florida, even though he thought nothing of demanding I come out to see him. But I really think that he will probably try to say that it is some sort of conspiracy against him in some way.

As of today Ron has gone from wanting to fight me to back pedaling. Shortly after upon learning that the fight promoter was indeed legitimate  and serious about setting up our fight Collins then threatened litigation against me and began coming up with a gaggle of excuses. One even claiming he needed forty days to get a physical done. According to the the fight promoter physicals can be done in as little as 2 days.

In any case, I have gone to the trouble of setting up a match exactly as he said he would be willing to travel to and participate in. No matter what else happens, I know it will be Ron Collins that gives the excuse as to why he can’t follow through with his words of bravado. It will not be me, it will be him.

Collins claims to have beaten police officers up, but the records show that every last time he has been involved in violence he was beaten badly. The only exception is the time he attacked the girl he tried to rape after stalking her to her place of work and threatening not just her life, but that of her family.

Ron posted recently that he is not physically imposing and is being bullied. I find his hypocrisy heinous that he would try to insinuate that he is a victim of ANY kind. He would be an object of pity if he didn’t cause so much pain for and victimized a 13 year old girl and her family.

I will not let the world forget that he has made all sorts of statements about others being too scared to face him, but every time he has been given the chance he backed out. As I said at the start, it is not a matter of IF he will back out, just which excuse he will use.

The more Ron posts the more he exposes himself as a liar and fraud. In his rebuttal of my review he posted what he claims is proof of his hand to hand combat instructor claims.  He posted a copy of a DA Form 638 Recommendation for Award paperwork  however upon enlarging the document his proof appears to be a doctored or faked military form. Take a look at the the difference in the back ground of the form, its white, however the cut and pasted piece has a darker tint in the back ground. There is a distinct line visible indicating the paper was "DOCTORED".

Collins form upon inspection appears to be a cut and paste job. It isnt filled out properly nor does it have the look of a properly filled out military form. There is no bold font used in military forms only regular 12 font. Below I have a copy of Collins form on the left and on the right a example of how a properly filled out form should look like.

There is obviously no length that this person will not go to. Also look at the dates in Collins example  specifically box 11 the date is given in the wrong format. US Army doesnt not spell or abbreviate months. Day month year are always listed using  the corresponding numerals. The bold font however used in Rons doctored form was the first giveaway. As all can see the is no bold font used in the example on the right.

It appears Collins claims of being a hand to hand combat instructor in the US armed forces  are a total fabrication much like his military form appears to be.

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