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Friday, December 22, 2017


All con artists and frauds play an angle and play people for fools or try to. Jacobson is no exception to this. It's really something to watch a phony ass, ninjer headmistress, anshu or whatever Christa is calling herself these days, try and spin someone calling her on her fakery as being filled with hate. It's a nice song and dance but it doesn't fly, not in the eyes of a competent martial artist.

 I honestly have to question anyone who would choose to keep training under this fraud. Her Koka ryu kempo is just regurgitated American Kenpo. She was exposed in my last article as copying knife fighting moves out of a movie called "The Hunted" and trying to pass them off a ninja knife fighting techniques. It is amusing to a point that she has to copy movies to add to her curriculum. At this point anyone who seriously is buying into her bullshit needs to run far, far away.

 This week another fraud, a lowlife level 3 sex offender Vern Vanzile was thrown back in jail for teaching children martial arts. This guy was a true predator of children. Jacobson is a predator as well, preying upon those who unknowingly buy into her scam. She has only had a very limited  amount of training and it shows. Some of her vids are sped up using camera tricks to make her appear faster than she really is.

 No....this has nothing to do with hate, Jacobson uses hate as a deflection of criticism and to deflect from the truth. This is the tactic of all those who have been exposed as frauds. She is a con artist, a liar and a fake, a wanna be who couldn't cut the training.  I simply call them like I see them. There is no hate or jealousy. There is hate but it's from Jacobson who hates being exposed and hates those who expose her

I personally don't care that Jacobson is transgender. I don't care what Jacobson does in her personal life. She can do what she wants with her body... One might ask if it isn't hate or jealousy, then why do I do call her out as being a fraud. The answer is simple she endangers lives and this in itself is no different than a terrorist, an active shooter or a pedophile endangering lives.

Jacobson has demonstrated over and over again that what she teaches will not work she isn't skilled nor knowledgeable. Jacobson needs to tell people she teaches a fantasy martial art. My problem is she convinces people that they can defend themselves. More than likely she will get some seriously injured or even killed.

 As for jealousy, there isn't anything to be jealous of. She has no success that I can see. Constantly being called out as fraud isn't something to aspire to. It certainly isn't any indication of success. It's quite the opposite.....where there is smoke there is fire. I mean what's authentic about copying shit from a movie? Dont take my word for it, see for yourself click on the post link and follow links to the videos. http://ninjerkiller.blogspot.com/2017/12/anshu-christa-jacobson-worlds-biggest.html

Thursday, December 7, 2017


Well all I can say is that it's official Jacobson has indeed become the biggest fraud in the martial arts today. She sells books and videos on a subject she has completely manufactured, a martial art that doesnt exist, a mysterious Japanese instructor, and posts vids on youtube claiming to be of a traditional japanese system.  All this to cover up the fact that she is a poorly trained fake and fraud. Most importantly hiding the fact that she is ripping her students and customers off.

 Recently, I came across one of Jacobsons videos entitled Tantojutsu: Ninja knife fighting. As a kali practitioner I can tell you ninjas didn't use a Filipino knife fighting style. Nor did they steal knife fighting techniques from movies. But what can one expect from a fraud, an obvious phoney with little or no knowledge at all.  Christa Jacobson uses techniques she has seen in movies. The Ninja knife fighting Tantojutsu youtube video can be found at the following link:


This is kind of scary as techniques designed to be used or changed for a scripted action scene in a movie would not have a real tactical or combative application in the real world.

 At approximately 10 seconds in the vid Jacobson executes the vital Template form from the movie "The Hunted" starring Tommy Lee Jones. This particular form was designed specifically for the movie by two kali instructors hired to do the knife choreography. Check out the training scene of The Hunted Jacobson copied from at approx 1:14 or  so.

 The kali instructors had the foresight to change the vital template for the movie so they would be able to tell if someone just picked up kali techniques from the movie rather than actually took kali or trained in it and tried to pass the movie stuff off as authentic.

Since when is movie knife fight choreography put together by two Kali instructors ninja knife fighting techniques???  Jacobson has put alot of effort into her forgery of a system and in misrepresenting herself. Its obvious Jacobson copied the Vital template form, from the movie and tweaked it a little in an attempt to disguise the fact its from a movie. Anyone buying any materials from Budo ryu ninjutsu is not getting authentic anything. Copying techniques from fight scenes in movies isn't authentic ninja fighting techniques.

 Her short Tantojutsu video is just flashy shit seen in movies it looks good on camera but has no real practical value or use in an actual violent encounter. Jacobson herself would not survive such an encounter as tactically and combatively she is a mess. She has no skill and only a broad unrealistic  assumption of what real violence is and how to deal with it.

Christa Jacobson is teaching stuff she obviously sees in movies. Problem is, it is shit that will get people killed. So instead of buying a dvd or learning anything from Christa Jacobson and her Budo ryu school, cut out the middle man and Just go rent a movie. You gonna get better movie knife fighting instruction from actor Tommy Lee Jones in the movie. Jacobson has made it glaringly obvious that is where she got her information from.

Sunday, December 3, 2017


Ok guys,,, i am not going to mince words about this guy Vernon Vanzile THIS GUY CLAIMS TO BE A JUDOKA AND MMA TRAINER!!!! He caters his business toward women and children just take a look at one of his many twitter accounts @Kay_o_mma, he has another twitter account @MyOwnFitness1 how ever Vernon Isaac Vanzile of Corning NY is a LEVEL 3 REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER.

 Some may ask what is a level 3 sex offender? To put
it bluntly it means he is the worst kind, he is a sexual predator. It means he is a high risk danger to those  in his community. Some states classify  sexual offenders in "categories" some in "levels" and the federal government ranks them in "tiers". The numeral designation of 3 is always the highest level of threat.

 Level 3 sex offenders pose a high level threat to the community at large. There is a high risk danger that they will re offend. They are predatory. They have been convicted of sexual crimes in the past. They are repeat sexual offenders. They have used violence in their crimes. The scariest thing is that they have either refused or failed to complete approved, mandatory sexual offender treatment programs. Basically, Vernon Vanzile is the type you don't release from prison.

Even though it is illegal for Vanzile to be around children there are vids of him on social media youtube etc...rolling around on the mat with a little girl...a minor! Under the moniker of MMA Girl. As well as pictures of him on the mat wrestling young women. This is some scary shit!!!
Vernon Vanzile has several Social media accounts facebook, twitter, youtube, daily motion alot of which Vanzile doesn't use his real name.  (Most recently he used the alias Kiru Tajikara.) He calls his "business" KAY O PRO MMA out of Corning NY.

Even on his current various social media sites he doesnt offer his name. An obvious attempt to hide his real identity and criminal record if anyone tried to look him up. Vanzile seems to advertise exclusively toward women and girls.  He has at least two young girls training with him now and a young woman.

 Vanzile more than likely got all his certifications  through online training courses once he got out of prison. None of these courses that certified him did a background check on him obviously.... just took his money and asked no questions.

Vanzile was able to "set up shop" online through aliases and through a few fake reviews from social media accounts that he made....he used these online aliases made up good reviews and now has an instant “good reputation” and access to future victims.

 Would you want this guy on the mat on top of your daughter? Would you want a level 3 sexual offender a sexual predator around any child or woman?


Vern Vanzille arrested and it made the local news broadcast. http://13wham.com/news/local/deputies-level-3-sex-offender-advertised-to-teach-martial-arts-in-home

Monday, September 18, 2017


People who live lives of self-aggrandizing delusion like Ron Collins become very uncomfortable when shown the reality of their lack of abilities. Collins shores up his walls of delusion with elaborate rationalizations.

Collins for all intents and purposes actually believes the lies he tells himself, always plotting revenge against the many imagined enemies responsible for Ronnie's cognitive clash between his ninja warrior fantasies and reality.

Collins videos as of late depict a very lonely and pathetic existence. He vids himself walking the streets aimlessly and in public restrooms implying that he is quite literally hiding from something....has no place to go.....or maybe just ashamed.....he should be at least.

Reality check......It wasnt enough for Ninjer Ron to humiliate himself by proving he doesn't possess any martial skills at all...the ninjer got his fat ass owned... and not by his detractors.

Regardless of how much Collins attempts to spin things, there are two fight promoters that Ron has actually contacted and spoken with at length. Edson Berto with Real Fighting Championships and Scarface over at Street Beefs who have bent over backwards to accommodate Ron, but  both Edson and Scarface have, on seperate instances, said the same thing...
1. Collins is a coward
2. He just wants to talk shit online
3. He can't fight
4. He doesn't want to fight......


Wednesday, September 13, 2017


Ninjer Ron Collins has done abosolutely nothing but humiliate himself time and time again with his tough talk on the interenet. Ronnie is quite literally and figuratively in the dark" a total fucking Dumbass...he is now claiming he "held back on Icy Mike" and that he "took a dive". Collins has gone completely delusional.

 Who is Collins trying to kid.... He didn't even throw a single punch or try a single kick. He had no idea what to do or how to deal with Icy Mike...Ronnie's attempted tackle was done out of frustration, because he couldn't do anything else, he didn't know how.

 When that didn't work he was looking to quit. Icy mike bragged about his skill in making short work of Ron....trying to teach Ron a lesson and now Ron keeps trying to cast doubt on Mike's efforts.

 Mike WAS playing with Ron. Ron, however, was trying his hardest to win and couldn't....he didnt know how.....he went down easy he got up, he wasnt hurt, then he quit on his feet, walking off looking like he was about to cry....the super ninja commando fantasy image of himself shattered.

 Lets get something straight here and now....Kicking Ronnie's ass is not a fucking accomplishment, it not something you brag about, you fuck him up because he runs his big mouth....show he is a liar, then you move on. He is a loser, a panty waste, a pussy.

 No one that I see is picking on Ron because he simply "lost a fight". Ron is getting his come uppings and getting laughed at online because he spent two decades LYING about himself and his martial arts background... and then demonstrated that he knows absolutely nothing......at all, has no training....at all.

 Ron Collins is convinced that the world owes him something. He has a hatred of, and a jealousy for, everyone who is more successful than he is. The humiliation Ron has suffered, by his own hand, mind you, has broken what little remained of his mind. His incoherent ranting videos filmed while wandering the streets like a homeless person, is all the evidence you need of that.

 Ron has quite literally fucked up his own wet dream and there is no one to blame but himself. His delusional rambling diatribes change almost from hour to hour but he remains stalkingly fixated on Roley. After Ron called a young black man, Brennan Cleveland a “house nigger” and Brennan challenged Ron to a fight at streetbeefs, instead of apologizing for the racial slur, Ron’s message was that Brennan was just covering for Don.

 Ron kept demanding that Don step up instead of Brennan, claiming that Don was a coward, despite that there has been at least three times when Ron ran away when given a chance to fight Don, Don is still willing to step up. He let it be known.

Ron tried to say that any fight would have to be in Beckley, West Virginia and that he would set up the venue. He rejects anything anyone else will set up such as in Lexington. I suspect that Ron will not actually set anything up. Ron got called on his bullshit yet again.

Don let it be known that he has extended his flight home to Tuesday, October 24th. That means that he has Monday free. Since it is a four hour drive between Lexington and Beckley, the realistic time that things can go on is early afternoon, about one to three pm. It was seven weeks out when Don let it be known that was the time he had free.

 Despite this, today Ron posted the following, “ I have plenty of time and honestly will likely wait till October to really try to get such a site. Bunch of places closed but, we still have plenty to check around for... “

So Ron isn’t looking for anything right now, despite a narrow window that Don can be there. If he started right now, the chances are almost certain that he can find a place. But if he doesn’t start until two or so weeks before hand, those chances will go down a lot.

 Ron indeed appears to be wishy washy about setting it up. At one point it wasnt a problem, he was going to do it right away then changed his mind a few hours later. It is my prediction that Ron will pull a fast one. It is six weeks out today from the time Don can do the fight. Ron will not find a gym as he promised. There will be some excuse, unreasonable demand or dodge.

 Don has said he can make it to a gym in Beckley that Ron said he can set up early afternoon of the 23rd, Ron will never set it up. There will be no gym at that time. There will be excuses. I predict it here and anyone can point to it later when the excuses start.

 The ball is really in Rons court now, if he fails to secure a gym at the time Don said he can make it, we will all have another example of Ron’s cowardice at the thought of ever facing the person Ron is so fixated on. At that point Ronnie's rantings will fall on deaf ears.

 There will be no need for anyone to take him serious or pay him any mind at all. Ronnie is not a threat never has been. He is just a loud mouth talking a big game but has nothing to back it up. The irony is if Ron had put his efforts into training in something instead of lying about it for the past 20 years he might actually have had a black belt.

Its time to forget about Ron Collins. ONE would think he would be fixated on his supposed 25 million dollar lawsuit instead of Roley. Ronnie will fuck himself all on his own. He is doing a bang up job of it so far.....Leave him to his own demise.

Saturday, September 2, 2017


Though the picture says KO it really wasnt a KO from Ron Collin's oponent....Ninjer Ron quit on his feet to keep from getting Ko'ed.....Ronnie has always been his own worst enemy, both his mouth and his actions have always gotten him into trouble. Nothing has changed Ron Collins has more than likely KO'ed  himself with his latest online rant, a racial bigotry laiden and hateful diatribe. There just isn't a place in any martial art or combat sport for that.

 Judo is a physical and moral dicipline. Judo brings people together by neutralizing differences of race, gender, religion, nationality, language, politics and wealth. Personally I have a hard time with certain acts that are just morally reprehensible.  Racial bigotry is one of the most vile things one can encounter.

 In United States during the 1960's the civil rights debate raged on around the country. It was the most racially charged era of our history, a horrible time wrought with despicable violent acts of racist bigotry.

 Then in 1964 something awesome happened, despite the civil unrest the United States sent a team to compete in the Olympics in the sport of judo .The team made up of Americans from a variety of ethnic, religious and economical backgrounds. The US judo team represented solidarity on the world front.

 The American team embodied the true spirit of Judo and as well served as a snapshot of American society of the day. The team included George Harris (African American), Ben Nighthorse Campbell (Native American), James Bergman (Jewish ) and Coach Yosh Uchida (Japanese American).

 In Vladimir Putins Book on judo in his Introductory Remarks, Putin states that in his childhood (at age 13, to be exact) he was "lucky enough" to find the world of Judo: "A world of courage, sincerity and generosity. A world where the primary value is not physical force, but human qualities."

 He goes on to say: "The Judo school is a school of mutual assistance and cooperation. Self-confidence, vigor, purposefulness, respect for elders, teammates and opponents are highly valued there... This sport makes our life more humane; brings people together; and gives us powerful, positive emotions." 

In the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, racial bigotry attempted to raise its ugly head Egypt's Islam El Shehaby reacted despicably after losing to Israel's Or Sasson in the men's over-100-kg judo competition at the Olympics. Shehaby refused to shake his opponent's hand after the match, which is customary in judo at the end of the bout. Shehaby was reprimanded rightfully so and sent home.

 Judo has been a bridge connecting many countries and many cultures. Racial  bigotry of any kind has no room in judo or any other martial art for that matter.

Hate is on so many streets throughout the world. In judo there is no difference between people. There is only friendship and mutual respect between those who practice judo. We see other humans as simply humans.  We see our fellow human beings as we see ourselves. The ultimate objective of judo is to improve ourselves so that we might become better citizens....good citizens.

 Hate is out there on the streets and on so many levels. Terrorist groups, extremists groups, racist groups, racist bigots, etc..... are behaving like animals, not like good citizens they are not trying to be better citizens. They do so based on fear, ignorance, poverty, desperation, selfishness, perhaps even a deeply-seated evil that cannot be dislodged.

 A few days ago, Ron Collins, a fake martial artist and charlatan, referred to a young black martial artist with a racial slur, calling the young man a "house nigger". There is just no excuse for this vile and despicable behavior ANYWHERE for ANY reason and I don't think Collins even considers the repercussions that his actions or his racial slurs could have. It may very well be detrimental in other aspects of his life.

 Collins who operates a page on facebook called Shadow Warrior publishing did not stop there, he repeatedly hurled the racial slur online for all to see. When asked to apologize Collins very unapologetically double downed on his racist bigotry.

 Collins had previously gained some minor support from people connected with a group who put on underground or backyard fights called street Beefs. But Collins vile behavior became too much to tolerate and Collins was booted out.

 The coordinator of Street Beefs, Scarface (Christopher Justin Wilmore) posted a video to the Streetbeefs group explaining why he banned Ron. Wilmore specifically expressed his disdain for Rons racial attack. He related that Ron rode in the car with him, "and two days later Ron's calling some young black kid the n-word."

 Wilmore further explained; "It is obvious to me that Rons loss to Icy Mike... taught him nothing.  ...It's too much with that dude. Collins had to go. ...A good ass-whupping should humble anybody. I don't know too many people who get their ass beat, and get beat in the way that he did, and are comfortable just talking shit normally three days later. That's just not the signs of a normal human being."

"What should have happened is, the fight with Icy Mike should have showed him he's not a fighter in any way, shape, or form. ...He fought a dude that was smaller than him... didn't land a shot... and was dropped twice, basically, within a 40 second period. There just was no excuse and definitely no reason for him to turn around a couple days later and be talking."

Wilmore also goes on to say; "So... that's why he got removed. If anyone thinks it's unfair, I'm going to assume that you support accused pedophiles, and support people running their mouth non-stop even after an embarrassing loss to a person that you talked shit to."

 I have to admit Wilmore showed more class than another forum group, the OG,  and that includes Icy Mike. Mike had fought Ron in an attempt to teach him a lesson but it obviously failed.

Mike tried to teach a vile, repugnant mentally unstable person a lesson....well we see how far that went.  Ron Collins will more than likely never be on StreetBeefs again...he got his ass humiliated all in about 40 seconds from a guy who was taking it easy on him....one can't even really call Ninja Ron vs. Icy Mike a fight, reluctance prohibits me from even calling it a sparring match. Ron never did a fucking thing and then walked off, he just quit and not 24 hours later was making excuses and talking smack.

Ron proved how much of a fuck up he really is....a total loser, a fake, a fraud and a fat piece of shit who has never fought, never trained and doesnt know dick about anything related to fighting, martial arts, etc. Collins will never go back to fight...he is a mental midget, a sociopath and his last online outburst exposes him as a fuck tard racist bigot.

 Collins it seems isn't satisfied with just talking smack online, he wiil run his mouth till the end of his days.....proving himself to be a pussy in Kentucky with Don Roley and then again with me in Florida to try and save face from his humiliation with Don wasnt enough. Collins is completely willing to be a racist ass wipe on top of everything else.

There is no excuse or way to defend this type of repugnant behavior. It will be very surprising if anyone touches anything that is remotely related to Ron Collins or any of his endeavors.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Ninjer Ronnie's spin has already begun rarely if I ever listen to more than a few seconds of his incohernt ramblings. Ramblings which make sense only in Ronnie's mind, but I made an exception this time and watched his videos about his fight with Icy Mike.

I have sparred, I have competed, I have trained, I have boxed stepped in the ring with amatuers, club fighters and professionals. i have kickboxed, done MMA, competed in judo and have coahed MMA fighters, wrestlers and judoka. In this time I have come across alot of "neo ninjas" over the years, and most of them exhibit more ability than what Ronnie demonstrated at Street Beefs .

After ten plus years of Collins' online bragging about how tough and knowledgeable he is, and all his threats Ron Collins had to know that he would come under severe scrutiny after this. Problem is you can't spin what is seen on the video.

Ronnie for all intents and purposes was beaten the second he looked across at his opponent. It showed on his face. He simply did not want to fight. Ronnie spent most of the 40 plus seconds of the fight backpedaling never attempting to throw any strikes. He had no clue as how to block or parry or even counter anything. He was simply lost and out of place.

At the 30 second mark Ronnie was on his ass from a left delivered by Icy Mike who was taking it easy on him. Not 10 seconds later Ron quits on his feet looking like he was about to cry. Watching the vid it seemed that even the ref could tell by the look on Ronnie's face that he was done.

 Since his fight Ron has already posted videos saying he lost and wont make excuses for it, but he does offer excuses......Several of them.....he slipped on something....he didn't train....he didn't take the fight seriously....he only showed up to prove a point.........Ronnie's mouth is a virtual wide open running faucet of excuses and fabrications to sooth his damaged ego.

Ronnie's diagnosed narcissism won't allow him to accept the truth. It won't allow him to accept the fact that he just isn't trained, he has no skill or a fighter at all. It forces him to look for an out other than admitting honestly that he just couldn't handle his opponent.

In one video it sounds like Ronnie  said he got in a couple of shots on Icy Mike....really???? Typical of Ronnie to make things out to be different than what they actually were. This is an absolute attempt by Ron, the ever habitual liar, to save face. The actual video of the fight shows the exact opposite.....Ron didn't throw a single punch or a kick. Ron can't even take a punch from a guy who threw a very soft left hook which put the ninjer clown on his ass.

 Ron says he stepped up and fought and his detractors did not. The problem with this statement is Ron was face to face with myself on one occasion and Don Roley on another and both times he dick tucked and ran.

 Ron also attempts to hide his lack of ability by saying he didn't take the fight seriously.....another obvious excuse.

 Icy Mike says he was drunk when he made the challenge. Ron, however, claims he pushed and or pressured icy mike to fight.

 Ron is now declaring himself the victor since he will "show up and fight". Again Ron was here in Florida face to face with me and was too frightened to get on the mat which was 10 feet away at a MMA gym despite my telling him 4 times I was ready to go right then.. A gym, mind you that i have trained at, taught at and helped train fighters at.

 Ron goes on to say if Don Roley wants to fight Ron he must show up in Beckley, WV. Seeing Ronnie's performance, or lack there of, at Street Beefs, a fight between  Don and Ron would look like an adult taking candy away from an infant.

As for Ronnie stepping up to finally fight someone else, it doesnt mean nor does it change the fact that Ronnie shit his pants when facing  myself in Florida or Don in Kentucky or Colorado and dick tucked. Nothing is going to change those facts. The only reason Ron fought Mike was because he outweighs Mike by 40 or 50 pounds and thought he could beat him.

Ron has proven beyond all doubt once and for all that he lives in a fantasy world where he is a Ninja commando. Ron simply does not know what he is doing, the proof is all on video now. His excuses are a indication that Ron refuses to accept the outcome.

 Ron is a guy with serious mental issues, a former mental patient, who fantasizes about being a ninja and really shouldn't be fighting or sparring, not even casually. He should have probably spent his time doing essentially anything else. He really is in need of some serious mental healthcare.

He is grossly  unfit, pathetically overweight and severely outclassed and it is glaringly obvious he is untrained.....as in never trained....at all....ever. Icy Mike was really kind to Collins by taking it easy on him in the fight.

There is losing a fight and then there is taking a real ass whipping.... If Ron keeps it up, others will not show Ron the same courtesy that Mike did by going easy on him. Personally I wouldn't have shown Ron any mercy whatsoever. I would have made sure Ron was carried away in an ambulance. Preferably with a fucking sheet pulled over his face and Ninjer Ronnie knows this.

 If Ron continues to call people out, threaten people and their families, then he will be forced to learn some very brutal lessons. It is painstakingly apparent that Ronnie definitely isn't even close to being qualified to teach anything. Not even hand to hand combat.

Whether Ron realizes it or not he has even shed light on his hand to hand combat instructor claims and has forever put to rest the question of his tactical skills and situational awareness. Some liberties have been taken via photo shop but surely if Ron had the least bit of hand to hand combat training, as he claims, when he got up it wouldnt have been with his back to his opponent even if he was unarmed.

 At the end of the day Ron Collins already was face to face with Don Roley and backed out after being challenged right there on the spot. Several of his buddies on site got verbally bashed to their face by Don. Ron wanted no part of it. Then in Florida with me with a mat 10 feet away at an MMA gym standing next to a MMA fight promoter who incidently has called Collins out on the numerous lies he told about that day.

 Ron is a guy who has bitched out when face to face with the ones he challenged and has claimed he was going to supposedly"fuck up". He finally tries to fight someone to gain some level of self respect back,  and get credit for turning up and trying but his excuses already indicate to me that Ron has clearly learned nothing from the experience thus far.

 Only time will tell if he starts to train but the indicator to me that it maybe a pipe dream is he is still making excuses and clearly cares way too much about what others think of him. He got his ass handed to him in 40 plus seconds by a much smaller guy who unlike Ronnie actually trains in a martial art.

 One would think it's time Ron Collins to either move on in life or, if he's serious about training, then Ron should just shut the fuck up with his excuses and bullshit lies, and just start training....

However one can't ignore the fact that Ron is completely vested in his fantasy about being trained by some mysterious non existent guy in something Ron calls omoto ryu ninjutsu and the only thing that stops Ron from training, for real, is Ron......a refusal to become an actual student and to be coached. Taking actual lessons is beneath him. Ron wants, needs and desires people to believe  that he is this super ninja commando. This is what stops him from walking into a dojo or a MMA training facility to actually learn and train.

A message to Icy Mike and the ones  at street beefs who are seemingly trying to help Ron .....

Although your intentions are good and honorable, it's my opinion that it's misplaced..... there is no helping Ron Collins.... You're trying to bolster and embolden an individual who not only tried to get into a two 13 year old girls' pants using drugs and alcohol. Ron also endangered one of the girl's life and could have killed her when he lost control of his car and crashed into a light pole with her in the car.....and has never expressed the slightest bit of remorse for his actions.

 To the contrary, Ron continued verbaling abusing the two girls and their families online and stalking his 13 year old victims even years later. One of them he stalked and assauted at her place of work. Ron then threatened, online via social media and youtube, to break into the arresting officers home in the middle of the night and cut the officers throat while the officer lay sleeping next to his wife.

 Ron then posted the officers home address online and even videod himself stalking the officer and proclaiming he could get to him anytime he wanted. The video led to his last arrest where he spent roughly 18 months locked away in jail and a mental facility.

 Ronnie has victimized more people and their families than I care to count. So think again about trying to defend Collins in ANY way....Ron has never shown remorse and thinking a MMA fight will change him somehow is idiocy.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Ninja Ron Collins: A Total Bust

So After years of claiming he beat up several cops and has been a pitfighter Ron Collins has unequivocally proven he is not remotely what he claimed online to be for the past 10 plus years.

 A sadly overweight and pathetically out of shape, bald Ron Collins proved once and for all that he doesn't even have the rudimentary skills to defend himself AT ALL.....and it's all on video.

 The video of the Icy Mike vs. Ninja Ron fight shows a person, Ron Collins, who is completely untrained getting beaten..... completely......as in never actually fought a day in his life. Whats important to point out is that Icy Mike was going real easy on ole "Ninja Ron".

The video acts as a glaring testament that Ron has no real training, no real skills and his talk of having multiple black belts and other experience is ALL total bullshit..... all fantasy. Collins for all his tough talk over the years as a pit fighter and brawler was in trouble from the first leg kick. Icy Mike showing some class eased way off after that.

 Ron's "skills" were about as expected....Non existent..... You would think that fighting a kickboxer, that Ron would expect to actually be kicked, but Ron looked totally clueless as to how to defend Icy Mikes kicks. Ron not knowing what to do about Mikes kicks was no surprise....Ron doesnt spar, train or fight for that matter. It was obvious Ron didn't know what the fuck he was doing. Ron didn't know to check a single one of Mikes kicks.

 The left hook from Icy Mike that put Ronnie on his ass was barely a tap. Ron turned his back completely  to icy mike when he got up. Mike showing some class and some restraint  and perhaps giving him a chance, let Ron compose himself then icy mike caught him with another hook. Ron  turned and walked away from Mike, quiting on his feet.....and the fight was over. The entire length of the fight was roughly 45 seconds.

 A disgusted Icy Mike walking off, robbed of a fight and perhaps realizing that Ron had no training at all, and Ron's talk of having multiple black belts and beating up several cops was all a lie.

 Ron did not throw a single punch didn't attempt a single kick. Ron was looking for a way out of the fight once it started, he had no fight in him, so he was looking or waiting for an opportunity to quit, and quit he did, on his feet, walking away.

 Ron didn't even have the rudimentary skills to defend leg kicks. Reaching down with his hands to block them is a definite indicator of having no skill or knowledge at all. It was a  response of a totally untrained person.

 All of Ronnie's tall tales about beating up cops and competing in pit fights are out the window now. Ron proved he is an extremely overweight, windbag, who kept backpedaling from a kickboxer until the inevitable and Ninja Ron didn't land a single fucking punch or a single fucking kick. Rons attempted take down was piss poor pathetic and he ate a couple of shots for it. Icy Mike was being more than charitable for the 40 plus seconds that he carried Ron Collins.

 Ron barely responded to any of Icy Mikes shots as they were coming in. Ron showed that he has never trained and has never really actually sparred. He simply just didn't have the reflexes & responses that lots of sparring will give you.

 Icy Mike seems like a good guy, he did give Ronnie a helping of "you really suck" on Ronnie's reality plate and Mike has some valid points when he talks about fighting. My only critique of Icy Mike is that suggesting Ron is somehow representative of martial arts training and nunjutsu is a stretch of the imagination. I believe Mike realized from the start Ronnie has not trained a single day in his life and decided to take it easy on Ron.

 As for Ron, the fight serves as undeniable proof that he has no skills, no knowledge and no training at all. Ron couldn't take a punch and folded like a lawn chair proving he is not anyone to worry about and absolutely poses no physical threat to anyone. Ronnie had 40 to 50 pounds on Mike and couldn't even figure out how to make that work for him.

A Personal note to Ron Collins

 I hope this serves as a wake up call for you. You have spent years lying and threatening people and their families over the internet. You have told more lies than i care to write down. This is not the behavior of a rational person.

 Ron, try to learn from this fight.  You didn't throw a single strike you were completely lost, you have no skills and had no answer for anything Mike threw at you. You gassed as quickly as expected. You looked like you have never sparred a day in your life.

 Accepting the truth now might be a chance for you to turn your life around. But your narcissism is a big problem, it's the thing that stands in you way. You have to be willing to accept responsibility totally for your actions over the years..in all sincerity get the help you need. Stop all the Bullshit rants, the skills that you claimed you had are all your delusional fantasy, they simply just don't exist. Your not a fighter and never were.

 I hope that you are now willing to accept that this latest  debacle shows that you know nothing about fighting, my hope is that you may be able to learn from this and actually train in something but you have to be willing to be a student, to start from scratch. You have to be coachable.

 All the Ashida Kim books and your made up ninja fantasies aren't going to get you anywhere when it comes to fighting in the ring or on the street or even writing about it in a book. I sincerely hope you realize this now.

 In all honesty Ron you're  extremely out of shape and you looked pathetic. You are soft and not tough by any stretch of the imagination and you lack heart. You did step up and try to fight you get credit for that, it's a step in the right direction, but the physical performance itself was pathetic it showed truly that you have no skills at all and lack the tools. You didn't throw a single punch or a single kick. You need to think about that.

 I know that sounds harsh but it is honest. You were gassed in roughly 30 seconds and you quit the fight on your feet....you walked away. I hope you realized at that moment, that even with a guy you had 40 pounds on and who was playing with you, was way more than you could handle. Almost every shot Mike threw landed and he took it easy on you.

 I hope this really makes you take a hard look at all your made up martial arts fantasies and that you get real help and go somewhere for real training and credentials.

 The chances of you giving up being "Sensei Ron" are pretty slim but now everyone realizes that nothing you claimed in the past is actually true. Ron you need to actually train.....in something, anything for real. Dont try and keep up the facade admit that it was all made up and go get certified to actually teach something.

 So, again get the help you need, real help. You have some severe issues, mentally, physically and emotionally that need attention. I hope that you do for your sake....i really do.....the alternative is ending up back in jail or locked up in another mental health facility.

Sunday, July 16, 2017


In all honesty what would ninjerkiller be without a post about the infamous Ashida Kim. Radford Davis aka Ashida Kim is THE WORST ninja we have ever seen but damn it we have ALL heard of him. Since Ron Collins has gone online in a forum and made claims that Ashida Kim told Ron that I am a former student of his in Shotokan. I feel I should enlighten everyone about how Ashida got started.

 Unlike Collins and Kim I can back up my experience with a little something called DOCUMENTATION. I have my Shotokan Black belt certificates and Ashida is nowhere to be found on any of them. Lil' mentally dwarfed Ronnie Collins wouldnt know the truth or speak it if it landed on his face and wiggled.

 To this day, Ashida Kim/Radford Davis/Christopher Hunter has never owned or operated a school in my area and both Kim and I have resided in Winter Haven for years. I myself since 1969. Ashida Kim did get rather popular in the 80's and sold plenty of ninja books, I believe the count to be around 50. There is an old saying, that those that can't teach, write books.....Radford Davis aka Ashida got his start by publishing a small book under the name Christopher Hunter.

 I was training at a Shotokan Dojo back in 1980 the school was located on 6th Street in Winter haven. (Kim has told people it was his dojo) Actually the owner and Instructor of the school was a man named Steve Duncan and the other instructor was Butch Maieur. I would train under Duncan for several years until i got my 3rd degree black in shotokan. Later, as it turned out, Duncan, was a shady character himself in and out of trouble with the law and even turned informant on occassion to escape serious prison time and serious charges.

 Not long before the end of the summer of 1980 Ashida Kim came into the dojo, at the time he was calling himself "Chris Hunter". He claimed to be a brown belt in judo.

That September a week long television miniseries called Shōgun aired on television. We all watched it on a tv that was set up in the back of the dojo. I really would not have remembered him except for the fact that he had such a boner for the Tv miniseries that he would show up with James Clavell's book in hand and would read the book during the day just staying ahead of each episode. One night the miniseries featured a night time attack on Osaka Castle by the secretive Ninja assassins called the Amida Tong.  Radford/Chris/Ashida basically didnt stick around after that.

 Not long after this he published his first book the Book of the ninja with paladin press. About a year or so later I came across "The Book of the Ninja" by Chris Hunter and when I opened the book I recognized the information in it and Chris Hunter as well from his pictures that were in the book.

 The majority of the book was actually the 6th st. Shotokan school's student handbook. In the hand book were the basics of Shotokan Karate. Basic punches, blocking techniques, kicks, throws and 5 shotokan kata were in it, you know stuff like that.

Ashida had added some shit to it like pictures that replaced some of the drawings, omitted the sections with the 5 Kata, added some count dante stuff and other information and changed the cover. He had obviously got the idea to do the book from the TV series Shogun and the shotokan manual.

 So the Shotokan school was NOT Ashida Kim's or should I say Chris Hunter's, who Radford Davis was calling himself at the time, nor was I a student of his. Needless to say the Shotokan schools owner and instructor Steve Duncan expressed nothing but contempt and anger about Ashida's little stunt using the schools  handbook along with pictures of Duncan himself without Duncan's permission to get his foot in the door at Paladin Press.

 The school has been long gone, it sat empty for years and is now a paint and body shop. Duncan the actual owner of the school disappeared in the late 90s after turning informant. As for Radford Davis/Christopher Hunter/Ashida Kim....well let's just say that the internet has not been very kind.

Monday, July 10, 2017


You know every dog has fleas and like wise does the martial arts world has its share of wierdos. I honestly wish it was’nt so but unfortunately it is. Fake and frauds in the martial arts are for the most part complete nut jobs.... guys who are completely disconnected from reality. Serious mental issues.  Then there are those who are really cultists and exhibit a predatory type behavior.

A particular situation involving a couple of friends in the martial arts spurned this article. Online predatory type behavior from ANY martial artists or those claiming to be a martial artist  should really be frowned upon,  and not tolerated.

A Person going by the name of Richard Hinz recently sent a friend request under false pretenses to a friend in the martial arts. Mandi designs and sells Tabi for practicing martial artists. Mandi is good people and  takes pride in her product and is a dedicated practitioner of the martial arts.

Richard Hinz sends her a friend request under the guise of  being a potential customer . On Mandi’s birthday Hinz wishes her a happy birthday, however, from there things got creepy in just a few sentences. Read the screen caps for yourself.

Richard was told his online behavior and sexual remarks were not appreciated and he was asked to stop. We can all read his response to Mandi. To make matters worse after calling her a bitch a couple of times and trying to demean and degrade her. He does the very next thing that most online troll Cyber stalkers do and sends a friend request to one of Mandi’s girlfriends and so he attempts at harrassment continue. 

Very forwardly Hinz asks Betsy is she is single and then the harrassment starts again on her face Book page now. Betsy can take care of herself and Mandi as well. Hinz is obviously playing a sick little game. Hinz obviously relishes in the fact that he can harass women on line like this. He basically spends time making countless comments on Mandi’s girlfriend’s Face book defending his actions and even at times claiming it is Freedom of Speech all the while spouting incoherent esoteric cultist bullshit and claiming to be bedding 36 witches in a single week end….no I am not making this shit up…. This is how he condones his sick behavior.

I think most will agree that online sexual harassment isn't freedom of speech  of ANY kind, no matter how you try to bullshit it and really on the woman's birthday? How shitty of Hinz was that? Then when she asked Him to stop and refused Hinz’s online advances he called her a bitch. All these just a few sentences after wishing her a happy birthday....very troll like harassing predatory type behavior, of which Hinz seems to relish in. People should be warned about individuals like this.

Even when pointed out by several of the ladies’ friends how unacceptable his behavior is Hinz wallows in the attention unapologetic-ally. Proclaiming that WE should ask the almighty god for forgiveness in attacking him. Yet this guy has nt once apologized or expressed remorse for his crass sexually harassing behavior.  He seems to believe he can treat women however he wants to and expresses a utter disdain for women.

It is people like this who give martial arts a bad name, a dark stigma. Most in the martial arts are dedicated, polite, confident and supportive people. It is obvious that Hinz uses his appearance of being a martial artist as a means to deceive and make unwanted inappropriate online advances toward women.

I would encourage all to really look and read  the screen caps and decide for yourself if you really want someone like this on your facebook or would want to be associated with someone like this. There is what's acceptable and what isnt. there is what appropriate and what isnt. 

Tuesday, July 4, 2017


21st century keyboard warrior Ron Collins has spent the better part of the 2000's lying on the internet. Claiming everything from Marine force recon serving in Iraq, martial arts supremacy to exposing elaborate conspiracies and police set ups in attempts to silence him.....Ronnie is a trip…..The only thing Collins has really exposed is how big a liar and a coward he really is. Collins has not told the truth about a single thing. His online tales of what happened when he showed up down here are no exception.  The truth is the diminutive, glaringly fat out of shape, Collins, by his own doing, is a petty criminal and a liar and nothing more.

For those of you reading  Ron Collins bullshit online about fighting anyone, you should understand that he is a scared little bitch when he and I were able to get face to face he shook badly from being so scared.......and the kicker is I am a man in my fifties and I was run over by a semi truck a year and a half ago.. 

A year or so ago, Ron started taunting me, talking all kinds of shit, saying that I was too scared to fight him he was going to kick my ass etc etc. Ron even claimed he was going to come to my judo school and kick my ass in front of all my students. I am a man in my fifties, so Ron thought I was too old, and that I was also ran over by a semi truck, so he  figured he could talk shit  and get away with it.

Last April, for whatever reason, he made a big show out of coming to Florida posting on his fb page that he was going to “straighten me out”, to kick my ass. He took pictures at the state line, and all that happy horseshit. When he showed up to  Edson Berto's place an MMA gym, Berto called me. Berto and I spoke briefly then he put Ron on the phone. Well in no time Ronnie started running his mouth talking tough, cussing me etc. I basically told him to keep talking shit I will be there in 5 minutes.

Ron had been accompanied by Ashida Kim who high tailed it out of there upon hearing that I was on the way.  I got there and got out of the truck and right away Ron turned into a scared little bitch...... Ashida ran and his punk bitch Ron shit in his fucking pants. 

My first words to Ron were….” you have got to be kidding me you are 4 foot 2 and fat as a fucking hog”. There was no talking back from Ron, no smart mouth, no  tough talk at all from Ron, who has done nothing for the past year but run his mouth about how easily he was going to kick my ass. Ron was a deer in the headlights too scared to say a word. Obviously I wasn't what he had expected and Ronnie was visibly shaking…. Ron couldn't even look me in the eye, too scared to utter a sound.

I told him I would do to him what that 13 year old girl's father should have done. He was very silent and wouldn't even look me in the eye. I told him several times that I was ready to go right then and right there.  Ron was to scared to say a word.  Constantly looking down and fidgeting afraid to look up at all in my direction.  He kept looking at Berto for help..... Yeah...... so much for all his tough talk online. When it got down to us being face to face he was a scared fat little bitch.

Edson and Van both saw this and said then that Ron wasn’t going to do anything and has no intention of doing anything......As a matter of fact Ron has told quite a few lies online about our face to face and obviously forgets that there were others like Edson there.... screen caps of what Edson thought of Ron's out and out lies are pictured below in chronological order started with Ronnie's very first online blog post. Edson contradicts and exposes Collins attempt to rewrite what actually happened.

It's all a weird little game Ron plays. Because that is what pussy ass bitches do is play games.  But to an idiot like Ron, it makes him feel important.   A full blown drama queen, Ron couldn’t wait to start posting lies on the internet.  Lying is the only way a scum bag  pusssy ass low life like Ron can get attention.  You see Ron Collins isn’t a martial artist, he isn’t a fighter he isn’t a bad ass he isn’t trained. It is overwhelmingly apparent he has never trained at all a day in his life.  

To say the dwarf has poor martial arts skills is paying him a compliment. In actuality he has no martial arts or combative skills. It is been made up, it’s a lie, it’s all Ron’s little martial art fantasy world. In this fantasy world of his he thinks he is a badass, a tough guy, a fighter. In reality Collins is a schlub, a dead beat, a pussy and a petty criminal. Collins has absolutely nothing in life, he has no home, no job, no money, nothing at all…his little martial art fantasy is all he has….. His life is that meaningless, its that irrelevant.

Ron fantasizes about taking on guys like me and beating me up but has no ability to do it. The reality is that he is too scared to even attempt it.  When Ron was safely back home he went into full retard mode and started lying about our encounter in Florida. He claimed he was there to "spar" but I threatened him. Then turns around and says I was  scared and hiding behind Edson and Van???? Well which is it? I was either too scared or did I threaten him? Go figure. 

Ron claimed Ashida Kim wasn't there at first, but then later admitted he was. After we came face to face Ron later when on his fb page and tried to tell people I had not shown up, all this in attempt to avoid the truth about what actually happened.  
Last October in Kentucky, Ron, despite his online bullshit excuses that he posted recently, showed up with 4 BDFS guys to beat Don Roley. Ron probably wanted the BDFS guys do his fighting for him..but to Ronnie's surprise they stepped aside and asked Ron if he wanted to fight Don instead. Ron couldn't get out of there fast enough.. Now Ron wants to advert the blame to everyone else involved instead of accepting that he had a chance to fight, but was too afraid to fight his own battles....Ron is just too much of a pussy to fight anyone.

Collins cowardly little dick tucking manuevers have gotten old. Personally, I can't take him or any of his BULLSHIT seriously after meeting him and watching him quite literally being too afraid to run his mouth after all his tough talk online or look me in the eye.  At the end of the day, Collins is a fucking joke. A little fat weasel of a guy who talked tough online and talked shit on the phone a few minutes before I got there but shit his pants the second we were face to face.

Recently, Ron posted online that he is coming back down to Florida accompanied by more posing and more online tough talk about facing people and wanting a fight.  Well below we see Edson's reactions to Ronnie's bullshit antics.

Edson has my complete Judo itinerary so Collins has complete availability to me if he ever wants to man up. No one especially me is ducking this maggot ridden vile piece of chicken shit. Collins is a fake, a fraud, a pussy and a joke, too afraid of me to do anything.  It is overwhelmingly apparent that despite all of Ron’s tough talk online, and all his little games, when finally having the opportunity to face me Ron dick tucked, he stuck his tail between his legs and ran.

No matter how he tries to rewrite it or how he tries to spin it…..He ran. Like a gutless scared litte bitch he backed down..... Collins is a pussy he has always been one. He has never had what it takes to be a man. He comes up short....get it...he comes up short. hehehe.

Ron like the punk bitch he is runs his mouth on the internet, talks about how he is going to show up somewhere and kick someone’s ass but never really follows thru. Ron is too much of a pussy to fight anyone.  He claims people duck him and are afraid of him that he would fight them anywhere but at the end of the day however, Collins WAS face to face with Don Roley in Kentucky, who offered to fight Ron then and there... and Ron like a fat little punk bitch turned tail and ran. 

Ron WAS face to face with me, here in Florida, he didnt want any part of me, I told him 4 times that I was ready to go right then and there... and like a scared little bitch he ran. Everything else Ron Collins has to say about facing me is a lie.  Ron is nothing but a scared,  diminutive,  4’ 2” fat as a fucking hog, little bitch who was too afraid to even look me, a man in his fifties in the eyes for fear that he was going to get the shit beat out of him.

Thursday, May 4, 2017


In the world of martial arts almost anyone can reproduce or simply make a bogus rank certificate showing supposed knowledge in any martial art out there. Numerous examples of fake black belt  rank certificates are displayed online and on school walls.

 It's a sordid practice but a lot of Martial arts rank certificates aren't  worth the paper they are printed on. practically everyone has a "Black belt" whether it's real or fake, in something nowadays. In this day and time even potential new students and clients know this and therefore look for more than just a paper with some oriental writing and symbols on it. They want to see a record of an instructor's expertise. Simply saying that you are this or that just isn't enough. 

It took me several years to discover that simply being a legitimate black belt wasn't enough. It wasn't enough to run ads or have a website. Regardless of my black belts in judo or Kenpo or karate it never seemed to be enough to make those hard sells. Then one day I decided that if I wanted to be a professional at what I do I needed more. So I decided to get coaching certifications in Judo thru recognized Judo organizations and later obtaining certifications as a Personal Defense and Combatives instructor. 

Presently I am the ONLY official, licensed and certified Personal Defense and combatives in my area. This seemed to help it definitely set me apart from those instructors in my area who had no certifications. My clients not only increased but client retention improved as well and more and more people visit and check out my classes.

When was the last time you heard from someone who “self-taught” themselves as a paramedic, doctor, nurse, pilot or scientist? I’ve sat down with instructors, educators, and subject matter experts and they all say the same thing. No matter how much they know, they’re continually studying, reading, attending courses, seminars and conferences, interacting with peers, and looking for more information in their area of expertise.  

With every certification, I realized there is always something I can learn to improve my skills and abilities. Through self-study, attending courses and sitting exams, I continue to grow my skills, knowledge, and proficiency. Achieving a legitimately recognized certification is valuable in every profession so why should martial arts or self defense be any different? People, who have acquired a certain number of certifications in a desired field are perceived to be better, more competent and knowledgeable.

Professional certifications Strengthen you professionally, they reinforce your skills and expertise, they can highlight your skill set or highlight a specific area of expertise.  Certifications  can help you to compete in a competitive job market, you need every tool and resource in your toolkit. It means that you see yourself as an investment and completing a certification program helps to increase your face value. You’ll carry yourself well, and have professional poise and presence.

Potential clients are looking at certification as a way to assess whether an instructor does indeed possess the skills and knowledge that they are looking for. Certifications show others that you master your time and value yourself more highly.The process demonstrates to those around you that you can set goals and achieve objectives and is an indicator that you can be trusted to go the distance.

Professional certifications are a way to become...and remain...competitive. They are a way to reinvent yourself. Reinventing yourself means you remain current and viable and that you transcend age. This is critical because no matter how old you are or how old your system is you need to be adaptable. Certifications can broaden your perspective. When you grow as an instructor, you gain new in­­sights that allow you to approach your work in a new, fresh way. You think more creatively and strategically.

Studying for, training for and completing a certification helps build a reputational prowess. Professional certifications communicate that you care, that you “get it” and are serious about what you do. That you have a motivation to study, and deeply understand your subject matter. That you stretch yourself, go the Extra Mile and do what people without certifications would not do … spending your free time for something. It indicates that your continuing education is a lifelong process. This is generally motivated by a number of factors, including curiosity, self identified gaps in knowledge, and the desire to provide the very best to your potential clients and students.

Sunday, April 23, 2017


When I was a kid and wanting to take martial arts training my harshest critic was my dad. My dad thought the martial arts was stupid. That I was wasting my time and most of all, it was a waste of money. And of course dad would always say a good street fighter would take a good martial arts guy out any day of the week. Bottom line dad had zero good to say about the martial arts it was total bullshit in his mind…….Good ole dad wasn’t entirely wrong. 

It’s no secret that I love martial arts.  I hold Black belts in Judo (2nd degree), American Kenpo (7th degree) and Shotokan (3rd degree). Believe it or not, my love for the martial arts actually makes me a harsher critic than my dad ever was. I know black belts and MA instructors who gotten their asses kicked in a real fight. I’ve trained with black belts and MA instructors who don’t understand the moves they practice at all. I’ve watched black belts and MA instructors pass down unrealistic nonsense.

The martial arts world is full of impressive looking demos and practices. We see martial arts guys breaking boards, bricks, and blocks of ice. We see them stand there and take full force strikes to the throat and kicks to the nuts and it doesn’t seem to phase them.  The problem is in every case these people trained for a long time, rehearsed it and they had to take a few seconds“to get ready”. They take a deep breath exhale and then they go “okay I am ready” then they are able to take a full on kick to the nuts….Impressive right?  Well yeah  honestly it is impressive, but, what if I told you that if you have to take a second or two” to get ready” then that has no real combat application in a sudden violent encounter or an ambush type attack. 

What if I told you that the self-defense moves you learned and rehearsed in a martial arts class will more than likely fail in real street fight or violent encounter. This is a hard pill for some to swallow. Being active in law enforcement gave me perspective on actual self defense and how violent encounters actually go down. The truth is most of the stuff I learned in MA never really applied tactically, a little judo here and there but very little and only at certain moments within the conflict.

Recently I came across a "knife defense" video (below) from self proclaimed Ninja master Christa Jacobson doing self defense techniques in their system (BUDO RYU NINJUTSU). JACOBSON'S video serves as a classic example of what NOT to do or even attempt. The simulated knife attacks were unrealistic. Trying to pull this off in a real encounter will quite simply get you killed. It's unfortunate that there are a plethora of these same kind of formulaic videos on the net and youtube.

What seems to pass as self defense nowadays appears to be a very choreographed, watered down rated G or Disney version of what actually happens in a confrontation. Boy, I could write volumes here.  Truth of the matter is most martial arts self defense demos FAIL to recreate what actually happens when someone is attacked.
This kind of shit, like I see in this video, is so egregious it infuriates me. If Christa Jacobson had ANY real knowledge she would KNOW this wouldnt work, that this IS NOT how any type of knife attack goes down when the shit hits the fan. This isn't how someone attacks you. A knife wielding attacker doesn't come at you like that...it's totally unrealistic. Anyone can pull off whatever they want to on a OVERLY compliant partner like presented in Jacobson's Video.....since when are attackers compliant? 

Teaching self-defense is serious business. Most martial arts instructors don't know what they don't know. I think a big part of the problem, certainly in the civilian sector, is a lot of these instructors who are teaching have very limited experience of, or have never actually experienced a violent assault.

There is the fantasy of violence. There is the reality of violence. They could not be more different in outcome. Most people, including Martial artists do not want to think about the reality of human violence. Most provide no education in or understanding of real violence or how to prevent it. It is obvious in her many videos Jacobson has never been in a real violent encounter nor has she a real understanding of violent encounters much less qualified to teach weapons disarms. 

To me this vid, as bad as it is, serves as a classic example of where most martial arts are really at. Is it denial, ego, or ignorance or is it all three?  It is obvious Jacobson is firmly convinced that these self defense techniques will work and against a knife wielding assailant. Truth is this will only work on a overly compliant training partner. Nothing could be more dangerous or irresponsible to show or demonstrate ANYWHERE. Which begs to ask, should those who have real world knowledge about real violence pull punches when it comes to critiquing others doing what we see as dangerous?

Part of the problem is, this is what is being packaged to the public as real self defense and this is what people believe is credible and is what they are looking for. Its what they see in the movies, it looks good, it's not scary and it isn't "too violent".  "Scary" and "violent" however, is what a victim of an attack experiences in the street. These are equations in a real life violent attack that just cant be ignored. 

In real life, you don’t know when or where or how someone’s going to hit you.

It's easy to be calm cool and collected during a "demo". Hence we have the first problem; there are so many emotional and psychological factors that erupt during real fights.  The demonstrations  in videos are really just that.... "demos" they are designed and choreographed to make everything look good, crisp and smooth, to be pleasing to the eye. But real fights dont look good they are not technical they are not smooth. 

None of the factors that would exist in an actual violent encounter even come into play in these vids. Everything in the vid, the why, the when, the how and even the level of violence from the attacker is unrealistic, it is choreographed. Unfortunately for a lot of martial art schools it is a reflection of how they actual perceive attacks to be and how they practice them.

Due to unrealistic training methods, these martial arts use techniques simply will not work against a fully resisting, uncooperative opponent. In addition to poor techniques, training methods, and strategies, many martial arts go far beyond this in regards to what I call “guru madness”.

Christa Jacobson's video really takes the cake.  Teaching this kind of crap is grossly irresponsible, immensely negligent and very, very dangerous. Someone attempting to try this will more than likely get killed. Weapons disarms is quite obviously an area that Jacobson has no business in, much less teaching. There is clearly a gross lack of knowledge. 

“Most Black Belts and MA instructors tend to fixate on what THEY will do to the opponent, not what their opponent will try to do to them,” 

The self-defense moves for the demo were practiced so everyone involved knows what is happening and what’s going to happen. You don’t know how you will be attacked in real life, you don’t know when you don’t know where etc...  but I have to ask, is this properly preparing anyone for that crucial moment when a attacker decides to make you his next victim? Truth is you really don’t see technical martial arts moves in a real street fight or violent encounters..Why? Predators look for victims they can surprise, ambush. 

The bad guy picks the time, the place and how he is going to attack you as well as the level of violence and there are emotional and psychological factors that erupt during such an attack. Surprise Attacks can instantly nullify rehearsed Self-Defense moves like we see in a lot of martial arts, in their schools and videos like the one above. 

A real violent encounter causes an adrenaline dump that affects your breathing, your focus and your motor skills. There are so many who over look and fail to address the problem of how real attacks occur and what is behaviorally realistic about them. If Martial Arts instructors routinely experienced real violent encounters things would change….drastically. You wouldnt see shit videos like the ones being peddled by Christa Jacobson.

Weapons disarms is a very specialized field. Where is Jacobson's real world experience in violent attacks? Where is Jacobson's law enforcement experience or military experience any special weapons and tactics training or fire arms training, or close quarter combatives training? Jacobson has absolutely zero knowledge in these fields. 

If you are ever targeted by a violent predator, whether you and your family are injured or killed will depend on what you do in the first moments of a sudden violent encounter. This is a subject that isn’t even touched upon in most training. Our physiology, the neuro science here is that the limbic system, the amygdala gets bypassed by stimulus being introduced too quickly. The cognitive brain is by passed so our complex motor skill movements (martial arts techniques) will not work  which is why in real violent encounters you dont see technical martial arts moves like in Jacobsons video being pulled off.

If you really want to protect yourself, if you really want to be a human weapon, If you really want a true self defense system, you need a system that will be congruent with what the behavioral, emotional and psychological state will be at the time of the ambush/attack. 

Christa Jacobson for the safety of her own students needs to leave the weapons disarms to the professionals. The people who understand all the ins and outs of weapons disarms from every angle physically, emotionally and psychologically. 

Sunday, April 2, 2017


                                             GUYS WE ARE GETTING THE WORD OUT!!!!! 
Professional Edge Combatives/ Winter Haven Judo Club is offering a new class The S.P.E.A.R. SYSTEM™  PDR course. The upcoming course will be starting in May and it is already garnering interest and attention. Why is it getting attention? 


 We all flinch when we get startled or scared and when you flinch your fingers splay and your hands automatically push away the danger. The beauty of the SPEAR System is that we harnesses that energy and then we teach participants how to redirect the kinetic energy using this instinctive movement. This makes the SPEAR System the easiest self-defense protocol to learn because the movement, this startle flinch response, is already genetically hard-wired within you.

The PERSONAL DEFENSE READINESS™ course was founded by Tony Blauer and it is not a martial art.  The PDR is based off of Tony’s S.P.E.A.R. SYSTEM™ which is the only behaviorally based self-defense system in the world.  TheS.P.E.A.R. SYSTEM™ works by converting the body’s natural flinch into a tactical response to an ambush.  Unlike many other self-defense systems that only train the physical techniques, the S.P.E.A.R. SYSTEM™ stresses the emotional, psychological and the physical.

The S.P.E.A.R. SYSTEM™ deals with the psychological, emotional and physical side of the Predator and Prey. It is the first genetic and behavioral (behavior) inspired by the self-defense system, which uses the natural reaction of our body in vulnerable situations and the moment when we are exposed to in the face of fear and violence.  This is precisely the reason why this system is easily learnable and  why everyone can use it. The S.P.E.A.R. SYSTEM™ is so useful and effective that it is taught to police and military forces worldwide.

For the already experienced martial artist The S.P.E.A.R. SYSTEM™ is a supplement to your current workout and training.  It does not interfere with your current style or training, it is a bridge to the use of complex motor skills (techniques of fighting your system).

If you expect your self-defense system to work under the realities of violence, you had better start with what your body will want to do naturally. The  S.P.E.A.R. System™   is based on the facts of neurophysiology. Instead of relying on the cognitively based muscle memory techniques common in the vast majority of defensive tactics programs, The  S.P.E.A.R. System™   utilizes reflexive, instinctive movements to create a platform from which to first react to and then respond to an assault.

 Using these innate actions strategically, honing them thru the SPEAR learning drills one begins to understand the superiority and uniqueness of SPEAR training. Add in other learning essentials like fear management, survival mindset and defusing tactics and you have the basics of the PDR program.

For information on The PERSONAL DEFENSE READINESS™ course (PDR) in the Winter Haven area and learn from professional Certified PDR Fundamantals Instructor go to:

or contact Barron Shepherd  directly at spearpdr.winterhaven@gmail.com for class schedule


Article by Barron Shepherd

Well its official, The  S.P.E.A.R. System™ PDR (Personal Defense Readiness) instructor certification course is over and it was absolutely  awesome. I Love to train and learn from the best people around and Tony Blauer and his team of instructors were absolutely fantastic. Highly motivated and highly dedicated and completely unselfish when comes to sharing thier knowledge. What more could you ask for. 

I am always looking for ways to improve upon what I teach, how I teach and what I offer. The Winter Haven Judo Club and Professional Edge Combatives was built upon the fact that I take what I do seriously and am always looking to professionals in the field for the best strategies, systems and tactics when it comes to really defending ourselves in real violent encounters. I am not only an instructor but I am also a student and quite honestly, I am always looking for better ways to keep people safer.

 Earlier this month I attended a  S.P.E.A.R. System™ PDR instructor certification in Orlando, Fl. and what I walked away with was in one word mind blowing. Attending The  S.P.E.A.R. System™ PDR instructor certification changed, enlightened and even solidified what I thought true self defense should be but in reality it isnt, no question.

The  S.P.E.A.R. System™ (an acronym for Spontaneous Protection Enabling Accelerated Response) is a close quarter protection system which uses a person s reflex action in threatening situations as a basis for defense. The primary founder, Tony Blauer, developed the SPEAR system in Canada during the 1980s. It has since been adopted by several military and law enforcement agencies across the world.

The  S.P.E.A.R. System™  is the first genetically and behaviorally inspired self defense system of it’s kind. It is the only self defense system that fully integrates the body’s automatic reflex responses and instinctive survival mechanisms making the S.P.E.A.R. System™ the easiest, most natural way to protect yourself.

In a nut shell The  S.P.E.A.R. System™  utilizes the speed and reliability of the startle-flinch response and  converts that into a tactical counter when we are ambushed or suddenly attacked. It is a bridge between the reactive brain and the cognitive brain. This improves reaction time during a confrontation. Tony Blauer is the founder and CEO of BLAUER TACTICAL SYSTEMS and the creator of the SPEAR System. Tony has pioneered research and training methodologies that have influenced and inspired martial art & combative systems around the world.

The coolest thing about the system, as I saw it from the eyes of a instructor and former military and law enforcement training and experience, is  that it is already hard wired with in us all. Gone were the endless kicks, punches, counters and blocks found in other martial arts. They are replaced by instinctive, natural and realistic ways to defend yourself. Whether you want to defend yourself and your family, or if you are a police officer who wants to stay safe, or even a martial artist who wants to improve their self defense skills no other system could be better to learn than this one. ( I have a daughter who aspires to be in Law enforcement and out of all my experience and knowledge with the martial arts and other forms of defense that I know The Spear system is what I would teach her No question about that or doubts. This system would keep her safest.)

It was an awesome first day of the course full of some very real and cerebral shit.  The  S.P.E.A.R. System™   is the real deal. Most in this course were from out of state and most were law enforcement types. It was a hard, mature and very experienced group. There were only a few  from Florida (kind of shocked by that) and not one is from my area at all (I think this is a good thing for me though as my area is saturated with various martial arts and MMA schools and programs.)

Tony Blauer is a personable guy he cares about teaching people how to protect themselves and their loved ones. He is really concerned about how his system is taught. He obviously cares about this knowledge and has a passion for what he does.

The  mission:  to continually research and develop best practices on how to detect, defuse and defend ourselves. The approach is moral, ethical and legal making it the most responsible self-defense system in the world. The trainer's course develops coaches to help teach this system around the world.

The instructor course ran us through a deep deconstruction how the Startle-flinch response can be weaponized to enhance our personal safety. There were specific isolation drills shown to us so that we could better  understand the muscle-recruitment principles and kinesiology behind the Spear system Understanding  the “why” ,”how”  and “when” were the objectives of this train-the-trainer course.

The final day of the course for me was bitter sweet. In the end we were all certified PDR instructors however during the course and the drills and exercises we had formed new friendships and bonds with one another. For me in the back of my mind I kept thinking it was rather sad to see the day come to an end the closer it drew the more reluctant I was for it to be over.   

We all returned home to different points of the globe Hawaii, Canada, Colorado, Pennsylvania and even the UK all our minds were racing to absorb everything that we had taken in.  I cannot say enough about this fantastic system developed by Tony Blauer. It was a honor to meet the man and to listen as he shared his knowledge. I began sharing what I had learned  almost immediately with my closest friends and soon I will be offering a Spear System PDR (Personal Defense Readiness) Class. 

If you expect your self-defense system to work under the realities of violence, you had better start with what your body will want to do naturally. The  S.P.E.A.R. System™   is based on the facts of neurophysiology. Instead of relying on the cognitively based muscle memory techniques common in the vast majority of defensive tactics programs, The  S.P.E.A.R. System™   utilizes reflexive, instinctive movements to create a platform from which to first react to and then respond to an assault.

Using these innate actions strategically, honing them thru the SPEAR learning drills one begins to understand the superiority and uniqueness of SPEAR training. Add in other learning essentials like fear management, survival mindset and defusing tactics and you have the basics of the PDR program.

For More information about The  S.P.E.A.R. System™  email  Barron Shepherd at spearpdr.winterhaven@gmail.com