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Friday, January 20, 2017


2017 is starting off well. Classes are going great and now my schedule has become fuller with private and semi private classes as well.  The classes are getting great responses and alot of great students.

We kicked off the year with promotions in the judo program so congratulations to all who passed.

The combatives classes have grown and continue to grow. Everyone has taken quite well to the program. It is quite pleasing to see hard work and dedication pay off. 

Below is information and our website address for more info about Professional Edge Combatives and the judo programs. 

Violence is something that hits hard and fast. It nails you from out of nowhere like being broad sided by a car. Most street assaults and violent one on one robberies are won, lost, or over, one way or the other in less time than it took you to read this paragraph......Which means 3 to 10 seconds. The harsh reality is that violence has to be dealt with in real terms.

                                 THERE ARE NO EASY METHODS OR SHORT CUTS.

No book no matter how well illustrated or explained can, alone, teach someone to fight or defend themselves. Closely supervised intensive training is the ONLY path to practical knowledge. Practice must be intensive enough to render the mechanics of each technique automatic. There is normally no time to think when the pressure of combat is on. Being able to throw a man is much different from knowing how.

Combatives arent supposed to be fancy martial arts moves that take a long period of time to get proficient at.

                                                  KEEP IT SIMPLE AND SAVAGE

Ruthlessness is what one has to seek to achieve. This is best defined in two words: speed and brutality.Combatives are not pretty, it's quick, brutal, effective and violent...COVER, CLOSE THE DISTANCE, ATTACK

Our Level One CORE COMBATIVES program teaches the most practical and effective self defense techniques.

The CHIN JAB is utilized to the chin, with the heel of the palm. It's a quick thrust with whatever power you have up and in at the chin. The strike comes from underneath in a close quarters range driving up and thru an assailant’s centerline.

 The chin jab is most devastating when the chin is protruding ahead, and when the strike is utilized extra instantly beneath the chin.

 To execute the chin jab bend the right wrist back at about a 90-degree angle with the palm facing the opponent and the fingers pointing up. Keep the right arm bent and close to the body.

Extend the hand into a concave position with the fingers slightly spread apart.  Step forward with the left foot toward the opponent, keeping the feet approximately shoulder-width apart and the knees bent. This is done to close with the opponent.

 Keep the right arm bent and close to the side. Thrust the palm of the hand directly up under the opponent’s chin striking with the heel of your palm.

At the same time, rotate the right hip forward to drive the body weight into the attack to increase the power of the strike. The attack should travel up the centerline of the opponent’s chest to his chin.

 To me the chin jab is one close quarter stirke out of many. Use it at the right time and place. I personally teach the chin jab with a arm trap or wrap and follow it with Osoto-Gari or major outside reap.
The old "C" CLAMP or web hand to the throat is another basic and the one technique that makes ALL my training partners cringe. It obviously is not well received and is extremely uncomfortable when getting hit in and grabbed by the throat.

It has a great psychological effect on my training partners even though I am being quite gentle with it. The pic illustrate very well how I really disrupt my attacker's centerline.


2017 Class Schedule

Judo and CORE COMBATIVES LEVEL ONE class are open to anyone. LEVEL TWO CORE COMBATIVES are for those who have taken the LEVEL ONE course.

Our CORE COMBATIVES course is based upon explosive high percentage gross motor skill techniques to strike the vital targets seeking primarily to disable an attacker as quickly as possible.

PROFESSIONAL EDGE COMBATIVES is a joint collaboration of professionals in the field comprised of former and current law enforcement who also have military experience.

                            CLICK LINK BELOW

                               Get the edge on the bad guys, get a Professional Edge          
                           PROFESSIONAL EDGE COMBATIVES

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