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Monday, July 10, 2017


Richard Hinz online creep to women. 
You know every dog has fleas and like wise does the martial arts world has its share of wierdos. I honestly wish it was’nt so but unfortunately it is. Fake and frauds in the martial arts are for the most part complete nut jobs.... guys who are completely disconnected from reality. Serious mental issues.  Then there are those who are really cultists and exhibit a predatory type behavior.

A particular situation involving a couple of friends in the martial arts spurned this article. Online predatory type behavior from ANY martial artists or those claiming to be a martial artist  should really be frowned upon,  and not tolerated.

A Person going by the name of Richard Hinz recently sent a friend request under false pretenses to a friend in the martial arts. Mandi designs and sells Tabi for practicing martial artists. Mandi is good people and  takes pride in her product and is a dedicated practitioner of the martial arts.

Richard Hinz sends her a friend request under the guise of  being a potential customer . On Mandi’s birthday Hinz wishes her a happy birthday, however, from there things got creepy in just a few sentences. Read the screen caps for yourself.

Richard was told his online behavior and sexual remarks were not appreciated and he was asked to stop. We can all read his response to Mandi. To make matters worse after calling her a bitch a couple of times and trying to demean and degrade her. He does the very next thing that most online troll Cyber stalkers do and sends a friend request to one of Mandi’s girlfriends and so he attempts at harrassment continue. 

Very forwardly Hinz asks Betsy is she is single and then the harrassment starts again on her face Book page now. Betsy can take care of herself and Mandi as well. Hinz is obviously playing a sick little game. Hinz obviously relishes in the fact that he can harass women on line like this. He basically spends time making countless comments on Mandi’s girlfriend’s Face book defending his actions and even at times claiming it is Freedom of Speech all the while spouting incoherent esoteric cultist bullshit and claiming to be bedding 36 witches in a single week end….no I am not making this shit up…. This is how he condones his sick behavior.

I think most will agree that online sexual harassment isn't freedom of speech  of ANY kind, no matter how you try to bullshit it and really on the woman's birthday? How shitty of Hinz was that? Then when she asked Him to stop and refused Hinz’s online advances he called her a bitch. All these just a few sentences after wishing her a happy birthday....very troll like harassing predatory type behavior, of which Hinz seems to relish in. People should be warned about individuals like this.

Even when pointed out by several of the ladies’ friends how unacceptable his behavior is Hinz wallows in the attention unapologetic-ally. Proclaiming that WE should ask the almighty god for forgiveness in attacking him. Yet this guy has nt once apologized or expressed remorse for his crass sexually harassing behavior.  He seems to believe he can treat women however he wants to and expresses a utter disdain for women.

It is people like this who give martial arts a bad name, a dark stigma. Most in the martial arts are dedicated, polite, confident and supportive people. It is obvious that Hinz uses his appearance of being a martial artist as a means to deceive and make unwanted inappropriate online advances toward women.

I would encourage all to really look and read  the screen caps and decide for yourself if you really want someone like this on your facebook or would want to be associated with someone like this. There is what's acceptable and what isnt. there is what appropriate and what isnt. 

Tuesday, July 4, 2017


21st century keyboard warrior Ron Collins has spent the better part of the 2000's lying on the internet. Claiming everything from Marine force recon serving in Iraq, martial arts supremacy to exposing elaborate conspiracies and police set ups in attempts to silence him.....Ronnie is a trip…..The only thing Collins has really exposed is how big a liar and a coward he really is. Collins has not told the truth about a single thing. His online tales of what happened when he showed up down here are no exception.  The truth is the diminutive, glaringly fat out of shape, Collins, by his own doing, is a petty criminal and a liar and nothing more.

For those of you reading  Ron Collins bullshit online about fighting anyone, you should understand that he is a scared little bitch when he and I were able to get face to face he shook badly from being so scared.......and the kicker is I am a man in my fifties and I was run over by a semi truck a year and a half ago.. 

A year or so ago, Ron started taunting me, talking all kinds of shit, saying that I was too scared to fight him he was going to kick my ass etc etc. Ron even claimed he was going to come to my judo school and kick my ass in front of all my students. I am a man in my fifties, so Ron thought I was too old, and that I was also ran over by a semi truck, so he  figured he could talk shit  and get away with it.

Last April, for whatever reason, he made a big show out of coming to Florida posting on his fb page that he was going to “straighten me out”, to kick my ass. He took pictures at the state line, and all that happy horseshit. When he showed up to  Edson Berto's place an MMA gym, Berto called me. Berto and I spoke briefly then he put Ron on the phone. Well in no time Ronnie started running his mouth talking tough, cussing me etc. I basically told him to keep talking shit I will be there in 5 minutes.

Ron had been accompanied by Ashida Kim who high tailed it out of there upon hearing that I was on the way.  I got there and got out of the truck and right away Ron turned into a scared little bitch...... Ashida ran and his punk bitch Ron shit in his fucking pants. 

My first words to Ron were….” you have got to be kidding me you are 4 foot 2 and fat as a fucking hog”. There was no talking back from Ron, no smart mouth, no  tough talk at all from Ron, who has done nothing for the past year but run his mouth about how easily he was going to kick my ass. Ron was a deer in the headlights too scared to say a word. Obviously I wasn't what he had expected and Ronnie was visibly shaking…. Ron couldn't even look me in the eye, too scared to utter a sound.

I told him I would do to him what that 13 year old girl's father should have done. He was very silent and wouldn't even look me in the eye. I told him several times that I was ready to go right then and right there.  Ron was to scared to say a word.  Constantly looking down and fidgeting afraid to look up at all in my direction.  He kept looking at Berto for help..... Yeah...... so much for all his tough talk online. When it got down to us being face to face he was a scared fat little bitch.

Edson and Van both saw this and said then that Ron wasn’t going to do anything and has no intention of doing anything......As a matter of fact Ron has told quite a few lies online about our face to face and obviously forgets that there were others like Edson there.... screen caps of what Edson thought of Ron's out and out lies are pictured below in chronological order started with Ronnie's very first online blog post. Edson contradicts and exposes Collins attempt to rewrite what actually happened.

It's all a weird little game Ron plays. Because that is what pussy ass bitches do is play games.  But to an idiot like Ron, it makes him feel important.   A full blown drama queen, Ron couldn’t wait to start posting lies on the internet.  Lying is the only way a scum bag  pusssy ass low life like Ron can get attention.  You see Ron Collins isn’t a martial artist, he isn’t a fighter he isn’t a bad ass he isn’t trained. It is overwhelmingly apparent he has never trained at all a day in his life.  

To say the dwarf has poor martial arts skills is paying him a compliment. In actuality he has no martial arts or combative skills. It is been made up, it’s a lie, it’s all Ron’s little martial art fantasy world. In this fantasy world of his he thinks he is a badass, a tough guy, a fighter. In reality Collins is a schlub, a dead beat, a pussy and a petty criminal. Collins has absolutely nothing in life, he has no home, no job, no money, nothing at all…his little martial art fantasy is all he has….. His life is that meaningless, its that irrelevant.

Ron fantasizes about taking on guys like me and beating me up but has no ability to do it. The reality is that he is too scared to even attempt it.  When Ron was safely back home he went into full retard mode and started lying about our encounter in Florida. He claimed he was there to "spar" but I threatened him. Then turns around and says I was  scared and hiding behind Edson and Van???? Well which is it? I was either too scared or did I threaten him? Go figure. 

Ron claimed Ashida Kim wasn't there at first, but then later admitted he was. After we came face to face Ron later when on his fb page and tried to tell people I had not shown up, all this in attempt to avoid the truth about what actually happened.  
Last October in Kentucky, Ron, despite his online bullshit excuses that he posted recently, showed up with 4 BDFS guys to beat Don Roley. Ron probably wanted the BDFS guys do his fighting for him..but to Ronnie's surprise they stepped aside and asked Ron if he wanted to fight Don instead. Ron couldn't get out of there fast enough.. Now Ron wants to advert the blame to everyone else involved instead of accepting that he had a chance to fight, but was too afraid to fight his own battles....Ron is just too much of a pussy to fight anyone.

Collins cowardly little dick tucking manuevers have gotten old. Personally, I can't take him or any of his BULLSHIT seriously after meeting him and watching him quite literally being too afraid to run his mouth after all his tough talk online or look me in the eye.  At the end of the day, Collins is a fucking joke. A little fat weasel of a guy who talked tough online and talked shit on the phone a few minutes before I got there but shit his pants the second we were face to face.

Recently, Ron posted online that he is coming back down to Florida accompanied by more posing and more online tough talk about facing people and wanting a fight.  Well below we see Edson's reactions to Ronnie's bullshit antics.

Edson has my complete Judo itinerary so Collins has complete availability to me if he ever wants to man up. No one especially me is ducking this maggot ridden vile piece of chicken shit. Collins is a fake, a fraud, a pussy and a joke, too afraid of me to do anything.  It is overwhelmingly apparent that despite all of Ron’s tough talk online, and all his little games, when finally having the opportunity to face me Ron dick tucked, he stuck his tail between his legs and ran.

No matter how he tries to rewrite it or how he tries to spin it…..He ran. Like a gutless scared litte bitch he backed down..... Collins is a pussy he has always been one. He has never had what it takes to be a man. He comes up short....get it...he comes up short. hehehe.

Ron like the punk bitch he is runs his mouth on the internet, talks about how he is going to show up somewhere and kick someone’s ass but never really follows thru. Ron is too much of a pussy to fight anyone.  He claims people duck him and are afraid of him that he would fight them anywhere but at the end of the day however, Collins WAS face to face with Don Roley in Kentucky, who offered to fight Ron then and there... and Ron like a fat little punk bitch turned tail and ran. 

Ron WAS face to face with me, here in Florida, he didnt want any part of me, I told him 4 times that I was ready to go right then and there... and like a scared little bitch he ran. Everything else Ron Collins has to say about facing me is a lie.  Ron is nothing but a scared,  diminutive,  4’ 2” fat as a fucking hog, little bitch who was too afraid to even look me, a man in his fifties in the eyes for fear that he was going to get the shit beat out of him.