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Sunday, July 16, 2017


In all honesty what would ninjerkiller be without a post about the infamous Ashida Kim. Radford Davis aka Ashida Kim is THE WORST ninja we have ever seen but damn it we have ALL heard of him. Since Ron Collins has gone online in a forum and made claims that Ashida Kim told Ron that I am a former student of his in Shotokan. I feel I should enlighten everyone about how Ashida got started.

 Unlike Collins and Kim I can back up my experience with a little something called DOCUMENTATION. I have my Shotokan Black belt certificates and Ashida is nowhere to be found on any of them. Lil' mentally dwarfed Ronnie Collins wouldnt know the truth or speak it if it landed on his face and wiggled.

 To this day, Ashida Kim/Radford Davis/Christopher Hunter has never owned or operated a school in my area and both Kim and I have resided in Winter Haven for years. I myself since 1969. Ashida Kim did get rather popular in the 80's and sold plenty of ninja books, I believe the count to be around 50. There is an old saying, that those that can't teach, write books.....Radford Davis aka Ashida got his start by publishing a small book under the name Christopher Hunter.

 I was training at a Shotokan Dojo back in 1980 the school was located on 6th Street in Winter haven. (Kim has told people it was his dojo) Actually the owner and Instructor of the school was a man named Steve Duncan and the other instructor was Butch Maieur. I would train under Duncan for several years until i got my 3rd degree black in shotokan. Later, as it turned out, Duncan, was a shady character himself in and out of trouble with the law and even turned informant on occassion to escape serious prison time and serious charges.

 Not long before the end of the summer of 1980 Ashida Kim came into the dojo, at the time he was calling himself "Chris Hunter". He claimed to be a brown belt in judo.

That September a week long television miniseries called Shōgun aired on television. We all watched it on a tv that was set up in the back of the dojo. I really would not have remembered him except for the fact that he had such a boner for the Tv miniseries that he would show up with James Clavell's book in hand and would read the book during the day just staying ahead of each episode. One night the miniseries featured a night time attack on Osaka Castle by the secretive Ninja assassins called the Amida Tong.  Radford/Chris/Ashida basically didnt stick around after that.

 Not long after this he published his first book the Book of the ninja with paladin press. About a year or so later I came across "The Book of the Ninja" by Chris Hunter and when I opened the book I recognized the information in it and Chris Hunter as well from his pictures that were in the book.

 The majority of the book was actually the 6th st. Shotokan school's student handbook. In the hand book were the basics of Shotokan Karate. Basic punches, blocking techniques, kicks, throws and 5 shotokan kata were in it, you know stuff like that.

Ashida had added some shit to it like pictures that replaced some of the drawings, omitted the sections with the 5 Kata, added some count dante stuff and other information and changed the cover. He had obviously got the idea to do the book from the TV series Shogun and the shotokan manual.

 So the Shotokan school was NOT Ashida Kim's or should I say Chris Hunter's, who Radford Davis was calling himself at the time, nor was I a student of his. Needless to say the Shotokan schools owner and instructor Steve Duncan expressed nothing but contempt and anger about Ashida's little stunt using the schools  handbook along with pictures of Duncan himself without Duncan's permission to get his foot in the door at Paladin Press.

 The school has been long gone, it sat empty for years and is now a paint and body shop. Duncan the actual owner of the school disappeared in the late 90s after turning informant. As for Radford Davis/Christopher Hunter/Ashida Kim....well let's just say that the internet has not been very kind.

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